Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today I'm going to the dermatologist. No, I don't have bad acne, I just have strange genetics.

Evidently, I have a trait that I get from my father's mother's side of the family. As my dad's dermatologist said "[our] bodies produce weird stuff." Boy do they ever.

I have a watery cyst (hopefully after my appointment I'll have the more clinical term) on the right side of my face. On my jawline. It started out the size of your average mole. And I used to like it. It was cute and gave my face personality. It has now grown to probably the size of a dime. So I have a dime-sized, pea shaped thing on the side of my face. Long story short, I always look like I'm clenching my jaw. Not attractive, at least to me.

Now, I've been to the dermatologist for this cyst before. When it was half the size it is now. The doctor said that they wouldn't remove it because it would leave a scar. She then said she would inject it with some saline to try and dry it up. She then left the room and never returned. Seriously, never. I waited in that tiny, cold room for an hour and a half trying to convince myself she was coming back. Finally I had to leave b/c I had a waxing appointment and evidently at that time waxing was more important than this thing on my face.

So I'm going today and my mother is going with me. For support. Basically this is how I envision our conversation:

"We won't remove that b/c it will leave a scar. You'll need to go to a plastic surgeon to have that removed" (um yeah right, like my insurance will cover that)

"Look, if it's scarring you're worried about...don't. I CAN COVER A DAMN SCAR! They make creams that reduce their appearance and there's a wonderful invention called make-up. I can't, however, cover this dime shaped pea on my face. I'm getting married in four months and I don't want to look like I'm angry on my wedding day b/c this thing seriously makes me look like I'm constantly clenching my jaw. Now if you're worried about striking a nerve and paralyzing my face, then we can discuss my other options."

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Are you going back to the same doctor? Let's hope they don't mysteriously disappear this time, lol. And go for it. If you don't want it there, have them nip and tuck that water cyst away!

Mim said...

Oh I will! I'm really not sure if it's the same doctor. I'm hoping since it's two years later they won't feel the same way if it is!

A Margarita said...

I would totally get it removed too. There's so many creams that remove scars, and like you said, makeup covers alot. If he disappears again, hunt him down and put the scalpel in his hand. Lol, that visual just made me chuckle.

cr99ist03in said...

Sorry I rec'd that doctor. She turned out to sooooooook for you. I just wanted you to get a quicker appt than the other one could offer.

John Bryson said...

so I totally want to see this thing on your face