Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Oh my goodness. Seriously where does time go?

On the best note ever, all four bridesmaid's dresses are completed! Yippee.

I had the flower girl over on Saturday. Now my flower girl is literally a cherub. She has curly golden hair and the kind of voice that just makes you crumble, it's so cute. I was showing her the pieces that will become her dress. Basically her top will be made out of the same fabric as my dress but the bottom will be tulle with flower petals inside. Kind of like this:

Needless to say my little cherub of a flower girl was WAY too excited about the prospect of this dress. She kept asking me, "Do you have anymore stuff for my dress?"

Luckily this dress will be made in no time b/c as my mother says, "It's a lot easier to make a dress for a little girl than a grown woman." Seeing as the only problems mom has had with the bridesmaid dresses have all stemmed from their boobs, I'd have to say she's correct.

I also got together with my ring bearer's family. Originally I thought it would be easiest for them if we sent him down in slacks and a dress shirt since they're moving the very next day. (Seriously, they're moving to New York the day after my wedding.) But since I'm a capable adult, I can take the tux back for them. So we met up to get him measured for his tux.

Now if I liken my flower girl to a cherub I must liken my ring bearer to an elf. This kid is so cute and I'm going to miss him so much. He literally latches onto me whenever I'm around. Fiance's convinced it's b/c the little elf is now at the perfect height (if you know what I mean) but I think he's too young for that and he just does it b/c he loves me.

So I had a nice weekend of wedding planning. I feel halfway accomplished. Plus tonight, Fiance and I are ordering my shoes. And we have to send my ring off to get it's yearly coating. I'm super sad about this. I'm going to be without my engagement ring for a week and a half. Even when I have my ring off while taking a shower, I feel weird.




A Margarita said...

"Seeing as the only problems mom has had with the bridesmaid dresses have all stemmed from their boobs, I'd have to say she's correct."

I love that line. The flower girl's dress sounds darling.

Hmm, your word processor probably underlines Google because the dictionary in it may have been pre-Google and it doesn't get updated?

Paulette Foley said...

I can't wait to see pictures of you and the bridesmaids, the cherub and the elf!

cr99ist03in said...

Oooh! I forgot you're doing the tulle with flower petals. I am SO stoked for that!!!

And yes, I agree with you that Dan is wrong about your elfin friend. Because he hugs Matt the same way... And Log' clearly digs girls not guys. He's just a sweet little elfin lad.

Balou said...

You have to post a picture of the flowergirl in her dress (how cute)! Wow, only 25 days?? Goodness!