Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Kind of Want This Poster

Daniel Radcliffe must seriously be trying to get rid of his "good guy, I play every child's hero" image. Find raunchier pictures here.

Personally I think the above picture is an awesome concept. The other posters have a little too much happy trail for my liking. Not to mention, Daniel Redcliffe is 17 years old so every woman over the age of 18 has been having some naughty thoughts lately.

So there's been a lot of controversy over these posters for the upcoming West End production of Equus. And while I understand that many parents are outraged by Harry Potter posing half nude in promotional posters for the show...they have to understand that A. It's a play B. It's art and C. Harry Potter is a fictional character. Yes, I know Daniel Radcliffe is the only person in the world whose face is associated with Harry Potter but I seem to remember him half nude in The Goblet of Fire....or does that not count? Why, b/c he was taking a bath? Double Standards people. Just for the record...Harry Potter can get half naked in bath on a 60 foot screen in front of millions of people that is now on DVD to be viewed over and over but Daniel Radcliffe cannot strip down once a night for 16 weeks on a stage where at most like 60 people will see his nasties.

I majored in Theatre and I've been to a play that requires nudity. (been to, not been in!) A good director will stage it in such a way that at most only a handful of people will see the goods. (If any at all!)

I just don't understand why parents are freaking out. Were they planning on taking their kids to see Equus? B/c that's just stupid. A good parent would take their children to see a show based on material not b/c Harry Potter is in it.

I just get so frustrated by ignorant people.

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