Monday, September 10, 2007

Wedding Prep Part 1: Hair and Makeup

Thank you for allowing me to vent.

Now on to more enjoyable things...prepping for my wedding. I do have several pictures of me dancing around in my bra but husband would be kind of mad if I posted them here. Although, on a fun side note, I wonder how many hits I'll get today from people who google the word 'bra'.

Here I am waiting to get me hair done. And before my hairstylist told me she had wine for me!

My hair is getting seriously long. I think it is time for a trim!

Runyon doing Kogan's hair...Runyon was such a lifesaver. We nicknamed her "Bride's Wench" during the wedding b/c she ran around and did everything my brain wasn't allowing me to do. She even anticipated my needs several times...I guess it is true what they say about good stage managers (it's how we met)

My sister's pretty hair, which took about 10 minutes to do. My hair stylist rocks!

Spraying my hair to keep it in place...notice I now have my wine...

My hair stylist and I decided we should make a hair clip that looks like my wedding hair and market it as the "The Mim". In fact...I really need to send a picture of it into The Knot.

And here are all my girls (minus my sister in law) before leaving the hair salon...

Runyon doing my makeup for the wedding...I told you she was my wench!

Tomorrow: Long awaited photos of my dress!