Friday, January 19, 2007

Does This Creep You Out?

Cause it creeps me out!

My lovely friend Sadie and I just got into a conversation about this real life alien. She doesn't seem to do any roles suitable for her. And yes I know she's done Charlotte's Web and some crappy voiceovers for crappy sequels to Disney movies but that work cannot help but be outweighed by her other work. So I decided to do some imdbing to get a handle on why this sought after (creepy) little 12 year old actress would do more adult movies than child movies. Did you know her very first role ever was a guest spot on ER? A role in which I'm sure she played a 6 year coke head prostitute or something. And shortly after her stint on ER she landed the highly coveted role of 5 year old Ally McBeal on none other than the hit Fox show Ally McBeal...maybe this is what screwed her up. I wonder if part of her preparation for this role was binge eating and vomiting. Then there's the guest spot on CSI. Wow...6 years old and your resume includes, ER, Ally McBeal, and CSI. It's no wonder this child would turn into such a movie mogul. Do you think she picks her roles or her parents? Because if I had a 12 year old daughter there is no way that I would put them in a movie that requires she film a rape scene.

On a better note her sister Elle Fanning is ADORABLE! (but she too is victim to the strange roles..I first saw her (well recognized her as Creepy Kid's sister) as a disturbed child on Law and Order: SVU)


Anonymous said...

YES!!! that is the creepiest little girl EVER!!!!

CJ said...

I love the yellow snaggly teeth too. Cuz that should happen at age 6.