Monday, October 1, 2007

I love it

So I'm a couple of days into tracking people with site meter and Google analytics (thanks ADW). I must say, it's pretty awesome.

Thanks for your comments. It's nice to know that the people whose blogs I stalk, also stalk mine.

Sadly, I have a retort to one of them...this one:

Anonymous said...

secretly stalking you from PA... because i find you interesting and slightly annoying at the same time because you dont refer to your husbands name-- you just call him husband.

Well thank you for secretly stalking me, Anonymous from PA. It's nice to not meet you. And thank you for thinking me interesting. On that note, I'm glad you find it "slightly annoying" that I don't refer to husband by his real name. I'm glad because I find you really annoying for being annoyed that I want to stay somewhat anonymous, where as it's totally ok for you to comment on my blog anonymously. Long sentence short, why are you calling me out for being anonymous when you yourself remain anonymous?

Also, I'm sick and I get really cranky when I'm sick. Especially since I was just sick. When I'm sick, husband spends half his time catering to me and the other half telling me I'm cranky when I'm sick. Which he only does b/c I bite his head off about once every 30 seconds. The other half a minute I spend whining about how I don't feel good.

(PS husband, you were really sweet to me last and I appreciate it. I'm sorry I can be so mean. It's the congestion talking, not me)



Kim said...

Lol, I love how you are able to turn that all around...and still make that person look like an ass at the end of it. Interesting, and hey Anonymous from PA...I know his name ;-)

Clink said...

Well I think it's CUTE that you call him husband.

And I hate anonymous comments.

Paulette Foley said...

I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only cranky sick person!

Princess Pointful said...

Ha! Way to turn the anonymity around on her!

Maybe we need to come up with a cutsy name for him instead? I submit Hunky Husband!
(I know not if he's a hunk, but I'm assuming you have good taste)

Balou said...

You know what's funny? Before i read this I was thinking about your recent posts and I was thinking how cute it is that you called him fiance and now husband.

F--k everyone else. You call him what you damn well please!