Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So, I had to give up my ring last night. It had to go out for Rhodium Plating. Which is basically a fancy term for coating. I won't get it back until August 16th.

I pouted all the way home. I even asked fiance if he'd buy me another ring just to wear for the next week and a half. He said no, and for the first time in a year and a half, I knew he meant it. Usually he says no at first, but after some baiting he eventually says yes. This time, I knew to not even push it. You should have heard the "OMG deal with it" tone in his voice.

Let me put this in terms most people will understand...I've had this ring on my finger since November 15 2006. That's 9 1/2 months. 9 1/2 months where that ring has only left my finger when I take a shower. And even then it goes in it's pretty little box for safe keeping. I'm naked people, naked.

Anywho, remember back in the day (and by back in the day I mean June) when I complained about my office not having any air conditioning? Remember how much I whined about being hot and sweaty? Well at my new job I won't have air conditioning until after I'm married and it's supposed to reach 103 degrees today (and that's before the heat index, so that means that's real temperature). And I'm on the 3rd floor. And I'm in NC where it's so humid I feel like I'm swimming. So remember all that complaining I did 2 months ago? Forget about all of that, take that and throw it out the window, b/c my whining is about to reach unforgivable annoyance levels soon.



A Margarita said...

Ewww, sticky icky! There's nothing worse than having to sit in an office in professional clothing when it's hot and humid outside. Ahhh, you should try petitioning for a bathing suit and shorts. Maybe convince your boss to pull the fire alarm ;) Get some water in there.

Paulette Foley said...

I can't believe that there ARE offices in NC without air conditioning. (Did I tell you that I used to live in Charleston, SC?)Where in NC are you?

I think since fiance was so firm about not getting you a new ring to wear while yours is gone, he should buy you something special each and every day until you get it back. Nothing big like a new diamond...but ice cream, favorite snack food, air conditioned lunch...(I must be hungry, all I can think of is food items.)

Mim said...

He says, and I quote "I get the joy of seeing him each and every day"

*sigh* I guess that should be enough for me :)

cr99ist03in said...

That's real sticky icky icky icky. Oooh wee!