Saturday, September 22, 2007

Married Life: Volume 2

I'm not sure why all of my "Married Life" posts so far have revovled around my sleep habits. But apparently I'm a wacky sleeper. What follows is a re-telling of a conversation husband and I had Friday night. Bear in mind, I had already been alseep for a couple of hours...

Scene: I sit straight up in bed and start to frantically search around.

Husband: "What's wrong baby?"
Me: "I can't find it"
H: "What?"
M: "I can't find it. You know that thing."
H: (holding up remote) "You mean the remote? It's right here."
M: "No, the other thing. You know, its white?"
H: "What?"
M: (very exasperated) "THAT WHITE THING! You know, it closes bags and it's magnetic and hangs on the refridgerator."
H: (finally catching on that I'm sleeping) "The Euro-Sealer?"
M: "YES! Where is it?"
H: "I imagine it's on the refridgerator."
M: "Will you go check?"
H: "Sure." (5 seconds later, he didn't even bother getting out of bed) "Yes, it's still there."
M: "Good! Thank you. I love you. Goodnight."
H: "Good night baby."

Apparently, it's really cute when I do this. I'm glad he thinks so.

Also, don't ask. I have no idea what I was dreaming about that would involve the Euro-Sealer.



Balou said...

LMAO!! These "ML" posts are too funny. But if we ever slept in the same room you'd scare the shit out of me! lol!

molly said...

Hahaha you could write a book on all your sleep convos!

A Margarita said...

Lol! You would freak me out too! But it's kinda cute how he's adapted :)

Some Catchy Chic said...

LOL...random! Maybe you were dreaming about Euro-sealing someone...

Kim said...

That's awesome. And I can see the scene playing out, too funny.

Clink said...

Omigod, hilarious. I love how he indulges you.

Balou said...

Saw your comment. Here you go:


BekABoo said...

LOL! I Love that he lets you be a weirdo ;) We all have our things, don't we!

ADW said...

Oh - I totally talk in my sleep. With my eyes open. The hubby thought it was cute for a while. Now he justs uses it as an excuse to mess with me.

Dayngr said...

So cute! I'm glad you are documenting these. Later you'll need them as proof so you can say "there used to be a time when you found this so adorable".

Princess Pointful said...

I love it. Too funny.

I am a sleeptalker, and I know too well how frustrating it is to try to convincingly explain something that made sense in your dreams to some skeptical fully awake person.

Ariella said...

Thanks for writing this.