Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Big Tree...UPDATE

No one was hurt...that I know of. There was a class going on in one of the rooms where the tree hit and the teacher totally continued teaching class! (I guess to be fair, the semester does end in a week so I guess there is a lot of catching up to do!) Also my colleague had not come into the office yet so she remained unharmed. This is a good thing.

Anywho...my big news is...I was totally in the paper this morning. They totally misquoted me and made me sound like an idiot. (my quote literally has me saying the word building like 4 times) The online article didn't have pictures (damn) but I'll be going on a coffee run soon and hopefully the hard copy will have some pictures. You know I'll keep you updated :)



cr99ist03in said...

Pam had a tree come down in her back yard and it crushed her way cool deck. And her immediate neighbors' front yars is a big downward slope from the street where a huge tree used to stand. In a big basin. It fell over and out across the street and the branches are scraping the house on the other side. Even on its side it's pushing 15 feet tall at least. Needless to say, the road is closed.

Anonymous said...

Hurricanes always seem to land on/around our house. Kinda scary.

A Margarita said...

Whoa, glad that didn't hit anyone. Could have caused some serious damage.