Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mood Ring

So I was tagged, like ages ago by my friend Perry on Myspace. One of those name 10 weird, random, yet interesting things about yourself. One where you have to tag other people to do the same thing. I don't agree with naming other people in this, since this is for my own amusement but if you want to leave one weird, random, yet interesting fact about yourself in my comments, I challenge you to do so.

Let me just say that I started writing this post on June 8th, 2007 and will update you (and post this) as soon I finish it. My problem is, I can't come up with 10 right off the top off my head at a time it is...

1) When I was 5 I thought that one of the walls in my bedroom was an audience. I think this may have been what fueled my theatre dreams. I used to play to this wall when I would go about my normal business. I would even turn around after I had bathed so as not to let the 'audience' see me naked 5 year old body...imaginary perverts.

2) Up until I was a senior in college I thought America had won every war we had been in. Yes, laugh, but I have two items with which to plead my ignorant case. 1) I was born in the 80's and 2) in High School the mandatory US History course never got past the Civil War. So sorry people but up until my senior year of college when I took US History 1865 to present (never got past the Vietnam war ps) I thought we had won everything! Sue me.

3) When I fall asleep I drift off lying on my right side, but just as I am about to conk out for the night I have to switch to my left.

4) The most common question I am asked about my nose ring is if snot flies out of it when I sneeze. (yeah, the answer is no)

5) I have dreams about Michael Meyers chasing me. If I see a Michael Meyers mask I freak out. Seriously, if you had dreams about someone with a spray painted William Shatner mask on, you'd freak out too.

6) Some of my best memories in college were during senior year when my friend Amelia and I would hang out in my room, play Monopoly and sing along to Wicked at the top of our lungs. We'd always try to be certain characters but we'd always get really excited and sing together regardless of who we were supposed to be that day. Usually I was Glinda and she was Elphaba, but we'd always try to out sing each other on 'Popular" and 'Defying Gravity'. For those who would like an awesome insight to all things Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West's name is Elphaba, made up by the author of Wicked (Gregory Maguire) by combining L. Frank Baum's initials and then pronouncing them phonetically...El-fa-ba...get it?

7) I have no 'dar' of any kind. No 'gaydar', no 'danger-dar', nothing. I once was in NYC with my aunts and made eye contact with a homeless person. My aunt saw and jerked me back into her protective clutches but it didn't stop the homeless woman from sticking a dead rat in our faces. "Wanna see my rat?" People make fun of me constantly for having no 'dar' but I honestly cannot help it, I was born this way people!

8) I smoke, yes I know, disgusting habit. But when I smoke, if I don't have someone to talk to, I can't smoke a whole cigarette. This to me means that I am not addicted to cigarettes...maybe. Also, if I know fiance isn't able to talk while I'm on a break, I'll call my friend Kogan. She hates it when I do this. Well maybe not hates, just dislikes that I always seem to call her when she can't talk. :) She does always answer the phone with: "You're smoking aren't you?"

(I'm still 2 away from finishing this post and I've been at it for almost 20 days) On that note...

9) A friend asked me today (June 26) if I was planning on auditioning for the next season of American Idol since they are once again holding auditions near where I live. My very first post describes how I feel about the past couple seasons of American Idol, but I still let my mind wonder...what if I made it?

10) My favorite president of all time is Nixon. I know a lot of people will find this strange. But Watergate has outshone the good that Nixon did. He was the one that finally got us out of the Vietnam War. And he established a friendship with China. Thank you Nixon. I shudder to think of what our world would be like if we weren't friends with the Chinese.

So there are my ten. And it only took my 20 says to complete this! Like I said, please feel free to leave something random about yourself in my comments. I look forward to reading them.

I will be on Vacay until Thursday of next week. I'll be sure to post some Beach Pics when I return!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I have been tagged again. This time by Sally T. THANKS! I feel so special and loved. I have to restate that I love the blog world and the friends I've made b/c of starting this blog. It may sound strange but I'd really like to arrange a meeting with all of my new blog friends. Let's all go out for Margaritas!

So here are 5 more of my female blogger friends that I think are rockin'!

Sally T: Sally's Site (Her dog Brac is the cutest and you should all head over there and read her 'Egg in My Face' post,)

Bekah: Bek's Lab (she doesn't post as often as she should but she has some great insights on current events)

Dangyr: Dangyrous Discourse (daily thoughts, very cool)

Subservient No More: Wide Lawns (this used to be a site structured around SNM's crazy job, but she couldn't take it anymore and now it is a site dedicated to memories. SNM is a beautiful writer)

Jessica and Heather: Go Fug Yourself (a more mainstream website I know, but these chicks never fail to crack me up)

Now if you'd like you can create your own post with your 5 favorite Rockin' Girl Bloggers. Please don't feel obligated to include me, but since I totally rule, you're more than welcome to! :)

Also don't forget to copy the badge from the top of this post.


This Week in the Universe...

I'm not sure what to think of the universe this week. Everything seemed so tragic. And I'm not just referring to Paris' release from jail...

Jessie Davis' body was found. Her baby daddy/probable killer/freaking COP is being held and questioned and a trial is being set up. Oh and to bail him out you better hope someone has $5,000,000. Yes, 5 million. (Quick note, if your bail is that're guilty.)

But really, I'd like to delve into this Chris Benoit situation. For those who are unfamiliar, Chris Benoit was a wrestler for the WWE. He was supposed to do a show in NC this past weekend, and when he didn't show, authorities were sent to his house where they found Benoit, his wife Nancy, and son Daniel, dead.

This is an extremely sad situation. They canceled Monday's RAW event to hold a special tribute for Benoit and his family. Then on Tuesday a press conference was held where they released the nature of the deaths and that Benoit is now to blame. The police have labeled it a double murder/suicide. I don't want to get into how they were found but if you're curious you can read about it here.

Just like my Jessie Davis post I don't want to get into 'what ifs'. Instead I want to wait to hear the solid facts instead of making assumptions the way some people are. All I know is that this is a very sad occurrence and Benoit's extended family and his other son (who was not in the house) should be kept in your prayers.

I promise that the next installment of This Week in the Universe will be happier. I wish that they all could be, but sometimes, Shit Happens.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Going to the Chapel...

First things future sister-in-law (FSIL) is a genius! She just got her ACT scores back and she got a 34 out of 36. Ridiculous! FSIL is now basically garunteed entrance and scholarship to any school she wants to go to. Seeing as she one day wants to work for NASA, this is a very good thing. She's planning on going to Florida Tech for astro-freaking-physics. Congrats FSIL.

Now on to wedding details. It's getting closer. 2 months and 5 days. Ah!

Mom and I went wedding shopping on Saturday. We got the rest of the wedding favors. Our unity candle is this really neat floating candle set and we were able to find 75 single floating candles to use as favors. I think we all know by now that I'm going to have more than 75 guests so we had to find something for everyone else. So we got some squatty votives and candles to put in each votive. So every table will have an arrangement of favors. A pick and choose, if you will.

We also found flowers, yay! Dahlia's and blush roses. Unfortunately the store we found them in only has about half of what we need. You should have seen mom and I trying to figure out how many people needed boutonnières and corsages. The owner tried calling the manufacturer yesterday and got their voice mail. Hopefully they will call back with the great news that they can get the rest to us. I'd really like to get these flowers from this establishment b/c it's smaller and I'd prefer helping out the little guys.

We also got stuff for the rehearsal dinner. Green gingham place mats on white tablecloths with a plant in the middle that will also have an assortment of sparklers planted in them. I figured that since my wedding is so close to Labor Day, we should have sparklers. And better to have them outside at the rehearsal dinner than inside at the hotel reception room...I shudder to think what some of our friends would try to do :)

So everything is right on schedule. My dad is planning on printing up the invitations this afternoon, so maybe we'll be able to put them in the mail on our way out of town to the beach (!) on Saturday.

ALSO: Today fiance and I have been together for 17 months. Happy month-a-versary sweetie!


Puppy Monster

I know I'm posting more than usual today but this one is super important.

Fellow blogger Watchdog lost his son 'Puppy Monster' in a terrible accident. He was only five. Please show your support by visiting Avitable's page and donate as little as $5 to help Watchdog and his family out in this time of need.

Please keep them in your prayers.


Aw, I'm a "Rockin' Girl Blogger"

I feel special! Balou thinks I'm a rockin' girl blogger! I love my blogosphere friends. And I love it when they love me back. Basically I need to tag 5 of my female blog friends who I think rock. And all they have to do is their own post about their own favorite female blog friends. They also get the nifty badge that accompanies this here goes...


Cristin: Blog of Eternal Stench
ADW: Hooters and Other Tales of Woe
Margarita: S'mores and Margaritas
Catchy: Something Catchier (even if she hasn't really blogged in a month...what's up with that Catchy? I know you're computer is alive again)
Balou: Searching for Normalcy (Technically the rules say that you don't need to tag the person who tagged you, but I love her blog and I think she rocks!)

Keep the love going, Rockin' Girl Bloggers. I love you all!


My Wonderful Weekend with my New Doggy!

Can I make it through 5 more days of work? I'm really not sure. This week has the potential to either fly by or creep by. I have a class tomorrow all day and another class on Thursday during the last half of the day. That's why my week could fly by. My week could drag by b/c on Saturday I'm going to the beach! Yay! I need a vacation so badly. I may end up sleeping the entire vacation away!

Right now I'm contemplating taking off Friday, mainly b/c I have a lot of things that need to get done before we head to the beach...
  • I need to clean the upstairs of my parents house since I inhabit this area and b/c my aunts are coming in Friday night. I guess it would a nice thing for them to visit a clean house.
  • Also my car needs to be cleaned, desperately. There is stuff in my trunk that just needs to be thrown away. Also there are pots and pans that are trying to stay in my trunk until we move into the new apartment but they're going to need to suck it up and get out of the trunk so my suitcase can take their place. (I love that I'm referring to my inanimate pots and pans as if they're living beings)
  • Of course I need to pack...duh
  • Ozzy needs a flea/tick bath and he needs the preventative ointment applied. This should be tons of fun...especially since I have to leave the flea/tick shampoo on him for five minutes in order for it to take effect. Also the flea/tick preventative ointment can get yucky. But we're leaving Ozzy with friends who have a big fenced-in backyard so he needs all of this to stay healthy while we're away relaxing at the beach.
Speaking of weekend was filled with bonding with my new furry child...

He's getting so much better! I had to take him to the vet on Friday b/c he's been messing with his neutering incision. Well I also found out he has hookworms...awesome. So Ozzy has to take a lot of medicine right now and he's not happy about that, except he's a little happy that he gets peanut butter so often!

He's become a lot livelier! Yesterday I was in the kitchen and I thought he was running around the apartment looking for me, until I noticed a black blur. He was definitely having fun with the cats! I'm so glad they get along!

Also, we're down to only one or two accidents a day. He's starting to get used to all the scents and sounds at the apartment. He's also starting to understand that maybe mommy doesn't want to stand around in the hot sun while you sniff every blade of grass. Unfortch he still needs to sleep in his kennel at night and when we're not around. Like today, I feel for him, he has to be in his kennel until I get home from work...poor guy.

Also unfortch, I'm beginning to think that he ran away and was not in fact abandoned. I think he had been abused. Poor little guy sometimes jerks away when you go to pet him. He also freaks out quite often, usually frightened by his collar.

But in spite of all of the unfortunate things that are going on with Ozzy right now he is the perfect addition to our family. We went to PetSmart on Friday and he got a new collar and id tag. He also got a stuffed squirrel that he loves and sleeps with. He also has started trusting me enough to sleep with is head in my lap. The big snores that come out of his little body warms my heart :)


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reality Check

Previously on Pirate Master: 16 wannabe pirates put on crazy costumes and adopt strange accents...blah blah blah fake pirate treasure...find it...split it up unfairly. In the end only one pirate will scheme hard enough and screw enough people over to win the ultimate title of PIRATE MASTER! (seriously this has to be the longest recap ever. First they recap the premise of the show and then they recap last week's 8:04 the show actually begins.)

Cheryl, former officer, figures the show's a popularity contest. NO! Really? You're smart. And you might just be going home. Anyone who figures the game out this early, goes home.

I have a theory about these reality shows. Whoever they focus in on for the first three minutes (after the recap of course) will go home. So it's down to three people tonight. Cheryl, Sean and Jay. You already know my theory on Cheryl but my money is on Sean but only if the Black Team wins and Jay remains an officer. (quick recap, yes, more recap. Last week Jay made a pact with Sean to vote for Cheryl in Pirate's Court. Jay paid Sean $1000 and Sean didn't vote for Cheryl. This to me means that Sean will go home this week. But I could of course be all depends on who wins the treasure hunt, red team or black team)

What I love most about this show is that they really have to act like pirates. They have to clean the deck, steer the ship, eat pirate meals, and drink rum out of tin mugs.

Ok I take back my Sean vote b/c now there is a girl pirate (Nessa) seriously flirting with the boys and getting them to soak her with water. It's a pirate wet t-shirt contest. She's "using flirting to her advantage" Now all the girls hate her. Bye Bye Nessa.

Oh Holy Crap they're having crab races. They must seriously be bored.

I love this pirate Azmyth (who is the current captain)and this is why; he's from Seattle and now that he's captain he has the craziest accent. It's British, Australian, and a wee bit Southern. All in all...pretty awesome. Way to get in character Azmyth!

Oh they dropped anchor! It's time for a new treasure hunt! My question they make the host go on his own treasure hunt to find the next key that unlocks the chest of treasure maps? B/c that would be awesome...where's that footage?

There's no real method to Pirate Master's madness. They put the captain and his officers on the black team and then make everyone else pick black or red balls out of a cup. I feel like there should be more conformity. Give me dodge ball rules for picking teams. I'd love to see who would be picked last. Joe Don anyone?

This may be the most physical reality show on tv b/c they always have to row ashore and then run through the forest. It's like Survivor on crack. I'm starting to think all the treasure hunts are on the same island. I don't really think they go anywhere...even if they try to make you think they do. My friend SB thinks it's all on a sound stage.

Haha, the black team sabotaged the red team by showering coconuts on them...hidden meaning? Possibly.

You know what I miss? Treasure Hunters. At least you learned some history while watching ridiculous teams try to win. Did you ever watch Treasure Hunters? I hope they bring it back b/c it was awesome. I mean who doesn't want to see three Miss America contestants battling it our with three nerds?

(Why can't these women keep their clothes on in these challenges? One week a girl's boobs were hanging out the entire time and now Joy's pants are falling down. Now Nessa's booty is hanging out. awesome. Why is it never the men?)

Oh no, Azmyth's team messed up and ran away from the treasure. Azmyth was the only one who saw the clue and told them to run back to the beach, when they got there they didn't immediately see the treasure so they figured they were they ran all the way back to get the clue again. Now the teams are neck and neck digging in the beach. (Which is what the black team should have done in the first place. B/c why would the treasure be visible? idiots.) And...Red Team Wins! This means a new captain and new officers. Who will it be? My money...on Sean. Louie is also on the red team and he has had it in for the first captain Joe Don from the maybe all of my predictions have been wrong. Maybe Joe Don will finally go home.

Now it's time to choose a new captain and new officers and unfairly split up the treasure. Then its time to bribe everyone else to get the vote the way the 'popular' ones want it to be. You're totally right Cheryl, this is a popularity contest.

Uh oh, there is a secret compartment in the treasure chest. The treasure chest that only holds $5000. These chests usually hold upwards of $35,000. The secret compartment holds a royal pardon. This means that pirates can bid on the pardon and before the next pirate's court someone will pay for a chance not to get cut adrift. Which by the way...why the hell don't they make them walk the plank? Stupid.

Louie is the new captain! Bye Bye Joe Don! Sean and Nessa are the new officers which mean all of my predictions thus far have been completely wrong. Maybe I should go back to Cheryl?

Louie decides to split up the measly $5000 treasure. Go, Louie, Go! But now Louie and Joe Don are fighting. Basically Louie has won every challenge but hasn't got squat (he probably has about $5000) b/c he wasn't the captain or an officer. (Captain gets half the treasure, officers split a quarter of the treasure, then the rest of the team splits what is left.) So basically b/c he was the captain first and won two challenges, Joe Don is sitting on over $40,000. Pretty much everyone else has about $5000. And they only have that much b/c they have had pretty awesome captains like Azmyth and Louie who split the treasure with them. Joe Don is a selfish prick and he's totally going to get the pardon.

And the lucky black spot winners are: Azmyth, Cheryl, and Joe Don. 2 formers captains and a former officer. B/c Joe Don has a hell of a lot of money he'll easily be able to buy the pardon. Because Azmyth was a really good captain (accent and all) he won't be cut adrift. This means Cheryl will go home. Who, if you scroll back up was one of the pirates featured in the first three minutes of the show. I'm a genius. Yes, I know I originally went with Sean and my original hunch was Cheryl, but since I never go with my first hunch I chose Sean based on his shady performance last week. I'm still figuring this game out. Trust me, this show is so backwards, it's really hard.

Azmyth, since he's lost the captain role, has now lost his accent. Azmyth is such a good guy. It would be a shame to lose him. Yes he's an idiot who messed up during the challenge but he's still pretty awesome.

Cheryls' angry that she's on the chopping block, yet again. She's running her mouth. The whole team is frustrated with her. Clearly, she's going home. But wait there's still a twist...she could still win the pardon. Remember she was an officer who won 2 she's sitting on at least $10,000.

Joe Don, is also running his mouth. But he's now proclaiming his love for Captain Louie to hopefully save his ass. Piss ant.

After the ballot, the host will reveal who gets the pardon. By the way the ballot consists of four cards. One for each pirate on the chopping block and one for mutiny against the captain. They all take one ballot and jam it on a dagger. This part is actually pretty awesome. Although I'm always afraid that they'll cut themselves.

Joe Don wins the pardon by bidding $7000. Really Joe Don? Only $'re cheap and stingy.

No ballots for mutiny...yay! Good b/c I like Captain Louie.

HAHA Joe Don wasted $7000 on the pardon he didn't need...loser. Now he has to sell it before the next pirate's court. I'm pretty sure he'll be going home next week due to this new pardon rule. But only if Louie is still captain of course.

CHERYL GOES HOME! Lesson learned from this week's Pirate Master...don't run your mouth and don't figure out that this is all a popularity contest. B/c if you figure it out it means you aren't popular and yes, that's one likes you, you're going home.

Next Week on Pirate Master: The new officers Sean and Nessa butt heads. And it looks like Joe Don is actually bribing people with all his hard earned money in order to remain on the ship...we'll see if that works. My money is on NO!


Mood Ring

There were many things I was planning on posting today.

One was I had been tagged like 2 months ago to do one of those posts where you list 10 weird, random, yet interesting things about yourself. But as of right now I only have 6 things. I don't want them to be forced and boring so I edit that post when something weird, random, yet interesting about myself pops into my head.

I was going to do another post about my love of all things Crocs. Like the fact that I plan to wear some in my wedding. But that post will have to wait until a later time as well. A time when I can surely convince everyone in the world (or at least everyone who reads my blog) that Crocs are the most wonderful invention in the world. Even if they make your feet sweaty.

But these things will have to wait.

Why, you ask? Well I'll tell you and show you...First I'll show you...

This is the newest addition to our (rather large) family. This is Oswald Cobblepot or 'Ozzy' for short.

Ozzy is a 2 year old beagle that fiance and I rescued from the animal shelter yesterday. Fiance has always wanted a beagle and I have been perusing animal shelter websites for one and earlier this week came upon this wonderfully cute little doggy.

As you can probably tell from the pictures he's very tired. He had been at the shelter for about a month and the poor thing was traumatized by the experience. Evidently he had been a stray that someone found on the side of the rode and brought in to the shelter.

Which raises the could anyone get rid of this dog? I mean, thank you, b/c if you hadn't we wouldn't be proud new parents...but still. He's very quiet (he's only barked twice) and he's very relaxed. This certainly is a big switch from previous pets. Plus he gets along with our cats.

So now we have 3 Batman villains for pets...the Joker, Harley Quinn, and the Penguin. Maybe one day we'll have Poison Ivy and Catwoman and all the other villains, but at the moment I am very content with our three wonderful animals.

In case you're wondering, one of the first things we did when we got Ozzy home was introduce him to Angus. We told him all about his little (technically) brother and that both of them have very special places in our hearts.

I believe in treating animals like family and this includes talking to them like they can understand you, b/c really, who knows if they can or know?


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This Week in the Universe...

I've actually been following a news story this week. Yes, a news story and not a drunken celebritard story. This story caught my attention while watching Good Morning America. This is the story I've been following:

Newborn found after pregnant woman vanishes it...I'll wait.

Isn't that the most ridiculously sad thing you've ever heard? Let me recap for all you lazy people who weren't intrigued by the headline.

  • A woman who is 2 weeks away from giving birth disappears.
  • She apparently didn't run away as she left her (count them) keys, wallet, car, and child behind at her apartment.
  • A bedspread is missing from her home which wouldn't have been noticed had her 2 year old not said "mommy's in the rug"
  • There is a pool of bleach on the floor of her home (I've watched enough CSI's to know that someone was trying to get rid of blood)
  • In the first article I read about this they wouldn't disclose the nature of the woman's relationship with a police officer who is the father of both her children. Not only that but he also has a wife and legitimate child as well.
  • A newborn baby (we're talking cord still attached) was found on a couple's doorstep yesterday, about 40 miles from where the woman disappeared.

I am so livid right now I can't see straight. It is obvious that there has been foul play here. No one who is 9 months pregnant would leave their other child alone in a house that is ransacked and has pools of bleach in places. At least I hope people aren't like that. Although it is true that I live in a dream world complete with rose colored glasses.

I just can't stand this. If this newborn doesn't turn out to be hers, then this will be a truly sad story. Because that then opens up the door again on both mother and baby being dead. Just like poor Laci Peterson.

WHY are there such sickos in this world? I wish so badly that the world wasn't like this.

I'll be praying for this family. I hope everyone else who knows about this will do the same.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oy, the wedding...UPDATE

The new dress fit! All bridesmaid dresses are now a go!


Oy, the wedding...

We are 2 months and 12 days away from my nuptials...woohoo!

My dad is crazily working away on the invitations, maybe we'll have them done this week. But of course I still need to get addresses from fiance's mother.

Speaking of which she came to visit this weekend. We're still working on my future sister-in-law's dress so they came in for a few hours on Saturday. My future M-I-L took a look at the guest list and wants to add at least twenty more people. Joy.

So my future S-I-L's dress is just not working. My mother had to futz with the pattern and add more fabric and a new seam and we think it might work now. I'll know in a couple of hours, I'll update you.

But here's the biggest problem that happened since my last wedding post:

We purposely went to lunch at a restaurant near our Tux shop b/c we needed to drop off the deposit for the Best Man's tux. After a perfectly nice lunch we walked over to pay them only to discover that the store had been cleaned out. THEY ABANDONED THE STORE. This is a chain store so we're pretty sure that they just weren't getting the kind of traffic they needed so they decided to close. But the worst part is that we ordered the tuxes and put down a deposit for fiance's on June 8th and the store was abandoned on June 9th.

Now, this is very curious for several reasons:

1) They were training a new employee...Vinny (cute kid)
2) People were coming in and picking up their tuxes for a wedding presumably the next day (the day the store was abandoned) Where exactly were they planning on having these people return said tuxes?
3) Why would you take people's money when you have to know you're closing the store the next day?

We chose this store b/c we didn't want to use the other local tux rental shop b/c when we went to their shop they didn't acknowledge us and b/c it's within 5 minutes of where we live. Since most of the groomsmen are from out of town we figured this would be the quickest way.

Well after some fuming, (this is pretty much the only detail of the wedding that fiance has a big part in (besides marrying me of course)) I did some calling around, starting with the corporate number. Silly me, their offices were closed until Monday. So I called one of the other stores in our State, that's right State, not vicinity, State. They were helpful in telling me the store was think? Then they told me that I needed to call the other store b/c our order had been switched to that location. (How in the world was I supposed to know that?)

So I called the other store and promptly canceled our rentals, b/c I'm not driving all over God's green earth to pick up and return tuxes. But I was not able to get my deposit back b/c I needed to call the corporate office (on Monday) and talk with them about that detail. So I did, first thing Monday morning. The very snotty associate informed me that I would have to deal with the store regarding this matter. To which I responded that's funny b/c the manager of the store told me to call you. So she conceded and had me fax my receipt over to her. I'm still waiting to hear how this will turn out. (Side note: I hate it when people hate that you actually know what you're talking about. That they make you jump through hoops b/c they screwed up. Like it's my fault. I just hate that people have to be snotty in general. I just hate it.)

So, it hasn't been a great wedding week. But it's all good. Everything could work itself out. Besides it would suck more if the wedding were next week, you know?


Monday, June 18, 2007

My Weekend

Recently fiance and I got an envelope full of coupons in the mail. We get these from time to time and it is always a pleasure to peruse the envelope for those great coupons. (like the $5 pitcher of margarita's, mmm yummy) In this last envelope we got a coupon for a free game of Putt Putt.

Fiance had to work Friday night and in the midst of watching the very last Bob Barker hosted episode of The Price is Right that was conveniently replayed at 8pm and snoozing b/c I had a long week, I received a text from my friends Perry and Cullen. It's funny how I'll get a coupon and then have an opportunity to use it sooner than later b/c my friends wanted to go play Putt Putt! Yay Putt Putt!

So I drag my happy ass off the couch, put on some warmer clothes (I was dressed for 80's and it was in the low 70's) and waited for my friends to pick me up.

When we get to Putt Putt some other friends are there to meet us and we end up having 7 people in our Putt Putt Party. (sheesh) I decide to go've got to size up your competition, you know? The thing that I've always noticed about Putt Putt is that you basically know from the first hole how your game is going to end up. If you exceed five shots, you're irritated and take it out on the course instead of focusing. So everyone is putting and they're all pretty much getting the ball in the hole in 3 putts. I step up and get it in 2! I proceed to do this up until the 4th hole where I then proceed to get 3 hole-in-ones, in a row. My final score was a 39 (which is about 2 putts a hole) and the closest person behind me was a 48.

The point of this story is not to brag about my ridiculous Putt Putting skills, b/c I'm typically terrible at the game, but rather to once again praise the wondrous Nintendo Wii and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007. Every time I'd make a hole-in-one my friends would all yell "We need to get a Wii!"


Friday, June 15, 2007

New Line Up

Everyone who reads this blog should know by now that Tuesdays are wedding post days. I'll be keeping that format of course but would like to add a little more structure to my blog. So from here on out my blog schedule will be as follows:

Monday: Weekend Update
Tuesday: Wedding Day
Wednesday: Current Events
Thursday: Mood Ring (i.e., whatever I feel the need to write about)
Friday: Reality Check

As today is Friday we will be checking in with some of this week's highlights in the reality world.

Monday's reality schedule is kind of crappy at the moment. Besides the reruns of CelebReality on VH1 no other reality shows air. Boo.

Tuesday really begins our week of the crazy on TV. Starting with the current season of the Real World/Road Rules challenge, The Inferno 3, which airs on MTV at 10 pm.

This season once again pits the Good Guys against the Bad Asses. To me it's a lame concept because whenever there is $400,000 on the line everyone is a vicious, vindictive ass. Even though there is a team concept everyone is in it to win as much money as possible and to screw over as many people as possible. This week's 'team challenge' forced two of the skinniest girls into electric chairs where they were electrocuted when their teammates answered bogus trivia questions incorrectly. The original concept was to see which skinny chick would give up first but it ultimately came down to which team had the most correct answers. Again I say, Lame. This show (and its counterparts) continues to go downhill but I will continue to watch it b/c lets face it, I'm a reality junkie.

Continuing on Tuesday evenings with Kathy Griffin: Life on the D List, airing on Bravo from 10pm to 11pm.

This show never fails to amuse me. Kathy Griffin may be in your face but some of the things she comes up with are pure gold. For instance this week the teasers pointed towards the show being about Kathy's "date" with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. In actuality this bit kind of sunk and was only twenty minutes of the show. The rest of the show was genius. Kathy was doing a show in Michigan and sadly had only sold 40% of the seats for the show. So she proceeds to give tickets away for free to random people, including her waitress at brunch. But unfortunately her waitress had to work that night so instead of letting it go, Kathy convinces her boss to let one of Kathy's minions, Tom, stand in for her. Hilarity ensues when after the show Kathy goes to this restaurant to sit in Tom's section and give him the hardest time imaginable. If you haven't seen this show, please devote at least on hour next Tuesday night to give it a shot. If you don't find yourself giggling then, well, you have no sense of humor.

Wednesday evening one of my all time favorite reality shows had its season premier. Top Chef, airing from 10pm to 11pm on Bravo.

I swear Bravo is trying to create one uber reality show. They have clothing designers, chefs, hair stylists, and decorators all competing for top prize and the chance for no one to ever hear from them again. Seriously, name one of the winners from any of these shows and tell me what they're doing. And don't cheat, b/c I know all of the fan sites and will know if you knew b/c you're a genuine fan or if you saw my challenge and decided to do a search just to prove me wrong.

So Top Chef makes me hungry. Granted this week's episode made me the least hungry b/c they had to create a surf and turf entree out of strange proteins like eel and rattlesnake but the energy and creativity that these chefs put into their creations is amazing and always makes me wish I had some sort of talent so that I could one day be on a Bravo reality show. Fiance even said that once we get married we should start taking culinary classes. My jaw hit the ground when he said this. Once I reeled it back in, I jumped on board with that idea. Hit me up in a year and maybe you'll get a dinner party invite. I'll even have my super sweet stemless wine glasses by then so it will be ultra chic!

And finally the week ends with Thursday and the finest new reality show on TV at the moment...Pirate Master, CBS 8pm-9pm.

I cannot even begin to describe to you how ultra cheesy and fantastic this show is. It's premise is basically Survivor on a pirate ship. And I'm not a Survivor fan, but I could not pass up the opportunity to jump on the latest pirate bandwagon.

The producer's made up some bogus pirate and told the crew (all bedecked in pirate garb) that his treasure is split up and hidden in various places around this Caribbean vicinity. They have to find keys in snake pits, and alligator territory and even in skulls, that will unlock different treasure chests with varying amounts of gold doubloons...yes, doubloons that they then have to count out. They elect a captain from the winning team who then gets half the money. And each chest so far has contained between $35,000 and $45,000. And everyone knows going in to each challenge that whoever they elect captain will get half of what the team found. It is shocking and stupid but also really fun and piratey!

For the first two shows they had an incredibly greedy captain who took the money and ran...but he'd give everyone a couple hundred to keep his name good. Yeah, that just pissed people off. Well this week a new team won and elected a new captain...who not only split up all the money between his team, he also adopted a fake British accent while doing so. This new captain has accomplished what every captain from now on should...a loyal crew who will laugh at you behind your back. I'm not saying this is the best way this show should continue, since it could end up becoming pretty boring, fairly quick, but last night's episode was genius.

I know not all of you are die hard reality fans like me but all of the shows are enjoyable and oh so much fun to watch. I apologize for the length of this post but you need background above anything else, right? Next week's reality check will not be nearly as long...promise!


Catch up on all of these shows online.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I got my very first massage yesterday. Yay!

I was late to it. Of course. I was so excited all week and I forgot about it when it was time. I'm a weirdo.

So my masseuse called me and told me that if I could get there in the next 10 minutes she could still see me. I made it there in three.

If you've never had a massage you totally should. It's so very relaxing. The room smells all yummy, there's pretty music playing and someone has to rub the aches and pains out of you. It's so wonderful.

However, I woke up this morning with bruises...totally worth it!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

According to the tracker on my Myspace page, my wedding is 2 months and 19 days away. WOW!

Things are beginning to move along. Here's a list of the things which are in progress:

1) Invitations. I have the wording for the five things that will be included in all of my invitation. (invitation, rehearsal dinner invitation, reception card, reply card, and accommodations card. Not to mention the two different registry cards that Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond provided me, which need my registry number written on them (project!)) So yes, I have the wording and now I need the card stock. Lucky for me, a quarter mile from my office is a paper supply store. I will be heading there after work to do some browsing.

2) DJ list. Fiance and I know the songs we'd like to first dance to and walk into our reception to. We have all of the traditional 'game' songs like the 'Cha Cha slide' and the 'Electric slide'. We also have a long list of Rat Pack songs. And that's about it. Any song suggestions would be greatly appreciated so that I can get this DJ list finished and catch up with the DJ in about 2 weeks. Hopefully 2 months is plenty of time to find all of the strange request songs. Fiance and I believe that if we can find it on limewire, then our DJ should be able to track it down.

3) Bridesmaid dresses. My future sister in law is returning this Saturday so that my mom can finalize her dress. I'm uber excited about these dresses. I have a picture of what the mock up dress looks like but my stupid computer won't recognize my camera, yet again. ( By the way, I'm so glad my mom does mock up dresses, b/c otherwise I would never have figured out that even on a size zero, an empire waist makes you look pregnant. So no empire waists for my bridesmaids!)

4) Tux rentals. Now I just need to get in contact with the groomsmen so that they can send in their deposits.

That's about it for now. But hopefully soon I'll have more to report!


Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer O' Torture

This is inhumane. It's only 9 am and I can't make it much longer. I was in my office for 5 minutes, 5 MINUTES and my whole body was covered in sweat.. My upper lip could be a swimming pool. I know this is completely gross but I have to vent.

WHY would they do this in the dead of summer? I mean, ok it's not July or August which are way too hot but it's still 9am and 80 degrees. I don't think the weather has changed since yesterday at 8pm when the sun went down. Literally I walked out of fiance's apartment last night at 11pm and it had to have been 80 degrees if not more. So, WHY didn't they replace the damn chiller in the Spring when we don't need it? or God forbid...the winter? I swear this place churns out stupidity.

And of course, my car. My very old Honda Accord with great mileage. (seriously 13 years old and not even 100 thousand miles yet) Great mileage is one thing but Honda's AC goes out insanely quick. I got my car 3 or 4 years ago and the AC didn't work, and hadn't for a while. But I'm a tough chick. I thought I could handle it. Yeah, turns out not so much. So we started getting the freon charged every summer. You know when it got too hot to just roll around town with your windows down. We'd get the freon charged and BAM! we were good for about 2 months, until it went out again.

One catch...I've never actually paid for this service. So I called my mechanic this morning for an estimate and was figuring it would be $75. Steep but do-able. But of course, b/c this is the summer o' torture, it will run me $100-$120. This infuriates me. I am unwilling to pay that amount of money for something that only lasts 2 months. But it will ultimately come down to fiance b/c he drives the car most often. So I guess later today I'll be shelling out $120 (b/c I never get lucky and get the cheaper end of the estimate)

I guess what's really annoying me is:

a) the insane heat
b) the sweat
c) it's payday, I'm getting married in 3 months (sorry, less than) and there are things I have to start getting. Like tux rentals. and saving for my bridesmaid's to get their nails done, on me. I'm ok that it's payday and I have to pay bills. I'm used to that, it's these extra pieces of SHENANIGANS that drive me bonkers.

Sorry, but the heat makes me whiney. I promise more upbeat posts next week, when it's cooler. Also next week I get my first massage! I'm hoping she can massage the whiney right out of me!


Thursday, June 7, 2007


So since Monday the air conditioning has been off in my building. This especially sucks due to the fact that I live in the South and our humidity levels are off the freaking charts. It is honestly going to reach 100 degrees tomorrow if you include the heat index and I'm not sure I can take it. I feel like I'm swimming. The air is so thick I could bathe in it. Literally, hand me some soap and let me get to work.

So until next week I get to spend 5 hours a day in this sweltering office and then depending on my mother's schedule I either get to work from home or from my sister's very nicely air conditioned office. To be honest it's not a bad deal. Especially since I'm the kind of person who can actually work from home. The way I see it, if I can lug the damn laptop home I can at least open and process a word document.

On a different subject I love it when people comment on my weight loss. In the past several days I have gotten several 'wow, you're so skinny now'. Now it is also true that those people have been my family and fiance but the fact rings true...I have lost a hell of a lot of weight. Almost 25 pounds to be exact...and that, my friends, is the size of my cat...

Thanks to sissypooh for shooting this fabulous footage last Christmas.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's Flower Time

So I'm doing the flowers for my wedding. Why pay exorbitant fees for a florist when you can just run down to Hobby Lobby and buy some silk flowers and do it yourself?

So mom and I have started a search for only the best in silk flowers. Unfortch we're having some problems. I have never understood why they add 'waterdrops' to flower petals. It looks like someone dripped a hot glue gun on it and thought...'ooh that looks cool'. Or why they make blue velvet roses...seriously are people that tacky? Oh yeah...yes they are. Just some irritants...sorry.

So originally I was planning on doing a magnolia arrangement for my bridesmaids but decided against it in favor of blush roses in a tight cluster. Haven't found those yet, but hopefully it will be pretty.

I originally wanted a ball of stephanotis for my bouquet but even fake stephanotis is expensive and only comes in tiny clusters. B/c stephanotis is good luck at weddings you will see it in my bouquet just not a whole lot of it.

So I've been changing my mind a lot, but have found these very pretty flowers. Plus now I'm also thinking about sunflowers. But I can't have any foliage b/c my bridesmaid dresses are a strange shade of yeah. What to do, what to do?

For now enjoy these pretty flowers:
The first are just pretty and go along with my accent color. But Daisies are hard to cluster so we probably won't use them.

The second would be foliage used for boutonnières and corsages. (the flowery part obviously)

The third is an idea for my bouquet but I'm not sure if I like it. But gardenia would look nice in a ball shaped bouquet like this:

Any ideas? I'm up for anything.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So my computer is being a jackass. I have pictures for a wedding update and well this wedding update isn't complete without the pictures. So I'll try again tomorrow.


Oh and I totally got a hole in one playing Tiger Challenge last night...woot!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Let's talk honestly...

This game rocks my socks!

I literally played this game for 6 hours yesterday. Who knew golf could be so much fun? I'm thinking real golf sucks but Wii golf? Wii golf rocks!

So I put a lot of time and energy into creating my own golfer. She's got some sweet hot pink plaid shorts and she used to wear chucks but then she got sponsored so now she has dorky Nike's.

So basically you just golf. You hold your controller like a golf club and swing. It's that easy. You have a calendar of events and if you wear your sponsor's clothing items or use their clubs then they give you endorsement money. (I've made a lot of money)

But you can also do the 'Tiger Challenge' where you are paired up with someone and you have to beat them at 9-hole or one ball (you have to hit the ball over a yellow line or you're in 'betrayal', I have no idea what betrayal is but I do know it makes you lose a turn) or you have to hit the ball through colored rings to earn a certain number of points to advance to the next level.

Right now I'm stuck in a game of one-ball with Hammish McGregor who is seriously the scariest looking, Scottish video game character ever. (I wish I had a picture of this guy) And he's kicking my ass. It's painful. Honestly, I have tried to beat him 3 times already and finally had to give up.

Anyways, the Wii is the best buy ever. It's a workout and it's entertaining. I am not an athletic person but I could play this game all day and not get bored...or tired.

Find someone with a Wii and play this game. You will not be disappointed!