Thursday, May 31, 2007

So I just have to say...I'm in a really good place right now.

I don't know why...I'm just chipper. So chipper in fact that I actually cleaned my room and my bathroom last night. I was in the mood.

Those kind of moods scare me. I've never been one to be...clean. I'm a slob, through and through. I find things easier when the place is messed as opposed to when its clean. And truth be told that's only b/c I am notorious for cleaning by throwing things in boxes, bags, any kind of container really and just stuffing it under my bed or in a closet. It's, as fiance would put it, how I roll.

But now I have to think about moving. I have to go through those bags, boxes, and various containers and I have to consciously decide what stays, goes, or gets thrown away. I'm terrible at this b/c I think everything will be needed in the future.

Case and point: yesterday I threw away a McDonald's Happy Meal toy. Sacrelig...I know. But it was one of those American Idol toys, a headpiece microphone. Pure junk. This thing was too small for my head and it also doesn't amplify my just plays some crappy techno tune. So it must be thrown out. And as the toy left my fingertips, before it hit the garbage, all I could think was...'maybe I'll have a little girl someday who would want to play with this. A little girl who would think this is really cool.' I thought this in the span of two seconds and literally fought the urge to pull it back out of the trash, drive to Wal-Mart, buy a storage bin and mark it "Things possible offspring might play with"

But who am I kidding? When I have children American Idol will be in it's 15th season and Happy Meal toy technology will be so awesome that their new headpiece microphones will actually project your voice instead of some crappy techno tune.

And all of this crossed my mind b/c I'm in a good mood...a mood that makes me clean.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So one of four bridesmaids is coming in this weekend for the first bridesmaid dress fitting. This bridesmaid just happens to be the youngest, skinniest, and fiance's little sister, Sissy.

I'm not sure if making her dress first will be easier or harder for my mom because Sissy is a size zero. (the first time we met I took her shopping at Old Navy and we headed straight to clearance. I'm thinking this chick is awesome, she's not taking advantage of my generosity. So we found a couple of things (I swear she's a better bargain shopper than me) and she said 'ok, let me hit up the kids section.' Let me hit up the kids section? I swear my head started doing the exorcist spin-thingey. But, yes, sadly Sissy can wear little kid clothes...that is how freaking skinny she is.) (also, so I can use more parenthesis, she signed up to give blood but said if she hit the weight minimum allowed to donate, then she would feel fat...yeah, the weight minimum is 110 pounds...gag me) But I digress, I love Sissy and do not fault her for her skinny genes...or the fact that she can get away with wearing skinny jeans. (ha)

So the pattern that we got for the bridesmaid's dresses comes in 6 handy dandy sizes...6,8,10,18,20, and 22. Are we seeing the problem here? Because I am not a seamstress my brain automatically thinks...oh this will be a piece of cake...just use less fabric. My mom on the other hand has got to be freaking out.

But I think it will all go ok. The dress itself is simple. All the bridesmaid's have the same dress. I think once mom gets the hang of it, it will all be a piece of cake. Plus once she's done with the hardest one the rest will be a breeze...right?



Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well ladies and gents...I WON!

Not like it was at all difficult seeing as I was the only female to show up. Seriously...if you pay five dollars to enter something why don't you show up to either semi-finals or finals? Wast of money, wast of money. I know the bar sucks and all but come on! WASTE OF MONEY!

So I won perfume and lotion (and a new inside joke! (velocity!)), a beer cozy and wait for it...$60! Woot! That's the math, if you subtract my $5 entry fee and divide the remainder by 5 you get 11. I took money from 11 people...BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO SHOW UP!

Sorry for the ridiculous amount of CAPS in this post but I am flabbergasted.

Also b/c of the 3 day weekend (woot) I'm treating today like Monday so expect a wedding post tomorrow.


Friday, May 25, 2007


I'm finally feeling better, Yay! I'm telling you, Mucinex is amazing! And I only know about Mucinex b/c I went to the doctor about a year ago with the same symptoms I was experiencing this time and they wrote me a prescription. When I went to the Pharmacy, I waited in line for 10 minutes only to be told that my prescription was for Mucinex. Yeah, I evidently didn't have the smartest of doctors. This is where teaching hospitals suck! So yeah, I'm feeling better, just a slight sniffle.

This is good b/c tonight is the finals of my karaoke contest. Fiance couldn't be happier about that. He's not excited that I stand a very good chance of walking away with the monetary prize or even the gym membership...oh no...he's happy b/c it means that we don't have to go to the bar every Friday night now! I can't really blame him though, the bar sucks. No liquor b/c we live in a small town that sees liquor as the devil's drink. And since we live in the South it seems that the only music people sing at Karaoke is country. I'm sorry, not just country...bad country. But at least it gives me the chance every week to perform, which I miss. It also gives me a chance to hone my pool sharking skills.

I like to play a game really badly and then beat the crap out of them the next round. Truth be told, it's not like I'm planning it to go that way...I just have weird pool skills. Sometimes I'll hit three balls in a row, sometimes my cue stick has a mind of its own.

So wish me luck, I'll let you know how it goes!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm still sick and am having happy dreams about leaving work early with a laptop and working from the comforts of my couch...such lovely dreams.

Speaking of dreams...

I had a dream about Angus last night. In it I loved on him as much as possible. I hugged him, petted him, smooched on him. All things I've been wanting to do since his death. It was like a final meeting to really say goodbye.

I think I'm finally starting to let go.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just so I don't fall into Catchy territory...

I'm sick. I have no energy. Hopefully I will be better tomorrow and I can post something fun.

Oh, and's been a while.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Guest List

So the wedding is basically three months away. (scary)

We had wanted to send Save the Dates since the wedding is on a holiday weekend, but that never came to fruition.

Wedding etiquette says that invitations should be sent two months preceding the nuptials but since we never sent the save the dates, I'd like to get them out two and half to three months before the date. SO...this means I need to get cracking since, May is basically over (yeah when did that happen).

I have my sister's guest list and my mother's Christmas card list and I've combined them. I've highlighted names of people I don't recognize. But the list remains at about 160 invites. Now, 160 invites isn't bad but when you sit down to consider that basically almost every invite includes 2 or more people, the list gets longer and scarier.

I want my wedding to be big, but not that big. I want to have fun but I don't want my parents to go broke. So the question is...who gets cut?

I want as many people as possible to come. I know a lot of people care about me and a lot care about fiance. I'm at such a loss. Is it crazy for me to believe that most of those 160 invites won't show? I mean there are a lot of out of town invitees so maybe they'll not want to give up their holiday weekend. But I know that if I count on that, they'll make plans to come.

So, yeah, frustrations have started. I promised myself I wouldn't get overwhelmed but it may be inevitable.

Oh yeah, I got an e-mail from my father about a family friend that may be able to play harp at the wedding. If she can swing it she may be able to get two other people and we could have a trio. We'll see...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Lord Why?

I know, I know, I don't normally post twice in a day but I came across this and had to...and it is also completely appropriate that I made a comment about feeling like Jack Napier earlier...

Ok so I posted a while back on the 'new' look for the joker in the upcoming Batman sequel, The Dark Knight.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I totally liked that one better than this...

I totally screamed when I saw this. I'm seriously hoping that Warner Bros is just screwing with us and will continue to release different pictures of what the joker will look like, b/c this, this I cannot deal with.

Fiance doesn't know about this yet...I'm frightened by the thought of his reaction...of course it could be 'awesome' and I'm just overreacting. I'll let you know...or he will if he comments (hint, freaking, hint, honey)

Fear not...I have survived my surgery. I have no clue what the finished product looks like since they put some strange dissolvo bandage on my face but I'm hoping it won't be a Jack Napier moment.."give me the mirror!"

So yay, I am now only slightly disfigured. The doctor kept worrying me about the fact that there will be a scar. SERIOUSLY? For the one millionth time, I can freaking cover a scar!

Thanks to everyone who kept me in their thoughts and prayers.

Sorry for the shortness of this post but I've got a buttload of work to do since I took a day off for the surgery.


Tomorrow: Wedding Post...Guest List fiasco!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Call Shenanigans

Pronunciation: (shu-nan'i-gun)
-n. Informal
1. Usually, shenanigans.
a. mischief; prankishness:
b. deceit; trickery

2. a mischievous or deceitful trick, practice, etc

3. Deception or tomfoolery on the part of carnival stand operators.

"Officer Barbrady, I call Shenanigans!"

4. A restaurant preferred by Officer Rodney Farva. It is known for serving mozzarella sticks and having goofy shit on the walls.

Captain O'Hagan: I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says 'Shenanigans'.
Mac: Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?
Farva (from other room): You mean Shenanigans?
Mac: (hands O'Hagan the butt of his pistol)

5. An interjection used to falsify another's statement...pretty much the trump card of conversation

I Call Shenanigans!

So this is what is written on our Shenanigans cards. Basically we're all huge dorks. You should already know that fiance and I love to play board games... and well... so do our friends. (hey if you're friends don't like doing the same stuff you do, what's the fun?)

The point of Shenanigans is such:
When we're playing a game we each get to call Shenanigans once on a stupid question. (We've always done this based on the fact that fiance plays Princess rules, meaning that I can always have a redo...yes, I know I'm incredibly spoiled. When we play with friends we play by shenanigans rules...less fighting this way...we're all slightly competitive) Shenanigans means you can choose to get another question if your Shenanigans question is something you don't know because of the category, (ie I know nothing about sports unless its ice skating, but fiance is helping me with football, baseball, and wrestling) or if its just such a dumb question that everyone knows the answer to (ie, the quote below definition 4, what movie is this from...b/c if you don't know that, I'm not sure we can be friends) or NO ONE knows the answer b/c, simply it is the dumbest, hardest, why would anyone know that kind of question (sadly, I can't think of an example)

We also call shenanigans in general conversation. We're all big braggers and it is our way of politely calling 'bullshit'.

I take full credit for shenanigans becoming part of our friend vocab. I only take full credit b/c I call shenanigans the most...and b/c Perry will always slip up and say bullshit...I love that girl...she doesn't hold back.

So now we have cards to call shenanigans with. Now we call shenanigans on inanimate objects as well as people. I can't tell you how many times fiance called shenanigans on the bowling alley on my birthday.

Thanks to Blythe who found the definitions and printed up the cards. They are on the most putrid shade of green card stock you will ever encounter.


PS:there is so much more to Shenanigans but it is so very difficult to write about seeing as this is mostly an inside joke.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Proposition for Beefing up Celebrity Reality

Seriously...who cares if another athlete or boy band member wins DWTS? It's not fair that they have such an advantage. We know boy banders can dance, its in the job description. We know that professional athletes can withstand the routine of rehearsals. It's just not entertaining anymore.

If there is another season of DWTS, I think it should be fair for us, as the public viewing audience who wastes precious phone minutes and text messages to vote for "stars". It is so blatantly obvious that these 'viewer's choice' reality shows are hurts. So here's my proposal...Next season, don't include professional athletes or former boy band members. Include people that are actually stars and not 'professional charity organizers'. I want to see people that I've been wondering about where they've gone...

People like:

Charlotte Rae because who doesn't want to see Mrs. G cutting a rug? Plus she's like 82 and that just makes good TV.

Mr. T...'I pity the foo who thinks he can tango better than me'...can you hear it?

Winny from The Wonder Years, I know that she is like some math genius and what not, but I think she'd look fantastic in the costumes the give you.

Rowan Atkinson the guy's a comedy you think they'll let him partner with his teddy bear?

Molly Ringwald...what? She's freaking awesome and needs to get back into the spotlight.

Bronson Pinchot the guy's hilarious...and nowhere to be found.

The Robot Girl from Small the Robot Woman...hey we already had a woman with a prosthetic leg...let's do it Emeril style and kick it up a notch.

And last but not least...the ringer ladies and gentleman...

Captain Planet because if Celine Dion can sing duets with Frank Sinatra (postmortem) and Elvis then who's to say you can't superimpose our favorite pollution fighting hero. Plus you can draw him anyway you can make him super good and totally untouchable or like super bad...who cares anyway? The show is totally rigged.

And that folks is the perfect lineup for DWTS Season 5.

(This rant brought to you by the anger and turmoil DWTS has caused me. That's right folks...last night Steve Sanders was kicked off leaving two professional athletes and a boy bander to fend for the title. Also the letters F and U and the number 4)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I was going to write about the Shenanigans card today but I accidentally left them at home and they have a big long explanation on the back so...sorry. I know that Blythe got definitions for the cards at Urban Dictionary, but I just went to find everything and there's a whole lot more there than I thought so, alas, I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.

So instead I guess I'll talk about the wedding... :)

So you know we went to get our rings as described here. Well the rings came in so we went to pick them up. I'm super excited about mine because I worry so much about my engagement ring, I can't wait to only wear it on special occasions and just wear my wedding ring full time.

Basically, in my opinion the setting for the diamond in my engagement ring is too tall and I constantly worry about snagging it on something and popping the diamond out...even though if that did happen I have insurance on it so I could get it replaced. Ok, ok I'm clumsy and fiance totally realizes this. Every possible thing he can insure for me, he does. He's such a smart guy.

But, back to the rings. I tried my wedding ring on. It looks beautiful, and it compliments my fingers (I have little kid hands). BUT I noticed something. And to be totally fair I noticed this about the in store ring as well. The ring has a row of baguettes and the middle diamond looked yellow. So I mentioned it. Good thing I did too. They looked at the ring under 'the scope' (no joke, she said 'scope' I guess adding 'micro' just wasted time) When she came back she told me there was a very good reasoned it appeared discolored...the diamond was broken.

Um okay...aren't diamonds like impossible to break? Evidently when they were sizing the ring it popped the now I have to wait for them to make me a new one. This gets a big old resonating...BOOOOOOOO.

So we're excited because at our Tux rental place for every 4 tuxes we rent we get one free. Well since fiance had four groomsmen then his tux is automatically free. Well we totally realized that we have other people that will need tuxes too. Ringbearer, officiator, our fathers, etc. So it looks like we're going to get another free tux. How awesome is that? I love saving money.

So I think this weekend we're going to get some major stuff done. I want to get the bobbleheads ordered and maybe the matchbooks. I want to get a design set up for my invitation. I need to go over the guest list again. Yeah once it starts getting closer...the more I start to freak out.


Monday, May 14, 2007

You Say Its Your Birthday

Ok, so my birthday was great...One of the best birthdays that I can remember. I apologize for my peppiness...I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY! I'm about to use the word 'awesome'** about 20've been warned.

It started out at Karaoke on Friday night. I was playing pool with fiance but not really paying attention, being the social butterfly that I am. He came up to tell me that it was my shot but that he had to tell me something first. He then proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to me because it had officially hit Midnight! (so sweet)

It was my turn to sing and I was going to sing "That's Amore" to make fiance giggle but then I found out that the owner of the bar really likes my singing...especially when I sing "Lady Marmalade" (I do all 4 voices). So I changed my song. Well it turns out that fiance and our friend Perry told Karaoke Lady that it was my birthday and they had everyone in the bar sing happy birthday to awesome. Then I finally got to sing and afterwards the owner bought me a birthday beer. Yay for free drinks.

When we finally left the bar another friend Blythe came over and we played games until 4am. So then I went home and got very little sleep (who sleeps on their birthday? sheesh) and woke up for pedicures with my sister who drove in from where she spend time with me on my birthday. Then the whole family took me to eat at O'Charley's where they didn't have what I wanted (evidently that special was limited) but I still got a very yummy steak.

So on to presents...yeah we all knew I was going there. I posted my wish list here. and am proud to say, I think my family read it. My sister is giving me her old Yoga Ball that she's never used and she also gave me Gene Wilder's far it is wonderful. I got new Crocs...YAY. They're Navy Blue and I refuse to take them off. A gift certificate for an hour massage that I'm going to shave down to two half hour sessions b/c I've never had a massage before and I may not being able to take a whole hour. I got really awesome pearl earrings. And while I didn't get a gift certificate to Old Navy I did get clothes that are awesome! I am so proud of the fam! Go Fam Go!

Fiance's birthday is next Sunday and we tend to get each other joint presents that we both enjoy. So we did it...we got a Wii....and it is freaking awesome but I will post more on that later!

So then fiance and I went back to his apartment. Played some Guitar Hero and some Scene It b/c we're dorks and it's what we like to do! Then Blythe came over bearing gifts! 12 pack of Yuengling and a bottle of Jim Beam Black. And the best present yet...Shenanigan's cards. (it would take a whole other post to explain those, so more on that later)

We then headed over to the bowling alley. This has become a tradition. Fiance and I went last year and ended up spending 6 hours there and a lot of money. But we were all hyped for midnight bowling. of the local high schools had their prom that evening and rented out the bowling alley so we had to vacate at 11...booooooooooooo! We still had fun though. We played four games...I actually won one of them! Our friend Pibber showed up also bearing gifts. He gave me a Yuengling Pint Glass (methinks my friends think I like my drinkey)

We wrapped up the evening with a little SNL. Molly Shannon was the host and it was one of the funniest episodes of the year.

The next day fiance and I went to see his mom for mother's day. She was working at the ballpark so we got to watch the game in box seats! It was a little windy and chilly but still fun. Especially since the umpire had the squeakiest, girly voice ever. He honestly sounded like Barry Gibb.

All in birthday ever! And in about an hour my co workers are taking me to lunch.

Thanks to everyone for making it a great day! (well a great couple of days...what can I say? My birthday is an event!)


**actual awesome count:5

Saturday, May 12, 2007


And it's not even close to being over yet! YAY!

Details Monday :)


Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Joy

I'd like to introduce my readers to a friend of mine. His name is Squeaky and he's a new friend. To be honest I just met Squeaky yesterday, but I'm just so excited about meeting him that I couldn't wait to introduce him to you all!

I've already let you guys know that we're in the process of moving our offices. In this process we've come across some really awesome stuff. We found psychology tests from the 40's. Stopwatches from the same era and dustbunnies the size of which I hope you never see. Some friends on my floor came to see me and ask if I would like to see something they found while cleaning. Me, being the curious person that I am, immediately abandoned my desk to follow them to their prize. This is how I met Squeaky.

Now he's a little funny looking, please don't be afraid. If you want to meet all means scroll down.

Apparently, and this is my conclusion, the person, in whose office we found Squeaky, was freaked out by the baby squirrel running around his office. He waited for Squeaky to climb up behind his filing cabinet and then slammed the filing cabinet, thus killing Squeaky.

Also apparently, this person did not feel the need to dispose of Squeaky.

We have no idea how long Squeaky has been in this position. He doesn't smell, so that's a blessing. But I must tell you...

I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.

One of our moving men decided it would be fun to have Squeaky follow him around all day, and currently Squeaky is terrifying my faculty members because he's set up shop right outside our office door.

Now I love Squeaky and everything, but you better believe that I AM NOT TOUCHING HIM. Therefore Squeaky will remain outside our office door until someone has the guts to move him.

I must say though I am a bit curious to find out if Squeaky is petrified. Then at least I'd gain some insight as to how long he's been hanging out behind a filing cabinet.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I don't mean to sound whiney or anything but seriously. Why do I even go to these doctor's appointments?

I had my appointment with the Plastic Surgeon this morning. The nurse took me back, asked what was going to be removed, and then expressed her joy that it was on my face and there wasn't going to be a need to redress me in one of those gown thingeys (gown thingeys is my term, not hers)

So I sit and wait. And sadly the only magazine that interested me was the people magazine from February with Anna Nicole Smith on the cover. I proceeded to read this publication twice before the PS came in. He then spent five minutes touching my cyst (do they not realize that this hurts?) and he told me that they couldn't do the removal in the clinic, that they would have to take me to the operating room and put me under to remove this.

Now, I don't like being put under (seriously, when I had my wisdom teeth removed, and they told me to count backwards from 10...I can't remember 9 and then all of a sudden I woke up in a completely different room and the nurse yelled at me to stay yeah I don't like being put under) but the way the Doctor was talking he made it sound like he would escort me to the operating room right away...Yeah...too bad I got my freaking hopes up.

They are scheduling a new appointment for me but first they have to schedule an anesthesiologist's pre-op appointment. And I'm going to have to take a whole day off of work for when they finally remove this thing because of the fact that they're putting me under. The doctor even told me that it would only take 20 minutes to remove this but he'd feel better if I was asleep...

YOU KNOW WHAT BUDDY? I'd feel better if you'd just remove this damn thing. I'm serious...I'm like one step away from Old Schooling it...I'm about to sterilize a very crudely made knife with rum and bite down on a leather strap to remove it myself!

I'm so sick of this run, I had to pay another $50 for this crap! And I'm sure I'll have to pay $50 for the anesthesiologist's appointment and then whatever my insurance won't cover for the freaking surgery.

Methinks I spy a conspiracy...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Is everyone busy? Is it that time of year? No one has commented on my posts recently, except for John (thanks John!). This makes me sad :(

Another thing that makes me sad...I have nothing wedding related to report on this Wedding Tuesday. Boo. I should probably get cracking on this whole wedding sitch, huh? I mean it's like 3 1/2 months away...that should light some sort of fire under my ass, right?

Eh, have a good day, y'all


Monday, May 7, 2007


Is it just the thought of Mondays in general that make you more tired. I mean you guys already know how I feel about Thursdays. I totally love Wednesdays. I've never been sure why. Maybe it's the fact that by Wednesday the worst part of the week is over and the best is yet to come. Or it could be because people call Wednesday 'hump day' and that's always made me giggle. Who knows. All I know is that I was exhausted this morning.

Now, I'm good. I've made two pots of coffee and have had the majority of them. Graduation plans are wrapping up (Thank God) and things will start to get back to normal around here soon.

I'm fantastic in spirit though b/c this Saturday is my birthday! I've always been a birthday person. I start the countdown in like February and I love it when its the week before my birthday. I start dropping hints as to what I want in terms of presents. I also start planning the festivities. Last year fiance and I went bowling. We meant to play a couple of games and leave but we were having so much fun that before we knew it they had dimmed the lights for midnight bowling. All in all it turned in to a really fun day and we plan on doing this again.

In case anyone who reads this knows me personally (ie will see me on my birthday) here is a list of things I would like to receive for my day of birth:

~yoga ball (the one I stole from my too big for me. I need a medium)
~a gift certificate for a massage (I fell about a month ago and I seriously think I deeply bruised some tissue b/c it still hurts)
~new crocs (I love them and hope to one day own every color of every style (size 7))
~Old Navy Gift certificate (we all know I've lost weight and I'm not even sure what size I am now so while I'm always happy with something from Old Navy I'd like to pick it out myself)
~Jewelry to wear in my wedding (I'm thinking of wearing pearls b/c of the elegance of my dress, but I'm still uncertain. I'd like to wear the jewelry that fiance has bought for me but they're I need help in this department)
~Last but certainly no least: money (everyone loves to get green bills on their birthday)

So yeah, if you feel the need, please feel free to purchase anything from this list! :)


Saturday, May 5, 2007


I hope you like my new template. The old one was too dark for me. I may change it back though...we'll see.

Have a good weekend y'all :)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Moving Day

So for the summer we are forced out of our offices due to our ceiling shedding. This ceiling probably hasn't been replaced in the however many decades our building has been around. This ceiling probably has mountains of asbestos and other allergens that will one day give us all cancer. Our ceiling sucks. But they're replacing it.

Since day one the staff in this department has sneezed. We have contagious sneezes. It will start with me go back and the the left to my boss, and then up and to the left to the other staff assistant. Then back to me. Vicious cycle. I'm looking forward to moving back in August and the chance to finally be sneeze free aside from the occasional cold.

So today we're packing up some personal items and figuring out which supplies we'll need over the summer. The good news about the move is that I'll be able to alternate days that I come into the office and can work from home. And with my wedding fastly approaching I'm sure I will love having workdays at home where I can call and finalize wedding details without feeling guilty or being overheard.

Although it is slightly daunting that this summer I will be moving both my professional life and personal life within weeks of each other. I will be stressed and tired but it will be worth it. Like I'm not stressed enough already with graduation

Thursday, May 3, 2007


So, yeah, my mind is going a hundred miles a minute while my body is going like negative miles a minute. They need to catch up!

So I'll do a Tuesday post, on a Thursday, mainly b/c A Margarita loves to hear about my wedding!

I recently reconnected with a friend from High School, Bekaboo. Bekaboo played Miracle Max to my wonderful rendition of Valerie in our high school's version of The Princess Bride (on crack, seriously it was like 80 minutes of us speeding through our lines b/c our director didn't want an intermission). Shortly after the show, our sophomore year ended and Bekaboo and family moved to Florida. Long story short...we lost touch. But through the wonderful invention of facebook we have found each other once again. She recently got married and she has tons of tips for me and I love her for it. She even sent me a cd with her wedding photos, and sorry girl but I'm totally stealing your veil! Anywho, Bekaboo reminded me of my cake. (losing all this weight prepares me to eat my weight in wedding cake) and I realized that even though it's been ordered for a while now, I totally haven't told my readers about my cake!

Now, Dan and I both are not huge cake fans. My favorite is yellow cake with chocolate frosting in the form of a cupcake...but we do have one cake that is an all time favorite! RED VELVET. mm mm good. plus when you tell people you're having a red velvet cake at your wedding they automatically assume it will look like this:

Side note: "I can't even begin to imagine how you make gray icing"

Ah, such a great movie. Anyways, no there will be no bleeding armadillo cake at my wedding. But at the rehearsal dinner we will have a Batman cake. Teehee

This is technically what my cake will look like:

Minus the sugar leaves. And that you see the beading? Yeah that will be icing dyed to match the bridesmaid dresses, which are jade. I'm so excited. I cannot wait to cut into that cake. More over I can't wait to shove that cake into Dan's face.

Actually what I'm most excited about that concerns the cake...the topper. We're ordering customized bobble heads to be our cake topper. I can't wait for the look on people's faces. There are so many surprises in store...good surprises...we're not the kind of couple to ask those stupid wedding crashers to come and humiliate our families...that's just rude.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

One Day at a time...

Thanks to everyone who commented and gave me kind words of encouragement. I appreciate them more than you know! I guess now, since I got through the toughest day...that first I just need to take it one day at a time.

Let's have some good news, shall we?

My wedding is 4 months from today! I can't believe it's so soon! I've been doing weight watchers for the past 17 weeks and according to my mom, I've been doing really well.

Well for the past 3 weeks I've plateaued and have been stuck at the same weight (which just happens to be 15 pounds away from my wedding goal weight(I've already lost 20)) But I went to weigh in today and I had lost 2.2 pounds putting my goal weight a measly 12.8 pounds away. I'm super duper excited!

I just wish I still had Angus, my own personal exercise machine, to walk with me every day again :(

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

RIP Angus

Sorry, but this is going to be a downer post today.

My puppy Angus was hit by a car last night April 30th, around 10:40. He went very quickly so he did not suffer. We buried him next to our dog Charissa Doodle Dandy who died about two years ago in September.

I'm going to miss him very much. It was very hard trying to sleep last night without his puppy snores and movement. The next couple of days or weeks are going to be very hard for me, so any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated and needed.

Angus: February 2nd, 2006-April 30th, 2007

May you have a bountiful amount of pink pigs to destroy in heaven!