Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Kind of Want This Poster

Daniel Radcliffe must seriously be trying to get rid of his "good guy, I play every child's hero" image. Find raunchier pictures here.

Personally I think the above picture is an awesome concept. The other posters have a little too much happy trail for my liking. Not to mention, Daniel Redcliffe is 17 years old so every woman over the age of 18 has been having some naughty thoughts lately.

So there's been a lot of controversy over these posters for the upcoming West End production of Equus. And while I understand that many parents are outraged by Harry Potter posing half nude in promotional posters for the show...they have to understand that A. It's a play B. It's art and C. Harry Potter is a fictional character. Yes, I know Daniel Radcliffe is the only person in the world whose face is associated with Harry Potter but I seem to remember him half nude in The Goblet of Fire....or does that not count? Why, b/c he was taking a bath? Double Standards people. Just for the record...Harry Potter can get half naked in bath on a 60 foot screen in front of millions of people that is now on DVD to be viewed over and over but Daniel Radcliffe cannot strip down once a night for 16 weeks on a stage where at most like 60 people will see his nasties.

I majored in Theatre and I've been to a play that requires nudity. (been to, not been in!) A good director will stage it in such a way that at most only a handful of people will see the goods. (If any at all!)

I just don't understand why parents are freaking out. Were they planning on taking their kids to see Equus? B/c that's just stupid. A good parent would take their children to see a show based on material not b/c Harry Potter is in it.

I just get so frustrated by ignorant people.

Very Buzzworthy

It's no secret, I LOVE Rachel McAdams. It is also no secret that fiance LOVES Batman. Well there is a wonderful rumor floating around Hollywood at the moment. This rumor is that the McAdams is in talks to star in the next installment of the new Batman movies, The Dark Knight.

Rumor is she'll be taking over Katie Holmes' role (Thank God, I really hate Mrs. Crazy).

There is also a rumor floating around that she may even be playing the new Selena Kyle/Catwoman. Michelle Pfeiffer's shoes will be tough to fill but if anyone can do it...the McAdams can! Thanks to TheJay for pointing me in the direction of these rumors!

Side note...will someone please find out if they are planning on including Harley Quinn in any of these new Batman movies? Harley Quinn wasn't a character until Batman the Animated Series came out in 1992. The original Batman came out in 1989. So please Hollywood Batman people, please put Harley Quinn in your new franchise. She's the bestest character! Also wouldn't Scarlett Johansson make a kick ass Harley Quinn?

Friday, January 26, 2007

I Love Fat Cats.

This is the cutest cat in the world. I wish I could adopt him.

Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday. There was nothing interesting happening.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


We want our baby to look like this...

I know that by now most of you refuse to watch SNL because you think it's not funny anymore. Trust me I suffered through the Sanz/Mitchell years but I continued to watch in the hopes that somehow, someday SNL would be funny once more. Well Ladies and Gentlemen...SNL is now funny again. Granted, the entire show is not gut busting but the skits are coming together. They've narrowed down the cast to 11 members and there are no longer any featured players.

By now I'm sure you're wondering why I have a picture of Baby Gonzo up top. SNL has a recurring sketch that I hope and pray for every Saturday night. This sketch is "Two A-Holes".
Kristen Wiig (My new favorite cast member) and Jason Sudekis play gum chewing, hair twirling yuppies. The Two A-Holes get into situations such as; "Two A-Holes Buying a Christmas Tree" "Two A-Holes at the Gym" "Two A-Holes in a Nativity Scene" and most recently "Two A-Holes at an Adoption Center"

I have never laughed so hard in my entire life and it gives me such joy to wait until fiance has a mouth full of food or drink and then say:

"You know what?"
(muffled) "what"
"You look like a rabbit"

It takes all his energy not to spit out whatever is in his mouth. One day it might make him choke and all I have to say least I know the heimlich.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You're Kidding...Right

Please, please tell me they're kidding.

Because if they aren't, well I cannot even begin to imagine the awesomeness of God's wrath.

Who wants to wager a bet that it was Tom Cruise himself who said:

"jumped on Oprah's couch...check"
"impregnated Dawson's Creek star half my age...check"
"have a baby that looks asian...check"
"Name myself 'Christ' of Scientology...double check"

You have to wonder if this is all just a publicity stunt inspired by Mr. Crazy himself...Wait a second...of course it is.

I'm disgusted.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Black Angus

As some of you may know, I have a very cute and very hyper puppy named Angus. He's a black lab mix that I rescued from the pound last April. Angus will be turning a year old on February 2nd.

Instead of a picture of my very cute puppy, I've decided to put up a picture of his favorite toy* This toy holds special meaning to both Angus and myself. It was his very first toy. In fact when he first got it he couldn't even hold it in his mouth. In the 10 months that I've been graced with the presence of Sir Angus he's gone through five...yes five of them.

He has a system. First he chews the ears off and then he rips it apart. Fiance thinks he rips the ears off b/c we constantly feed him pig ears...but I'm not sure he can make that connection seeing as he doesn't witness the pig ears being made.

I used to take them away when he'd chew a hole in them but have since realized that he wants the stuffing...not to eat...but to play with. It keeps him entertained in the backseat during car rides, I don't even begin to know why, but it's a blessed occurence.

Now Angus has added a new step to the system, he now turns his pig inside out. I have ABSOLUTELY no clue how he does this. The hole that he's torn is only about the size of a nickle. My dog is either a complete genius or a complete idiot.

Needless to say, for Angus' first birthday he will be getting two more of these pigs. What can I say? He loves them. And I love him


*not actually the same toy. I've spent the past 45 minutes or so searching for a picture of his toy and this is the best I could find. It's actually quite close, but the ears are too big. and they aren't white on the bottom. Not that I would know since I haven't seen one with ears for quite some time.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Why Can't We Do This All the Time?

Fiance and I just registered for our wedding gifts. I think we may have gone a little overboard. There's just something about the scanner gun that makes you want to go crazy and scan in everything you see!

As promised we registered for everything Bed, Bath and Beyond had to offer in the "As Seen on TV" section. We also registered for about 200 other things! Oops. The registry assistant even told us that we're the largest registry she's ever seen. She even said she's going to call other stores and brag about it.

I hope ya'll enjoy checking out our registry as much as we enjoyed registering!

You can find it here

*Update* I was bored last night so I added up everything on our registry and it turns out we've registered for over $4000 worth of stuff. I hope people love us!

Friday, January 19, 2007

This Game is Simple!

I freaking LOVE this show. It may be because of Bob Saget. (He did invent and patent the term "shiggles" as in "just for shiggles"...think about it)
It may because this game is so freaking easy! Seriously they had child geniuses on this show. The questions are so simple. For example: Which of theses coins does not have a ridged edge? a.nickle b.dime c.quarter. Come on now...if you don't know that...well then you're just an idiot.

Side Note and Warning: When game shows such as 1 vs. 100 or Deal or No Deal have the play at home games which require you to text in your answer to an even easier question than the one listed above...don't fall for it! I did and now telemarketers call my cell phone. Yeah that's how they get your number. Seriously I had my new cell phone number for about a month and texted in an answer for "Treasure Hunters" (another fantastic game show, part DaVinci Code, part Amazing Race) then the very next night I got a phone call saying I had won a $1000 gift certificate and all I had to do was...You get the picture. DON'T DO IT!


Does This Creep You Out?

Cause it creeps me out!

My lovely friend Sadie and I just got into a conversation about this real life alien. She doesn't seem to do any roles suitable for her. And yes I know she's done Charlotte's Web and some crappy voiceovers for crappy sequels to Disney movies but that work cannot help but be outweighed by her other work. So I decided to do some imdbing to get a handle on why this sought after (creepy) little 12 year old actress would do more adult movies than child movies. Did you know her very first role ever was a guest spot on ER? A role in which I'm sure she played a 6 year coke head prostitute or something. And shortly after her stint on ER she landed the highly coveted role of 5 year old Ally McBeal on none other than the hit Fox show Ally McBeal...maybe this is what screwed her up. I wonder if part of her preparation for this role was binge eating and vomiting. Then there's the guest spot on CSI. Wow...6 years old and your resume includes, ER, Ally McBeal, and CSI. It's no wonder this child would turn into such a movie mogul. Do you think she picks her roles or her parents? Because if I had a 12 year old daughter there is no way that I would put them in a movie that requires she film a rape scene.

On a better note her sister Elle Fanning is ADORABLE! (but she too is victim to the strange roles..I first saw her (well recognized her as Creepy Kid's sister) as a disturbed child on Law and Order: SVU)

First Post--Thoughts of the Day

I find myself bored. So I thought I'd start my very own blog! (It's about time, I read so many blogs and wonder..."why do they write about that crap?" (which, I'm sure after time, you'll start thinking the same thing about mine!))

So there are things that make me! Such as:,2933,244940,00.html

Seriously, who knew that the richest woman in the world would have such a deep dark secret?

But, I'm done with Oprah (And evidently so is Tom Cruise)
On to more mind numbing information.

Does it boggle anyone else that this show is in its 6th and probably worst season? It's bad enough we got an illiterate singer that can't sing, a (as fiance puts it) 21st century Kenny G (I'm sure he means Michael Bolton but it's too cute to correct) and a big ole black guy who should have been runner up instead of winner? Don't get me wrong, I loves me some Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. (I still can't get enough of the CMA's clip of Faith Hill going crazy that Underwood won favorite female artist or whatnot) But I can't even bear to watch even the beginning parts of this horrendous season. I don't even think people are even trying anymore, they know they'll get on TV if they act like fools. What has the reality era done to us as a culture? It's ridiculous.