Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The latest fiasco...with some great news at the end!

So my wedding ring broke.

Yes, broke. I know, it is difficult to comprehend. I'm still in shock.

I woke up the day after my wedding and did the typical; I held my hand up to admire my new bling. Aaaaaand noticed that my baguettes were separating. I don't think I need to state how incredibly annoying this is.

But since this was the day after my wedding I decided that short of a diamond falling out of my wedding band, I could deal with it until it's bi-annual cleaning in January.

Then Sunday night, precisely 3 weeks after my nuptials, I was playing with my rings and felt some resistance. I held my ring up under a light and was shocked to discover that the band had split. Like a cheap, chintzy ring you purchased 3 for $5 at Claires.

I was furious for several reasons. The first being the obvious...it was Sunday night and there wasn't anything I could do about this. The second being, I was there when we purchased my wedding band. It's not cheap. Good thing we purchased all the insurance and warranty we could. Because, let's face it...I'm a klutz.

So after I sorted through my anger and sadness, I finally made peace with the fact that I had to part with my wedding ring. I did this by pouting to husband.

(Have I ever explained to you how freaking awesome my husband is? He says I'm spoiled rotten but if he's the spoiler, does he really have any right to judge?)

Husband added me as an authorized user on his jewelry store account so that I could get my ring shipped off to be repaired AND purchase a placeholder ring.

My sister finds it weird that I now have two wedding bands. But as my friends pointed out last night, since I purchased a plain white gold band (that once my real wedding ring is back will take up occupancy on my right hand) I will be able to wear a wedding ring to any event.

For example:

Fancy dinner party? Engagement and Wedding Ring
Camping (HAHAHA like I would go camping)? Plain band
Planning on running into a Psychotic ex? Bling Bling
Going to the Beach? Plain band.

Making up excuses for having two wedding bands is awesome!

Congratulations Molly!



A Margarita said...

Oh No! But having two bands must be awesome. I want some bling . . .

molly said...

I almost cried when I read your ring broke. As a newcommer to the club, I would die. But so glad it could be fixed.


Kim said...

:-) See I CAN be logical, lol. I'm just glad it's able to fixed!

And congrats Molly! I don't know you but that's super exciting and I read the way he did it, how sweet! Almost makes me want to find someone...almost. ;-)

Dayngr said...

OMG that sucks but then again, having two rings makes up for it!

Congrats! I know I am a sucky, sucky blog reading & commenting friend but Balou was keeping me posted (in my defense).

I'm catching up now. I swear!

BekABoo said...

That sucks that is broke. About a week after my engagement I noticed a small diamond on the side of my band missing! I had to part with my new engagement ring (I didn't even have the other to wear as consolation) for something crazy like 3 months! Glad you at least have something you can wear so your finger doesn't feel naked!

Princess Pointful said...

Eep. That is strangely eerie.

Though I love the ex excuse to where bling-bling!!