Friday, October 5, 2007

What's in a Name?

Since the creation of Google, I'm sure everyone has used it for the same thing at least once.

You've totally Googled yourself haven't you? Don't lie. We can all admit it. I have even Googled my new married name. (like anything would come up!)

So when I Google my full name I get some pretty normal hits and my name shows up a couple of times on that first page. I'm not the first hit mind you, but I'm still there.

Well in my many hours of boredom lately (when I'm at home pining away for my husband who always has to work nights) I decided "I should just Google my nickname and see how many pages I have to click through to find me!

So I Googled "Mim" and in 0.24 seconds Google had found 46,700,000 sites that had the word "Mim" somewhere on them.

I click through the first page taking the time to notice that the very first hit (and therefore most important website featuring "Mim" is the "Maoist Internationalist Movement." Super!

I click through some more pages and get to page 14 (still nothing that actually references me). On page 14 you will find "Madame Mim, Drag Queen." I actually only clicked on this link b/c the header only said "Mim". And to be technical, I'm not sure if this is a drag queen but she (he?) certainly looks like it.

Scrolling through some more pages I get to page 35 and a person on blogger named "Mim". That's got to be me, right?

Nope, it's a woman in her 50's. That's ok, I'm bound to be here somewhere...

Page 37--"Sharing Him with Mim". A story about getting someone's mean spirited Mother in Law to find God.

Page 61--A personal favorite..."Gay Travel by Mim"

Page 69--Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels.

Page 75--The Mim Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey

Page 100--You can't search anymore. I guess Google thinks that most people who have given up by then...I still want

I Google "Miriam"

Page 1-Hit 1--Miriam, Moses' sister. It's a Wikipedia site.

Hit 2--Merriam Webster Dictionary. I'm sorry didn't I clearly type in "Miriam"? Why then would you give me a hit for Merriam? (This has been a pet peeve of mine for years)

Page 2--A hit for a UK TV show "There's Something About Miriam" A dating show with a twist! the beautiful Miriam is actually a man! And none of the male contestants know...isn't that hysterical? They're bringing this show to the US...can't wait for those jokes to start.

Page 43--Miriam Christine vocal downloads. Now this one really caught my attention because Christine used to be my middle name...weird. And no I didn't listen to any of her music. She's a name stealer :)

Page 54--Miriam Restaurant 79 5th Ave Brooklyn New York. Hey! I have a restaurant! Ooh and it's Greek food. i must go the next time I'm up there.

After page 90 I had to stop looking b/c it starts getting dirty...really dirty.

So, sadly after two night of perusing Google for any sign of me, my websites, my accomplishments...I find nothing. I guess I should stick to using my full name from now on.

Although, I will check again next week to see if this post is in there. I think I used the names enough!



A Margarita said...

Hehe, how did you make it all the way to page 100?

I'm surprised Google doesn't let you look at all 46,000,000 results. 100 pages seems a bit limited.

La said...

Agreed, my ADD would have stopped me at like page 3. I have no patience. I do google myself every once in a while to see if the blog shows up, though, mostly because I'm petrified that someone I know and have written mean things about will come find me and yell at me. Have a happy weekend! :)

molly said...

Know who most Molly's are?


Princess Pointful said...

I do google myself as well. My real name is really distinct, so I'm not hard to find.

I'm always scared that my blog will be secretly found, so I google different words that refer to me (e.g., my city, my field) to see if I come up. Thankfully, I usually seem scot-free, but it always shocks me what weird searches I do end up on the first page for.
(such as "Porn Star with PhD"-- people have clicked on me for that more than once! And, no, I am not one, if you were wondering)

Balou said...

If you Google "Little Spoon" you're the 4th listing. Just sayin'! =)

cr99ist03in said...

Last I Googled my name, all ISIS stuff came up. Old ISIS stuff too.

Kim said...

what balou said is true! Lol.