Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Apartment!

Finally, finally we're done moving fiance's things over from his old one-bedroom apartment. Finally. Now we just have to gradually move my stuff over during the next month. Should be fun. But at least with my stuff I don't have to carry it down 3 flights of stairs just to carry it back up 3 more flights of stairs.

I feel bad b/c SB was in town to get her dress done and she spent most of her time here helping us move. It wouldn't have been so bad and we could have had everything moved in one day had it not been for one of our friends that promised they would help us move. We asked him to help us Saturday starting at 11am and he said 'no problem'. We didn't hear from him until 4:30 and didn't see him until 6, about 20 minutes after we finally got the washer, dryer and two couches into the apartment. We had a load and a half left. Something that with four people would take us about an hour and a half. But it started raining. So we then asked our friend if he could help the next day around 2:30. Again he said 'no problem'. We didn't hear from him unitl 6 (again!) and when we did hear from him the first words out of his mouth were "Oh, you guys aren't finished yet?" Now let me make one thing clear, b/c this friend happens to read this blog on occasion, if you were moving I would be up at the butt crack of dawn to help you. I wouldn't whine or complain all day. I would help when I said I would help. Actually, I'd be early and I'd bring the coffee and donuts.

But I promised pics so here we go!

The view when you walk in our front door. We have cathedral ceilings. It's wonderful.

Fiance's messy, messy gameroom. Yes, he gets his own game room. Trust me with all of his toys he needs one. Plus I don't want those things prominently displayed in the apartment. When we move my bedroom suit in, then we'll put the other bed in this room so it will serve as a guest room as well.

The very messy master bedroom. You know what? At least we've got everything in the apartment! Who cares if its messy right now...It could take me years to recover from this move. We're getting movers next time.

The only room that's semi clean right now, the kitchen. I'm just excited about the counter space. And the fact that I don't have to put my plates in drawers anymore.

Joker, enjoying his new surroundings. He has now found the highest place in the apartment. This is very useful when Ozzy is chasing him.

So that's the new apartment. We also have two bathrooms but I've always found it weird when people want to show others their bathrooms.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Holy geez this is frightening.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm a little sad that no one cares about Pirate Master being canceled. Boo, to all of you!

I feel like I had a million things to write about and now I can't remember anything.

Fiance and I are still packing for the move this weekend. Oy, let me tell you. We were going to pack a lot last night. He actually opened so he got off at 6 and I of course was already home from work. Long story short, we didn't pack a thing last night. We're unsure of what we ate but we either got a 24 hour bug or food poisoning. We couldn't move off the couch last night. Our bodies were drained.

On a cute note...we have two couches. (that's not the cute note) The standard size couch is his and the loveseat is mine. I decided I needed to be comforted so I joined fiance on his couch which is not big enough for two people. I realized that it wasn't big enough for two people after about 10 minutes, when my arm was so asleep, I was convinced I didn't even have one anymore. Once I moved back to my couch he said "Good, you were here long enough for the pillows to smell like you." (tear, sniff)

It's the little things like that comment, that make me realize I am marrying the right person. (Not that I ever had any doubt, I knew within weeks of meeting fiance that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.)

I'm just saying, fiance melts my heart. And I love him for being able to put a smile on my face when I feel like crap.*


*Fiance complains sometimes that I never write any posts about him. If you search my blog for the word fiance it comes up in more than half of my 90 or so posts. But to his defense I believe this is the first post that is solely about him and my love for him.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


They've cancelled Pirate Master? When? Freaking jerks.

They're showing the final episodes on CBS.com but this is bullshit.

I call shenanigans.

What is it with this season and networks cancelling shows? The good shows too. It's unfair.

Balou, are you on the verge of tears too?

And I was going to send in a videotape audition for Pirate Master season 2.


I'm going to go sulk now.

Boo :(

1 month and 8 days to go! Man, where is time going?

The official count of guests so far is 64. We've only received about half of the reply cards. But no worries, my guests have until August 17th to return them. I hope they realize that if I receive any reply cards after this date, they will not be attending the reception. Wedding yes, reception no. I have to be a bridezilla and draw the line somewhere right?

Mom and I are sporadically making the bouquets and boutonnière's. (I promise you'll get to see them in all their loveliness after the wedding. I've been struggling on whether or not I should post pics and I finally decided on not.) Let's just say my bouquet is GORGEOUS. and very large. It consists of roses, stephonotis, and dahlias. The dahlias are what makes my bouquet ginormous.

But I can share one picture with you. I ordered my rehearsal dinner dress. I will officially match the table mats. (I like green, any kind of green. I know that my rehearsal dinner green is much brighter than my wedding green but lets remember that my rehearsal dinner is also a pig pickin'.)

I'm going to look pretty...I hope. If it doesn't look right on me, it will be returned.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Long Story Short

This is the best book I have ever read.

And that's how I spent my weekend.


Friday, July 20, 2007


Seriously, this week was long.

I went home sick yesterday. Probably a combination of lack of sleep and stress. I woke up with a sore throat and if you know anything about me you know that I take sore throats seriously. If you don't, let me just say, my tonsils are as big as rocks.

So I went home, I slept for a ridiculous amount of hours and I feel so much better. I woke up feeling so refreshed. So pretty and witty and bright!

So now it's Friday, and thank goodness for it! It's also payday which is always nice. Hopefully after work I can get my eyebrows waxed (I'm beginning to look a little too much like Peter Gallagher. Eek.) Also I'd like to go ahead and get my grocery shopping done. Then I'd like to just relax. Relaxation is nice.

Next weekend fiance is moving to the 2 bedroom apartment we will share in 1 month and 12 days. So next weekend should be a hoot and a holler.

Shortest post in a while huh? Well I'll just leave you with a little treat:
Man, those eyebrows are awesome.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've decided to give up on posting my feelings about reality TV. No one seemed to care, except for maybe Balou b/c she loves Pirate Master just as much as I do. Last night was a really good episode, one of those where you want to go inside the screen and hit a contestant for being so ridiculously stupid. Those episodes are the best episodes.

However, I would like to stick to a TV theme post at least once a week. What better way to start than by homaging one of the best game shows ever made, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

This was a fantastic show, I hope everyone remembers it but if you don't you can click on the link above and it will take you to a site where you can watch about 5 episodes of this classic PBS gameshow.

Lets start with the obvious shall we? Rockapella rocks my socks. I watched an episode of this yesterday and I couldn't believe I remembered all of their shtick-y songs. I must find a video for you...

So dorky yet loveable.

WITWICS was the best game show b/c when I was a kid watching it I used to think it was really hard. They always asked you questions about geography. But after watching an episode yesterday I found that when I thought they gave you clues to the answer they were actually giving you the answer.

Also at the end when one kid is left they assign them a continent and they have to place these markers on each country as they're yelled out. I used to say that if I was on this show I would want to get South America b/c it only has like 13 countries. Instead of say Africa that has like 75 countries. I never realized that when the chief assigned you the continent she would point out different countries 'of note' within the continent. I never freaking realized that all you had to do was pay attention to what the chief was saying.

So I watched an incredibly educational game shows as a child but I didn't pay attention to any of the mechanics of the show...typical.

But my favorite part about this show was the prizes. The 2nd runner up got a Carmen Sandiego gift bag that included a shirt, a world atlas, a globe basketball and other fun/dorky prizes. The first runner up usually got a tape recorder. (for the record I never wanted to come in 2nd...It was either first or last for me, mainly b/c the second place prize usually sucked). But the winner got to pick anywhere they wanted to go in North America and they got an upgraded sleuth jacket.

I wanted to be on this show so badly.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We got fiance's wedding ring last night. It's his very first piece of jewelry and it will probably be the only jewelry he will ever own. What really matters is that he looks really cute with it on. He says it feels strange.

What's really going to be strange is about 3 weeks before my wedding I have to send my engagement ring off to be coated. Because I have the crazy insurance I can have my ring coated with fresh white gold once a year. So I'm having it done 3 weeks before the wedding. But that means I have to go without my ring for 2 weeks. I feel weird without it when I shower how am I going to manage 2 weeks? I mean don't get me wrong, I enjoy the fact that I get this treatment but its my ring :(

So I was able to download some pictures of my bridesmaid's dresses.

This is my future sister in law getting fitted in her first dress. Mom always makes a mock up dress before she cuts the expensive fabric. She's a smart lady.

This is Kogan in an almost finished dress. All that was left at this point was her hem. And now that's done. Kogan is the proud recipient of the very first, all the way finished bridesmaid dress! Doesn't she look pretty?


Monday, July 16, 2007


I found the cord for my camera so I've been able to get all of my pictures onto a computer. It's about damn time.

I think that b/c I've had some interesting times with my animals lately, I would like to share with you their cuteness...even if some of them are evil kitties who enjoy locking me out of my house...brats.

Here is Ms. Harley Quinn. She enjoys getting into little nooks and crannies...

This adorable cat just happens to be the one who hissed in my face as if I were a burglar.

Then there's Pax. For those who know nothing of Pax, he is a 25 pound Maine Coon cat...Basically he looks like a mini bobcat. Maine Coon cats are rather expensive, but this one literally followed my parents home one day. Lucky us, we love Pax, he always makes us laugh. He also tried to kill me on a regular basis.

Pax enjoys boxes...
This was the box that held my very first wedding present. I count Pax as my second!

Pax, even though he is rather large can get himself into very comfortable positions. He has one (that has yet to be documented) that I refer to as his Yoga position, 'the beached whale'. He lies flat on his back with all four legs stretched out as far as they can go.

But my favorite Pax position to date is his Jabba the Hut:

Imagine coming home late at night and this is the very first thing you see. I love it.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Geez-My last Friday the Thirteenth didn't go so well. I'm hoping this one will be a little better.

Fun things happened yesterday...

I got my first wedding present! Yay! It's a fondue set...so exciting! Maybe I should have fondue at our new apartment housewarming party. (In all honesty I don't think that we'll have a housewarming party, but it's fun to think that I may in the future have a party where we can have fondue...you know b/c now I have a fondue set.) And later I found out I had another present. Pax had crawled into the box.

Also this weekend we're having an 85th birthday party for my Grandmother so my aunts are coming in today. yay! But it also meant I had to clean my house. I hate cleaning. I'm not good at it and it gives me a headache.

But here's the really fun part of my evening last night. After cleaning I needed to go to fiance's apartment to let Ozzy out. Ozzy of course was being crazy and after I found him snacking on cat poop, I put him back in his kennel for time out. This turned out to be a very good idea. SB one of my bridesmaid's called and I stepped out on the front porch for a cigarette. While outside I heard the cats messing with the door, then I heard a sound like the door opening. The cats have gotten out before, i wouldn't put it past them to have figured out how to turn the handle.

Anywho, I kept talking to SB. She's planning on coming in next weekend and wanted me to look at train tickets for her. (She doesn't have internet or a license.) So I went to go inside...except I couldn't...yes that's right folks...that sound like the door was opening was in fact my cats locking me out of the apartment. Wonderful. Fiance was just leaving work and there is a lot of construction going on right now, so it would be another 45 minutes before he'd be getting home.

Luckily I'm an expert at breaking in entering. Ok not really but I really wanted to get back inside. So I took out the screen and opened the window (I got skills). What I didn't realize is that either I have some pretty awesome attack/guard cats or they just don't recognize me when I'm trying to crawl in a window and over our love seat. I got hissed at. Like scary hissed at. So, since both of my cats still have all their claws, I decided to put the window back down and replace the screen. And wait until fiance got home.

I did not have a good Friday the 13th Eve.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And so I've been really busy today, hence the 8 pm post. Not like it matters since Margarita is in Aruba (I think) and Catchy never seems to be online anymore. And since that's like half of my readers, I guess it doesn't really matter what time I post!

Wedding plans are going rather smoothly...I'm shocked.

We re-reserved our tuxes last night. We were able to get exactly what we had reserved before but cheaper! Yay! So exciting. Our tuxedo helper's name is, I swear, TammyJo...no space, I have her business card to prove it. Don't you just love the South? Anywho, she actually rang us up correctly. I.E at this tux shop, like the last, gives you a free tux for every 5 tuxes you rent. Instead of making us pay a deposit on Fiance's tux (the free one) she rings it up then rings in the coupon to make it free. So instead of paying $60 for a deposit on Fiance's tux and Best Man's tux we only had to pay the deposit for Best Man's tux. Sweet! (We're paying for the Best Man's tux for some odd reason, but whatever) Also, they promised us they wouldn't abandon their store...at least before our wedding...thank God!

We've also (cue trumpets) sent out our invitations! Yippee! We've received about a dozen replies, only three of which were no's! But the best part of it all, I mean aside from seeing friends and family that I haven't seen in ages, is that people now know about our registry...the registry that was set up in...hold on let me find the link (I think my registry was like my third post ever) Ah yes here it is...Check the date people...JANUARY 20th! Wow! But it gets better...people know about my registry and someone has purchased something already! I LOVE ONLINE REGISTRIES...it's so stalker-esque.

But I think the best thing that has happened wedding-wise in the past week is that we have a finished bridesmaid's dress! Kogan came in this weekend for her dress fitting/birthday. I have pictures but I think I may have left my camera case at the beach and it had the camera cord in it...yes I'm an idiot. So we have to wait until Kogan posts her pictures from this past weekend for you to see the beauty of my bridesmaid's dresses!


Monday, July 9, 2007

Things I Learned This Weekend

I had one of those whirlwind weekends. You know, one of those weekends that flies by even faster than a normal weekend? Probably had something to do with Kogan being here. I haven't seen her in over 2 years and she came in for her dress fitting and birthday extravaganza! So here are some of my observations and learnings from this weekend.
  • I am no longer able to function on bar time. When I was in college I could close down the bar at 2am, get home by 3am (after parties are super), be in bed and asleep by 4am, then wake up for my 10:20am class will a smile on my face. Seems I can't do that anymore. We were out until 3am Saturday night and I had to wake up at 9am to teach Sunday School. Luckily, I'm a trooper and pulled through, but the fact remains, I no longer function on bar time.
  • I apparently switch my southern accent on and off depending on who I'm talking to.
  • My town has a Japanese restaurant. One of the ones where they cook the food right in front of you. Who knew?
  • Saki is awesome.
  • It is possible to transform a childhood classic into a good movie. Haha, transform...get it?
  • Shia LaBeouf is trying to take over the world. And seemingly succeeding.
  • Popcorn makes me gassy. Uncomfortable gassy. Painful gassy. Thinking about skunking my neighbor gassy. (I didn't)
And last but not least:
  • People only call me when I'm trying to sleep. Seriously. I was trying to be a good girl last night and go to bed at a reasonable time and my phone rang four times:
    1) Fiance, calling to say he was home 2) Fiance, calling again to tell me that Megan Fox is engaged to Brian Austin Green 3) Kogan to let me know she had made it home and 4) Meg-o my grand-little to tell me she had gotten my wedding invite and to talk for a while. I am super duper close to shutting off my phone at night.

Friday, July 6, 2007

So now that I have 'borrowed' some beach trips from my sister I can update you on my wonderful trip.

We got to the beach and it was raining and storming and quite honestly, pretty awesome. I love stormy days on the beach. But I was really glad that it was only stormy on the first day. So this is what it looked like from our back porch when we got there:

Nice huh? Everything looks like it's clearing up but it was still pretty dark above our house. It made me feel like Daffy Duck, always having a rain cloud overhead.

So, everyday is stayed kind of cool. The water was way colder than it was last year. The wind was blowing pretty hard. So we didn't hang out on the beach for that long everyday b/c we'd all freeze in just our bathing suits.

One afternoon Fiance and I felt it pretty ridiculous holing ourselves up in the house all day so we decided to get to work on a sand castle. And not just any sand castle, fiance's first sand castle.

Awesome, isn't it? My legs are still sore from digging out that moat...that never filled up...boo.

Since we came home the morning of the 4th we decided that the night before we should act a little patriotic and fire up some sparklers. Dan and Matt thought it would extra fun to light a whole pack at one time...

Genius. I'm glad they still have hair.

So nothing too thrilling happened at the beach. It was just a much needed vacation. Lots of rest...finally.

Now I guess it's time to really get cracking on the wedding!


Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm back!

And I was totally going to post about my beach trip but I of course, as per usual, took my camera and it sat in my room all week. I'm awesome. So I'm waiting for my sister to put her pics up on Flickr, so's that I can steal them! :)

So instead I will post about my new love...

I discovered this wonderful new musical/rock opera while watching this years Tony Awards. This new musical is based on the 1900's play that was banned from the stage for nearly 100 years due to it's content (rape, masturbation, abortion, homosexuality and suicide). All in all pretty daring for a 1900's German playwright. Since it is the most talked about show on Broadway at the moment, the wonderful people at the Tony's saved their performance for the last 5 minutes of the broadcast...about 3 minutes before they won the highly coveted Best New Musical Tony. (one of the 8 Tony's it won during that broadcast)

No I must admit for the other 2 hours and 55 minutes all I heard about this show is that it was the new RENT.

Now I know some of you don't know me that well and wouldn't think twice about this but most of you do know me and you should know by now that you do not relate anything, anything to RENT. RENT has always been and will always be my forever love. I bought the cd behind my parents back at age 13, after I had begged them for the better part of a year to buy it for me. I listened to it in secret for 2 years before my mother found it. My mother probably thinks I'm still too young to listen to it, but she did buy me second row seats for the traveling production during my sophomore year of college. Mom...it is still the 2nd best present you've ever given me...the first, of course, being life. B/c let me tell there is no other feeling in the world like the one I got when during 'Seasons of Love' every single cast member made eye contact with me. It was wonderful. And very similar to the feeling I got every time I saw the preview for the movie, and the feeling I got throughout the entire movie when I went to see it opening night. That feeling? Goosebumps all over my body. I am a RENT junkie and nothing will ever change that.

So imagine my annoyance when all I heard was that this Spring Awakening was the new RENT.

And then I saw this:

I got the RENT feeling. I still get the RENT feeling when I see this clip. I FELL IN LOVE. Now please don't get me wrong, b/c I DO NOT agree with their comparison. This show is completely different and completely wonderful in it's own way. And I think it's kind of wrong to want to compare it. Why can't they both be wonderful in their own rights?

Well the next day my friend Kogan (who's coming for a visit tomorrow, yay!) asked me is I had watched the Tony's b/c she had seen this fantastic new musical and I just had to know about it. We have since spent the last 3 weeks finding YouTube clips and drooling over the play.

So for her birthday I got her the soundtrack. Since it happened to get here before she will, I have already opened it and put the music on my ipod. (Fiance was rather upset that I opened her birthday present, but rest assured we made a deal that if I got it before she got here that I was planning on doing this.)

My ipod has not left my side all day. These songs are wonderful. They are provocative, thought provoking, eerie, dainty, and beautiful all wrapped into one neat little story.

So now let me leave you with the Original Broadway cast performing my favorite song, Totally F***** at the Virgin Megastore the day the soundtrack came out. (please don't play this in front of your children or people who get offended by naughty words.)

I love people with camera phones, don't you?