Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So Sorry...

I apologize for the lateness in posting today. I worked from home today and yes, husband I actually worked. Hence the 5pm posting.

I adore working from home. It means I don't have to come home and worry about chores. It means Mr. Ozzy can go to the bathroom more frequently. It also means I can do all the monotonous work that should have been done last week in front of reruns of Project Runway and reminiscing through the first season of Heroes. September 24 cannot come quickly enough. And yes, I'm totally aware that's only 6 days away. I have waited forever for the second season of Heroes, b/c in my book that show only has one direction to go towards...and that's up. (FRWYING MAN!)

What was the monotonous work that I did today you ask? Well we recently printed around 3000 postcards for work. We're in the middle of recruiting for next year. It wasn't until we received the 3000 postcards that we noticed instead of saying September 21st, they said September 21th. (The twenty firth is now a running joke between my friends.) So I spent the majority of my day taking a sharpie and marking out the TH.

But Mim, why did you have to do that from home...it seems like carrying a box full of 3000 postcards home and then back to work is more work than necessary.

Ah, correct you are. This morning was the morning I...CHANGED MY NAME! Unfortch, I can't get a new license until Thursday b/c apparently the Social Security Office and the DMV are in cahoots to make me take more vacation time.

But now, my name is (almost) officially changed. All the remains is changing it at work and getting a new license.

I do have a question though...why is it that the women have to do all of this work? Why do we have to get to the Social Security Office at the buttcrack of dawn to take on a new name? Ah well, it was worth it.

Things I learned while changing my name:
  • Even if you're the first car in the parking lot, it doesn't mean you're first in line.
  • Lines don't exist at the Social Security Office.
  • When getting a Social Security card for your newborn you can't just give them a birth certificate, you also need to present some other form of ID. I will keep this in mind when I have children and bring a stack of pictures of my newborns accompanied by a label maker.
  • I now have to spell my name using the Trucker alphabet for customer service representatives. (V as in Victory...)

Tomorrow, I will be back in the office and near my wedding picture cd, promise!



molly said...

Wait, newborns need ID? Like what? The name bracelet from the hospital?

Mim said...

I know! I was totally confused too. Apparently there's a pamphlet.

A Margarita said...

Oooo, and you got puppy love during the day! How fabulous was that? I bet pretty fun. Ozzy was probably like, "Awww, I get to play with Mommy extra today!"

So get there early? Random info that's good to know. Is it more organized than the DMV? The DMV and the post office are both places I avoid like the plague.

Heroes is gonna rock!

Mim said...

I'll let you know. I'm going to the DMV tomorrow morning. Woohoo.

Sally T said...

Actually you can elect for you husband to take your name instead. I didn't discover this until a few years after it was too late. You can also opt not to change your name at all. I think in hind sight I might have gone down this route as it is such a pain changing your ID.

cr99ist03in said...

Yea anyone can change their name. Or not change their name.

Wtf ID does a newborn have? Here. Here's his picture. I wrote "Little Johnny" on it.

Darling, you forgot credit cards, school loans, internet accounts, post office forwarding, all mailings you get, car insurance, etc. You'll realize things need to be changed that you didn't know needed to be changed for a couple years.

Dayngr said...

I didn't need to show any ID but a birth certificate for my kids but then again, I've noticed that govt offices do things different from state to state - kinda like franchises. LOL.

BTW, did I mention how adorably in LOVE you are?