Monday, October 15, 2007

I Finally Did It...

I've moved!

Please bookmark this new site...

See you on the other side.

Whoever Said Orange is the New Pink is Seriously Deranged.

MTV did possibly the coolest thing ever this weekend. They showed "Legally Blonde: The Musical" this weekend. The Broadway show...the whole thing.

I DVR'd it.

I also watched it 3 times.

And downloaded the soundtrack.

And now I know all of the songs by heart.

I am a huge dork. But it was totally worth it.

I swear to you that it's not a bad show. I'm a total theatre snob. And only watched it (the first time) to say that I've seen it. But then I got hooked.

The music is totally catchy and Laura Bell Bundy is my new hero.

Here's the Bend and Snap! Enjoy!


Thursday, October 11, 2007


Why is it that sometimes it feels like technology was invented to rule the world?

I swear some technological items are smarter than us...well maybe not smarter, but they are definitely intelligent.

Case and Point:

In my job I have to perform some remedial tasks. One of these "tasks" is to input addresses and names into a stock cover letter and print a corresponding envelope. It's easy to do but time consuming because you have to change all references in the stock cover letter and if you're like me, you know human, you make mistakes from time to time. So then you waste the "good paper" having to reprint it correctly.

The only Godsend in all of this is that Microsoft Word has that handy envelopes and labels tool that will pull the address from the letter so that you don't have to retype it. It's wonderful.

Until it stopped pulling it from the letter. After a few choice words I finally figured out that if I highlighted the text I want to put on the envelope the envelopes and labels tool would work like it's supposed to.

Except that's not working like it's supposed to. It's almost like Microsoft Word recognized that I wasn't doing just a few of these, I was doing more like 50. So it said to itself "How can I mess with her mind and spirit?"

NOT COOL Microsoft Word. It's already mind numbing enough. you really didn't have to add that extra little step. But thanks. It's awesome.

Alright, enough bitching, back to it.


You guys...

I'm still feeling the effects of this

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2 for 1

I know, shocking.

La has been blogging about candy corn recently and I decided that I must have some for myself so during lunch my sister and I headed to Kroger for some candy corn and Starbucks. MMM pumpkin spice frapp...yummy.

Cut to 2 hours later...




Chaps my ass...

Today is the first day we begin accepting applications for our 2008 programs. I am going to be one busy lady today, I hope.

Yesterday I alerted my blog friend Molly to a trivia contest that popsugar holds every Tuesday at 3 (eastern time). It's always a pop culture trivia game and this week it was to be Friends trivia. Knowing that Molly is a whiz kid when it comes to Friends trivia I let her know and then joined the game to watch and see the carnage.

Unfortunately there was no carnage because this week's game, and maybe it's like this every week (I've only participated in a few games and haven't done so lately)but this week it felt like the chat room where they send you to play the game was filled with 13 year olds. Maybe it was or maybe it was filled with annoying assholes.

I hate people that talk just to hear themselves talk, so I guess I would likewise hate people who chat to see themselves chat. There were petty fights breaking out. There were people asking questions and confusing other players in the chatroom (basically the moderator counts down to a question so that everyone has a chance to prepare. But there were some dillholes who were knowingly confusing newcomers, and that's not cool). There was even some idiot who kept typing the same thing over and over again.

I'm just done with all of the immaturity out there nowadays. Grow up people. You people are the same people who ride my ass aren't you? The people that are so far up my ass on the highway that I can taste your bumper. Why is it that these people will continually endanger themselves when it's impossible for me to get over? When I have a semi to my right, the shoulder to my left, and some idiot in front of me going 50 in a 65 zone...let me just say it's impossible for me to get over.

So I'm annoyed today...what annoys you?


Monday, October 8, 2007

Um yeah...

First things first...

To my wonderful friend Margarita...

Glitter Graphics & Comments

That's right folks, it's her birthday so go leave her some birthday love. Just try to ignore her shoe fetish :) I keed, I keed.

In other news. Have I ever let you guys in on how Husband and I got together?

I mean besides working customer service for the same company...

When we met (over hot wings and Batman Spagettios in the break room) I told him some very important, seal the deal information.

I love Journey (I totally own Steve Perry's greatest hits, Oh Sherrie? come on, best 80's song ever and I totally fell in love with it when it was on pop up video)

Come on.. that's awesome!

Also, I LOVE BASEBALL. All baseball, except f**k the Yankees!

And um, the freaking Cleveland Indians beat their asses last night.

Ok techinically I'm a Reds fan but at this point I can root for any Ohio team in the Post Season.

Although sadly this means they will be up against the Red Sox and we all know what that means...2006 World Series ending all over again. Which is totally cool with me since it means the Yankees don't win again. I mean seriously why is it expected that the effing Yankees should win every season. Especially since...