Monday, April 30, 2007

I think I'm going crazy...

The cyst on my face seems to be shrinking. Maybe it's stress related or hormone related. Who's weird.

Quick update on that, by the by:
I've been referred to a plastic surgeon. I was at the dermatologist for a total of 3 minutes. I paid $50 for that appointment. I officially hate the system.

Although, the dermatologist didn't even let me get to my spiel. She said the magic words before I even had time to breathe..."blood vessels" and "nerves" I'm more than happy to go to the plastic surgeon for those 3 little words.

But if this thing continues to shrink, what is any of this worth? It's just my luck that a week and a half before eternal removal, it would remove itself.

But of course, I don't even know if that is what is really happening or if it was a little (yet hopeful) idea that my mother planted in my ear this morning.

Friday, April 27, 2007

So I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning.

When you were a little kid on vacation with your family, you typically drove...right? Well my family did. And you know as children our bladders are quite small and you'd have to stop quite often. But you'd never stop at gas stations would you? No, you'd stop here:

The people who own McDonald's are freaking geniuses. Not only do they know the secret of making great french fries (always salty and hot) but they also know that if they are known for having the cleanest bathrooms around, families will stop to use the bathroom and ultimately buy something. (um chocolate milkshake anyone?) GENIUS

When I was about 3 years old my immediate family went on a mission trip with a local youth group to New Mexico, specifically Four Corners. There is a picture of me from this trip in which I am wearing my little velcro shoes and standing outside of a McDonald's looking up at a gi-normous Ronald McDonald Balloon that they placed on top of the building (as if the golden arches weren't enough to let people know they could relieve themselves in a clean bathroom, they need a freaky Macy's sized clown balloon too?) Evidently I wouldn't go into this McDonald's b/c I was scared. But come on...can you blame me? I think this is what made me into a Burger King girl.

I have only recently started going back to McDonald's. This is b/c the toys were Madame Alexander, Wizard of Oz dolls. Do you know how much you have to go through to get a happy meal now?

'Yes, I'd like a McNugget happy meal please'
'4 piece or 6 piece'
'Oh, I didn't realize there was a choice. Um, 4 piece will be fine'
'Boy or girl?'
'um, girl.'
'Diet' (total dead giveaway that it will be me and not a 5 year old hoovering the happy meal)

(And after this whole exchange do you know what Wizard of Oz character I got? 'Daisy Munchkin'. Ok, come over to my house, I'll cue up The Wizard of Oz and I dare you to point out 'Daisy Munchkin'. I guarantee that you won't be able to do it. Why? B/C that character totally doesn't exist.)

But, seriously, when I was little our choices were:
mcnuggets (PS happy 24th birthday Chicken McNuggets. I love that they were introduced the year I was born!)

WHY do we need more choices? And PS choices...what kid is going to go to McDonald's and get the fruit cup instead of french fries? I would be throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of clean ass McDonald's if my parents wouldn't let me get french fries. WHO goes to a fast food restaurant and orders fruit? Wouldn't that be considered more dangerous than fatty french fries? Who knows how often they unload that fruit onto poor little kids? It could be sitting there for months before someone else orders it!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today I'm going to the dermatologist. No, I don't have bad acne, I just have strange genetics.

Evidently, I have a trait that I get from my father's mother's side of the family. As my dad's dermatologist said "[our] bodies produce weird stuff." Boy do they ever.

I have a watery cyst (hopefully after my appointment I'll have the more clinical term) on the right side of my face. On my jawline. It started out the size of your average mole. And I used to like it. It was cute and gave my face personality. It has now grown to probably the size of a dime. So I have a dime-sized, pea shaped thing on the side of my face. Long story short, I always look like I'm clenching my jaw. Not attractive, at least to me.

Now, I've been to the dermatologist for this cyst before. When it was half the size it is now. The doctor said that they wouldn't remove it because it would leave a scar. She then said she would inject it with some saline to try and dry it up. She then left the room and never returned. Seriously, never. I waited in that tiny, cold room for an hour and a half trying to convince myself she was coming back. Finally I had to leave b/c I had a waxing appointment and evidently at that time waxing was more important than this thing on my face.

So I'm going today and my mother is going with me. For support. Basically this is how I envision our conversation:

"We won't remove that b/c it will leave a scar. You'll need to go to a plastic surgeon to have that removed" (um yeah right, like my insurance will cover that)

"Look, if it's scarring you're worried about...don't. I CAN COVER A DAMN SCAR! They make creams that reduce their appearance and there's a wonderful invention called make-up. I can't, however, cover this dime shaped pea on my face. I'm getting married in four months and I don't want to look like I'm angry on my wedding day b/c this thing seriously makes me look like I'm constantly clenching my jaw. Now if you're worried about striking a nerve and paralyzing my face, then we can discuss my other options."

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Usually my mother and I drive into work together. Usually we don't get away with enough time to get to work on time and on rare occasions we actually get away early enough to not only gas up the guzzler but also purchase mass quantities of caffeine.

Well, in the past two weeks we have been able to purchase our extra large, extra caffeinated cappuccinos, 5, count them 5 times! That's like every other day. AND I AM LOVING IT! I've never realized what an effect caffeine has on me and if this pace keeps up it may start to have less and less an effect on me...but I'm hoping that never happens. I'm happier at work, I bounce off the walls, I think I annoy people in my caffeinated path, but I don't care...I'M AWAKE!

Which brings me to the reason why I wanted to write about coffee today...our barista. Now, my mother and I are not the sort of people who want to pay $3 for 8 ounces of, no. We want 24 ounces for $1.05 and that includes tax. So obviously we don't stop at Starbucks. Instead we stop at a gas station. This particular gas station, has its own coffee man. Yes, they've hired a man to stand in the coffee area all day. (to be fair, I don't know if it is all day or just for the morning rush) Regardless it is clear that this man has sampled every kind of coffee this place offers. And even clearer than that is that he samples every flavor, every morning. This man is seriously the point of annoyance. Honestly, sometimes I can't even understand what he's saying. He is like that squirrel from Hoodwinked or was it Over the Hedge? (both have crazy squirrels and I always get confused) This is how most days at the coffee station at the gas station go:


"Dude, it's early, back up off me and let me get my damn caffeine. Yes, I'm aware of where the lids are located and no, I don't want 2 for 1 muffins."

The only good thing about coffee man is...since he's always hovering you never have to worry about your cappuccino being watery b/c he's on it the minute he sees the 'levels are low' light.
And I enjoy that!

Have a caffeinated day everyone! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yes, I realize no one cares...

As promised to A Margarita, the time has arrived. I think I will be making Tuesdays from here on update days. Or maybe since I actually did some wedding planning last night, I'm just uber excited...or it could totally be the really large, extra caffeinated cappuccino that I'm currently sipping on. Whatever it is...I'm really excited about my freaking wedding!

Now, b/c fiance reads this blog, I will not be posting any pictures of my dress until after the big day. (I'm slightly superstitious) Plus, my mom is making it so as of right now I have no reality pictures and the picture on the pattern's website doesn't do it justice're going to have to wait 4 more months people! (and by people, I mean the 4 people that read this, seriously if other people read this, please comment...I loves the comments)

Alright, last night fiance and I did some wedding stuff. We're not your typical couple with a checklist that tells us what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. We just do wedding stuff whenever it pops into our minds. Which would be why we registered in February and no one knows b/c we won't be sending invitations until June. (do you realize how much this sucks? I've registered for all of these wonderful things and I know I'm going to get most of them eventually but right now, they're just chilling on a list that no one knows about)

Seriously, how much can I digress in this post? I must be super duper excited. So last night, we went to the mall so that I could get some lotion from Bath and Body Works and we passed our jeweler. A light bulb goes off simultaneously in both of our heads and we go into our jeweler and buy our wedding rings. So now we own this and this and we can't wear them for another four months.

Also, we went to reserve tuxes. And may I just say...all the men will be looking quite dapper! Sadly though, I can't find a link to the cute little tuxes.

Regardless, I'm super excited about my wedding and there's so much more to come! Yay!

Monday, April 23, 2007

No Time

I am super busy today time for a long post but I will leave you with a sneak peek of what they're trying to ruin the new Batman movie with...
First: Why does he look like he was attacked by the Carver?

Second: He looks like the Crow.

Third: I HATE Heath Ledger

Fourth: Comments?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


That...that up there...that's me right now. I know I'm taking the next two days off and all but I'll be traveling in a car for 8-9 hours. That's not exactly a vacation. Luckily I have some pretty sweet friends who have promised to come and see me while I'm home in my old stomping grounds...but I'm not sure any amount of alcohol will help me recover. Not that I'll get a chance to consume much seeing as at most I'll only be able to see them for a couple of hours Friday night before I have to get back into the car and travel the 8-9 hours back home. (after I've been given the ok to go relax for a bit) (I hope I'll get the ok :))

Mind you, I'm not complaining about my road trip. It promises to be a fun one. I get to see family and be social with them as opposed to 4 months from now when I'll be a breeze in a white gown...'thank you for coming' may be all they get from me on my big day.

Speaking of the big day...I've started having wedding nightmares. I need them to stop. I promised myself that I wouldn't get stressed and that I wouldn't become a bridezilla...but my subconscious isn't listening damnit!

I'm stressed...can you tell? Being stressed causes me to whine. I hate whining.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Yes...this is what I feel like doing today. Does anyone have a pair of these? I'd really like to borrow them!

The Big Tree...UPDATE

No one was hurt...that I know of. There was a class going on in one of the rooms where the tree hit and the teacher totally continued teaching class! (I guess to be fair, the semester does end in a week so I guess there is a lot of catching up to do!) Also my colleague had not come into the office yet so she remained unharmed. This is a good thing. big news is...I was totally in the paper this morning. They totally misquoted me and made me sound like an idiot. (my quote literally has me saying the word building like 4 times) The online article didn't have pictures (damn) but I'll be going on a coffee run soon and hopefully the hard copy will have some pictures. You know I'll keep you updated :)


Monday, April 16, 2007


Today is not going well :(

First thing's has been storming and the wind SUCKS. I hate having to grip onto the steering wheel for dear life.

Second...I have 8 million things to do today and my brain won't focus. I've had coffee, I've had a bagel but nothing is fueling the think tank.

Then I made a huge booboo. A while back there was a mandatory calendar service switch. We had to switch from something that worked wonderfully to something that quite frankly, stinks. Not only does this new service bite, but they didn't transport any of our scheduled events from the old service. So I had to go in and manually update every day. And of course I made a mistake...a big one. Regardless, I was on the phone trying to get it fixed and there was a big crash that literally shook the entire building. We opened a colleague's office and there was glass all over! A ginormous tree uprooted b/c of the storm and came crashing down on our building. I hope to update some pictures soon.

Needless to say, I'm freaking out...and I'm tired :(

UPDATE: A photographer from our local newspaper just came in to document the 'catastrophe' I'm going to be in the paper tomorrow y'all! :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cue Twilight Zone Music...

Ok, I woke up this morning and thought "Yay, Friday the Thirteenth!" Weird right? Well for those who don't know me...I LOVE Friday the Thirteenth. Mainly b/c I love horror movies and besides Halloween, Friday the Thirteenth is an excuse for me to curl up with some popcorn, turn off all the lights and pop in a horror flick! Fiance and I were planning on finishing the Sleepaway Camp movies but stupid blockbuster has sent us 1 and 3 but not 2 (I'm serious, 2 has been at the top of our list for a month, no wait, nothing but they WON'T send it to us...I'm going to have to call them and bitch) Anywho...that idea has been put off for a rainy day (aka whenever Blockbuster gets off their ass and sends us our requested horror movie) and Fiance has to work tonight so, oh well.

Well, this particular Friday the Thirteenth also happens to be payday for me! Yay, Payday! And this is what I love about being in a couple. Sure I love the cuddling and always having someone there for you when you need them (for example I had a horrible day at work yesterday and I called him crying...he's great, he cheered me right up) but what I really love and what makes me really feel like I'm in a relationship is the sharing of the bills (I KNOW, IT'S WEIRD!)

Well being the good fiance that I am I immediately came into work and started paying bills. I always pay both of our cell phone bills (I look forward to the day when we have a combined plan. February 2008 cannot come soon enough!) For some reason I thought that my checking information had been saved in his verizon account and I clicked all the necessary accept buttons and made my payment. After I pay something I go back to my online bank account to see if it's gone through (I love how quick things are nowadays) and it hadn't. I immediately started freaking out and went to check his bank account and what do I see? RED NUMBERS*. Oh no, oh shit oh shit oh shit. I have been at work a grand total of 40 minutes and my happy ass has to drive back home to give him a check to put in his bank account hoping against hope that he doesn't get an overdraft fee. (note to any bankers out really shouldn't give a person an overdraft fee if that fee is larger than the amount you've over drafted...I'm just saying...$39 for -23 cents is STUPID! This has actually happened to me!) So I drove the 30 minutes into work this morning, 40 minutes later drove 30 minutes back to give him a check to cover the negative and drove 30 more minutes back to work. I'm not one who is normally superstitious and cautious on Friday the Thirteenth but you better believe I am now!

*my fiance is not a bum who has no money...we get paid on opposite weeks...and for now, being young as we are, we're living paycheck to paycheck...WOOHOO debt! yeah!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

When's Friday?

I'm super exhausted. I'm not sure why, all I did last night was watch America's Next Top Model (they sent the last "plus-sized" model home in case anyone cares to knows) and catch up on my 7th Heaven (My DVR chooses to record anything and everything!)(ok, ok, it's totally a guilty pleasure and I'm secretly hoping that they'll pull the stunt they did last year and do a huge series finale and then bring it back b/c no one is watching the network).

Granted it's been a slow week, and slow weeks inevitably make me tired b/c of straight up boredom. I have been searching blogs and came across Something Catchier and her sister's blog A Margarita. These girls are great and I spent the majority of my day reading their life stories. They make me want to live in Minnesota or NYC...but I think I'll stick to my balmy North Carolina. Seriously go check them out...they're amazing!

But back to my exhaustion. Why is it that Thursday's are the longest days of my week? I used to think Monday's sucked but ever since I started leaving early on Wednesdays and Fridays...Thursdays are complete HELL. Luckily next week I get to take Thursday and Friday off for a girl's (aka my mom and sister) road trip to Ohio. Should be fun but it's no vacation. I may come back even more exhausted and grumpier than watch out!

My current state of exhaustion and grumpiness reminds me of when I used to tell the kids at the kids camp I used worked at that when I was upset with their behavior I would get really quiet and if they didn't calm down that smoke would start to come out of my ears and if they still didn't calm down I would turn into pink polka dotted dragon and then they'd really be in trouble...



Coincidentally one day there was a brush fire (controlled by our grounds keeper) in the woods behind the gazebo where I taught. The smoke wafted towards us just as my class became unruly...oh boy did it scare them!

*(If you're really that slow, or you just don't know me well enough to get the joke, that's Mad Madame Mim from Disney's The Sword and the Stone when she turned herself into a pink polka dotted dragon to win the wizard's duel (she totally cheated) and if you still don't get why that's funny...I mean seriously, come on, my name is MIM!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DWTS Update

Leeza, you're 50. And you didn't "give love a bad name" you made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Thank goodness you were booted b/c I'm not sure I could have watched you for another week in another outfit like this.

My prediction for who will be axed next week?
This Guy:

Sorry Cliff...but you suck!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And the Winner is.....

Larry Birkhead

Congratulations. Now can we stop hearing about this insipid bullshit?

Thank You :)


It is no secret...I started watching Dancing with the Stars because of Ian Ziering...but I stayed for Shandi Finnessey...Look she's so pretty!

Plus she's the eye candy on one of the best game shows ever, Lingo!

And a couple of weeks ago...maybe a month (I'm bad with time) Dan, Tara, Kim, and I were watching the Game Show Network and began watching a really strange show where the hostess, I swear to God, didn't breathe...once. Of course we continued to watch to see if she would pass out...and it wasn't until later that I discovered that the hostess was:

That's right! Yay for Shandi! Did you know (I bet you didn't) that Shandi entered the Miss Missouri pageant 3 times before taking the title? She then went on to win Miss USA in 2004 and she came in 1st runner up behind Miss Australia in the Miss Universe pageant. I actually watched that pageant and had no idea who Shandi was! For some reason, Shandi has always been there, I just haven't recognized her!
Which brings me to why the title of this post is *sniff*
No one (except GSN fanatics) knows who Shandi is. And because of this, she was the second person kicked of off this season's Dancing with the Stars. I mean COME ON! She is way better than Leeza Gibbons, Clyde Drexler, and Billy Ray Cyrus combined! We all know that Ian Ziering or Joey Fatone is actually going to win the season but seriously guys...didn't you want a little eye candy for a little while longer? They constantly outfitted Shandi in two piece dresses (why? b/c she has the damn body for it...and ps Leeza Gibbons, you don' also ruined Bon Jovi's Shot Through the Heart for me forever, I will never forgive you LG) These next pictures rest my case!*


And she ALWAYS has that smile on her face!

Also check out her pageant pose!

*I was going to post pictures of stupid Leeza Gibbons, but I just couldn't bring myself to.

Monday, April 9, 2007

So Much FUN!

Here's my South Park Character created hereAnd here's Dan's, created here

Unfortunately there is no easy save option at either site, so you will have to do a screen shot and a little photo shopping if you want to keep your South Park character forever and always. But it is just worth it to play around on either site!

The GROSSEST pizza ever!

I get e-mails from the Biggest Loser...b/c I'm a loser. (Literally, to date I've lost 21.2 lbs for my wedding!) Usually the e-mails are personal stories of triumph over weight loss, but today's was an incredibly gross pizza recipe:

4 whole portobello mushroom caps (about 5" each), stemmed removed
1/2 cup low fat marinara sauce
1/2 cup lean turkey Italian sausage, cooked, drained and crumbled
4 tablespoons shredded fat free or low fat mozzarella cheese
2 teaspoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil

Where's the pizza crust you may ask? That would be the reason why this pizza recipe is so disgusting. They want you to use the portobello mushroom cap as the Sadie says..."How do you even eat that?"

Saturday, April 7, 2007


I'm sure everyone who reads this knows that I like my alcohol! Well I thought I'd share some of my favortie drink recipes with you!

Slim Beam:
Diet Coke
Yep, it's that simple but it's awesome! Instead of using regular coke which can cause a watered down and overly sugared taste, you should always use diet sodas when making a mixed drink. It will keep your cocktail crisp and will never give you that watered down taste...unless of course you forget about your drink and let the ice melt!

Cream Soda:
I don't make this too often but it's still wonderful and light for a warm summer's night!
Captain Morgan
Diet Sprite
Mix the two and you will find an uncanny resemblence to cream soda...and remember b/c you've used a diet soda, it will stay crisp!

In case you haven't noticed...I like the simple!

Please try...and enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

Bah! My parents held a Seder last night (yes, I know I'm not jewish!) and it turned out really well. Some of us got kind of drunk...but that can happen when you have to drain your wine glass four times on a stomach that at the time was holding nothing more than a few matzah pieces, horseradish, parsley (yuck), a slice of an egg, and this stuff called haggigah which is the best part of a Seder.
I think the whole Seder thing is pretty cool. You get to learn some stuff about a different culture and a different time. You get to enjoy the company of Graham's finest (most of the people there were from our Police Department, makes you feel pretty safe!). All in all, it was a really fun night!
But now for this morning...I am so FREAKING hungover...I could hurl. It's just not fair that I'm at work today...I could so be sleeping off this red wine hangover. Alas.
What I am doing currently is hangin out at a prospective students fair! Woohoo! This is something I've been dreading all week b/c it's the only reason why I'm not still in bed on a much needed (and deserved) day off. BUT as per usual there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The fair has my favorite thing ever...A CRAFTS SERVICE BAR! MMM yummy bagels, vats of cream cheese and gloriously strong, hot coffee! I am in freaking heaven right now. I would live in a bagel if I could. Swim around in the cream cheese all day...think about would be decadent! Yes, I realize that may be the weirdest thing you've heard all day...but honestly I am that delirious!
Take Care, have a wonderful Easter! I know I will...I look forward to Ham and Easter Egg Hunts!