Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I feel pretty...

I'm super duper perky today, which I know is only a result of my cup of coffee this morning and will wear off before 10 o'clock. But at least I'm perky now! Always look on the bright side of life! we go with some pictures of my actually in my dress...

Mom's making sure I'm fastened in correctly. We were running way behind and she hadn't even had a chance to put on her pretty party dress.

Sometimes she'd tie it just a little too tight!

Runyon helping me attach my veil. I think Mom was actually just jabbing the bobby pin into my head. Bride's wench to the rescue!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Have I ever mentioned how much I loved my veil? We made it. If you look closely you can see the beading around the bottom.

Showing off my comfy wedding shoes

And a close up...just so I can hear Margarita's groans all the way from NYC. You may think they're ugly but girl are they comfy.

Just in case you're wondering...that's a penny in my shoe. The saying goes...

Something Old, Something New
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
And a Penny in Your Shoe.

Remember that all you brides to be.

Tomorrow: trying to maneuver myself over to the church for the ceremony!



Kim said...

Hehe, I love the look on your face when your mom is tying the back. Sums it up fairly well, yes? Lol.
Still think we should have bought Ozzy a bowtie and brought him with us. Don't forget today's playdate for the puppies!! Love ya!

molly said...

Darling, I love ya, but I'm with Margarita on this one. Crocs?????

Aside from that, you look stunning.

cr99ist03in said...

This is the first I've seen that pic of you peaking around the stairs. I'm going to touch up the marks on the walls pronto... So if you have a hi-res version please pass it along.

A Margarita said...

You look so pretty! The wedding dress is beautiful, it is really gorgeue.

As for the crocs . . . they match :)

BekABoo said...

That veil seems familiar...And I'm on board with the girls on the crocs. I just don't get them, i guess. There is something to be said for comfort, esp on the wedding day where you're on your feet all day! I didn't have a penny in my shoe! Strappy shoes aren't really good for that. Oh well. You look beautiful!

Paulette Foley said...