Thursday, August 2, 2007

Separated at Birth?

Take a look at this picture and then at my profile picture.

Do you see a resemblance?

I get stopped all the time by people who think I look familiar. This is how that convo goes down:

Them: "Wow, you look really familiar."

Me:"Do I by any chance remind you of Emma Watson?"


M: *sigh* "Hermione Granger"

T: "YES! Are you related?"

Fiance doesn't see the resemblance. Frankly, I find it kind of flattering, but how flattered can you be when someone thinks you look like a 16 year old witch? And really isn't she the one who looks like me? I am older after all.

I'm on this rant b/c my very good friend Chinn called last night. This was our Convo:

Chinn: "MIM! I just saw Harry Potter 3!"

Me: "Do you mean Harry Potter 5?"

C: "Geez there are five of them now? Yes, I saw the latest one and gave my muggle money to that really rich british lady." (I kid you not he actually said 'muggle money') "Anyway I'm sitting there watching and do you know what I kept thinking?"

M: "That I look like Hermione Granger?"

C: "YES! She's hot!"

M: "Thank you, at least I assume thank you, since you think the 16 year old who looks like me is hot you must therefore think I'm hot too."

C: "Um yeah"

This happens all the time people. I seriously hope that one day someone who knows me bumps into Emma Watson. B/c then this could be their convo:

Them: "OMG you look so familiar"

EW: "Oh, that's b/c I play Hermione Granger in those very popular Harry Potter movies. My name is actually Emma Watson, would you like my autograph?"

T: No, that's not it, you look just like my friend Mim!"



A Margarita said...

Hhahahaha! I see the resemblance.

ADW said...

There is a resemblance there. People always think that I look like someone they know...

cr99ist03in said...

Told you so:) I think this all the time. Esp in this past movie. Her expressions are like yours too. And Hermione is witty like you too.

Paulette Foley said...

There is a resemblance there...but you also look like someone I remember from a soap opera (Another World) 15 years ago.

Recovered from your move yet? I'm still living out of boxes because I pass out every night when I get home from work. LOL

Paulette Foley said...

Ok, had to go look it up...Judi Evans was who I was thinking of. She was on "Days of Our Lives" (Adrienne). (In her very young days before you were even born.)

Balou said...

I don't see it... is it just me. I don't see it. Although you're both super cute!

Dayngr said...

Ok, so now I want more photos so I can compare them. Oh, and I promise you, if I ever run into Emma I am SO going to say that to her!

I am so behind on my blog reading that I think I am going to have to just start and the beginning of your blog and catch up. It is so damn interesting!