Thursday, August 16, 2007


Tonight I'm getting my hair done. A trial run so basically we can realize that what I want won't work and I'll have to settle for something less than perfect. Story of my life.

I got four more wedding presents yesterday. Two of them were monetary. One was the gift of an hour long massage the day before the wedding! The other was a guest book with pen and cake serving utensils from my grandfather. He and his wife are unable to make it to the wedding. Which is sad. But I'm happy they got me these particular presents. These are presents that are useful. Useful in the wedding planning process. These presents mean I don't have to run around at the last minute to try and find these items. Like I told fiance who was a bit underwhelmed by this gift "This is a very good gift."

I'm not going to lie guys, I'm not feeling the wedding planning today. The past 18 hours have a been a little rough. The stress is starting to set in. And not only with me, it seems the stress is starting to effect everyone's brains. Everyone's gone a little crazy.



ADW said...

Hang in there - it will totally be worth it.

Subservient No More said...

Those were wonderful gifts from your grandfather.

And your hair will be perfect. Don't even worry about it.

Once I was in a wedding and I couldn't get my hair to do a thing and I realized that I could just blow it dry and wear it down. All the other bridesmaids had these elaborate Texas Beauty Pageant Dos and I wore my hair down and straight and I got more compliments. When I got married I was stressing about the hair too and then I remembered that the worst case scenario (doing nothing) was not so bad at all, and then I wasn't stressed.

Paulette Foley said...

Believe it or not, planning a wedding is similar to the last stages of can't wait for the big day, you're hot, tired, stretched (literally) too thin. Then it happens and within a few weeks, you actually miss being pregnant.

OK, not really...but it sounded like a good example. LOL

Love the gift from your grandpa...guys just don't understand.

Hang in there! When the pressure is on, you and Fiance take a walk, hold hands, eat an ice cream (notice that my solutions always include food?) and just remember why you are putting yourself through all of this.