Friday, September 7, 2007

Excuse Me...

...While I Bitch!

I know you were expecting Wedding prep pictures today but I just can't do it. I'm upset, let me tell you why, b/c I need to get it out of my system.

I feel really bad for husband. Before the wedding he worked 9 days straight. And even when he was on 'vacation' he wasn't on vacation. Weddings are stressful and even though I've been back to work for three days now, I still don't feel 100% up to par.

Before I get into what is really irking me let me give you some background on husband...

He works in retail. Not the most glamorous of occupations but husband could sell water to a fish, a dead horse to a cowboy, really anything to anybody. He's just a natural born seller. He's really good with people.

He started working at his current job back in March (I think) and it was abundantly clear that he would be moving up in the company. Now he's already an Assistant Manager (walked into the job with that title) and in November will be taking over his store as manager.

Now the current manager of his store is none of the above things. In fact I've heard him yell at customers before. And not just yell, criticize, humiliate, basically everything you're not supposed to do to your customers, this guy does. I know what you're thinking I'm going to say next...that this guy is getting fired, and husband is taking his job...this is not the case. Bad Manager or BM (haha, BM) is getting transfered to a store that is closer to where he lives.

Ever since husband came into this very small store (in comparison to it's other stores in the area) he's managed to turn this store around. Sales are up, Loss Prevention is down, Morale is up. Husband's been in the top 5 since he started...which is why he's going to be a manager soon.

Ok...I promise I'm back on track...almost...

So, BM has to train Husband to be a manager...shouldn't be too hard. Husband's a quick learner. Except BM thinks training means making Husband do everything while BM does nothing. NOT COOL WITH ME. Seriously, BM is about to have one very angry redhead on his hands.

BM makes husband close most every night. The managers get two days off a week. When Husband asked for two days off in a row BM gave him Sunday and Monday off and then made him work 9 days straight before the wedding!

Now, husband went back to work yesterday. Oh, did I mention his work is 40 minutes away from where we live? And the air conditioning went out in his car again? And it's September in North Carolina? Well you can imagine his annoyance at just driving to work, let alone getting there and finding his new schedule along with a note that read:

"Yes, you're working 9 days straight.
No, you can't change the schedule*."

Meanwhile, all the managers are getting ready for their annual convention which is being held in Vegas this year. They all leave Saturday. So what does BM do? He schedules himself to be off Thursday and Friday. Leaving the only other person, besides husband, who has a key (3rd key) to the store to work 11 days straight!

By the way I really like 3rd key. I also feel really bad for him b/c this is not the first time BM has done this to him. You may remember my beach trip? Well Husband being the Assistant Manager got the 4th of July as paid vacation. Which works out well since when Husband got hired he said "I need this week off". Well BM decided he wanted the 4th off too, b/c being manager he could but was told he could use it as a floating holiday. But he decided to use it on the 4th and then take the next two days off, giving him 3 days off in a row. (EVEN THOUGH HE JUST GOT BACK FROM A WEEK"S VACATION) So he made 3rd key work open to close on the 4th of July. Husband and I felt terrible about this and even offered to come back from vacation early to help.

I'm so mad I cannot even see straight. I could understand (understand not condone) this behavior if Husband was taking BM's job therefore leaving BM without a job (and in a perfect world this would be the case) but he's not.

So I have a question for you BM:

"Were you picked on as a little kid?"

Because that's the only thing I can think of. You were picked on so now that you're older you feel like you can be the bully. Grow up, be a man. Middle School was (for you) decades ago. Let it go man.

I'm sorry for the rambling but it makes me so mad. I just got married. I don't need my husband deflated like this. Husband and I don't fight...we never have...but if we ever argue it's b/c of his crazy work schedule. It makes him cranky and tired...which in turn makes me shut down.

Luckily, like I said, Husband will be manager soon and he'll get to make the schedules. Everybody loves it when Husband makes the schedule. Because he doesn't make a schedule for just himself. He makes it for his entire team. He will not be a dictator like BM.

I love you husband.

Monday...I promise...Wedding Prep!


*Husband had to change the schedule b/c it had him working open to 5:15 on Sunday and the store closes at 6. BM basically looks at the computer generated schedule, fixes it to give himself the best schedule but then doesn't pay attention to the rest of it. IDIOT.


A Margarita said...

What a Jackass with a capital J! I think Mim needs to have a smackdown, pronto. Lol, I just had a mental picture of him running away screaming as you advanced.

I'm sure he was picked on as a kid. He sounds like a textbook bully.

And it's so cute that now you can say Husband instead of Fiancee!

molly said...

BM sounds like a total sh*t (haha I crack myself up.) But seriously, no once should be treated like that, especially someone who works as hard as your husband. It makes ME mad!

Sally T said...

Hi Mim
I've not been passing by your blog for the last few days because I thought you would still be enjoying your honeymoon. I can't believe you had to cut it short to accommodate you husbands self centred boss. Still, the up-shot of it is that when he leaves to work at another store he won't have your husband to cover for his laziness.

BekABoo said...

Hopefully company will soon realize the impact BM has on things once they have problems at another store, without your hubby, and he won't be tyranical for too much longer ;) I hate lazy people on power trips. My hubby's flt cmdr was like that. hubby calls me on his lunch the other day and said new flt cmdr just found them and told them they needed to fill out the forms for where we're going to be stationed the end of the day. Old cmdr should have done it weeks ago. No just determines which corner of the world we're going to live in for the next 3 years!!! I know he doesn't care where we go, but I kinda have a preference!

ADW said...

Well, you are way nicer in your rants than I am. What a D*ckH2ad!

Paulette Foley said...

Karma is a great thing! It will come back to bite him eventually. Don't you wish you could be around to see it happen?

Balou said...

what an asshole! thank god he'll be gone soon!