Friday, January 19, 2007

First Post--Thoughts of the Day

I find myself bored. So I thought I'd start my very own blog! (It's about time, I read so many blogs and wonder..."why do they write about that crap?" (which, I'm sure after time, you'll start thinking the same thing about mine!))

So there are things that make me! Such as:,2933,244940,00.html

Seriously, who knew that the richest woman in the world would have such a deep dark secret?

But, I'm done with Oprah (And evidently so is Tom Cruise)
On to more mind numbing information.

Does it boggle anyone else that this show is in its 6th and probably worst season? It's bad enough we got an illiterate singer that can't sing, a (as fiance puts it) 21st century Kenny G (I'm sure he means Michael Bolton but it's too cute to correct) and a big ole black guy who should have been runner up instead of winner? Don't get me wrong, I loves me some Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. (I still can't get enough of the CMA's clip of Faith Hill going crazy that Underwood won favorite female artist or whatnot) But I can't even bear to watch even the beginning parts of this horrendous season. I don't even think people are even trying anymore, they know they'll get on TV if they act like fools. What has the reality era done to us as a culture? It's ridiculous.

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Dayngr said...

I'm surprised it's on at all. Does that say something about the overall mentality of the U.S.?