Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Let me just say we had a blast. Everybody was really happy to see each other. We were all there and we were way to giggly.

At the rehearsal we did a 'talk through' and a 'walk through'. We talked it through once and then we walked it through once. Everybody hit their mark. I was so proud.

Now before I get a million comments about how the girls are on the wrong side let me explain it to you. Remember my cyst? Well after paying a lot of money to have it removed, it came back. I'm self conscious about it and if we were to stand the way we're "supposed" to it would have been in all my wedding photos. And we can't have that, now can we?

I wish that I had pictures about what happened after our walk through. Because it is incredibly priceless. During our walk through we practiced our kiss and once husband and I got back down the aisle, the ring bearer who followed us and is all of 7 years old asked us "So are you guys going to go have sex now?" DIRECT QUOTE. We all lost it making us seem immature and not ready for marriage apparently but it was cute and unexpected that you can't help but bust a gut because of it.

After the rehearsal came our rehearsal dinner which was a pig pickin'. There was so much food, I wouldn't be surprised if we're eating pork for the rest of our lives.

Husband's groom's cake looked like this:

Isn't it fun? We also have a lot of this cake left over.

Because my wedding was so close to Labor Day I decided a great party favor for the rehearsal dinner would be sparklers. and it turns out they're a great way of getting people's attention...even if you look like the Statue of Liberty in the process...

But I had to get everyone's attention to give my Maid's their presents that I bought for them while in NYC...

I think this next picture is funny because it represents husband now and husband in 20 years...

Also, could husband pimp it up anymore? Geez :)

You can find all of the Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner pictures here.

Tomorrow: Wedding Prep!



A Margarita said...

Oh, you look so cute in that green dress! Love it. That's hilarious. How is that immature? I totally would have busted a gut too.

Honestly, I barely noticed the cyst, but whatever floats your boat, it was your day :)

cr99ist03in said...

You like to keep everyone in suspense with your one post a day don't you? ;)

Mim said...

Yes Ma'am I do :)

molly said...

Ah how cute are you?! I can't wait to read more.