Saturday, April 7, 2007


I'm sure everyone who reads this knows that I like my alcohol! Well I thought I'd share some of my favortie drink recipes with you!

Slim Beam:
Diet Coke
Yep, it's that simple but it's awesome! Instead of using regular coke which can cause a watered down and overly sugared taste, you should always use diet sodas when making a mixed drink. It will keep your cocktail crisp and will never give you that watered down taste...unless of course you forget about your drink and let the ice melt!

Cream Soda:
I don't make this too often but it's still wonderful and light for a warm summer's night!
Captain Morgan
Diet Sprite
Mix the two and you will find an uncanny resemblence to cream soda...and remember b/c you've used a diet soda, it will stay crisp!

In case you haven't noticed...I like the simple!

Please try...and enjoy!


cr99ist03in said...

No likey whisky but I need to get some Diet Sprite to add to my always on hand Captain. I love cream soda!! Thanks for the tip!!

Mim said...

It's what I do! :) Enjoy

A Margarita said...

Sounds yum! My favorite drink ever, besides a margarita of course, is sangria. It's quite simple to make.
1)a cheap red wine - I use the glass jugs at the supermarket
2)some brandy to taste
3)an orange liquer(sp?) to taste
4)alot of sugar
5)cut up fresh apples and oranges

Combine it all and mix, let it sit in your fridge overnight and ta-da! The best sangria ever. Go easy on 2 and 3, too much can overpower the sangria. You're supposed to add some ginger ale to each glass(not the entire sangria mixture) before you serve it to soften it up but that's optional ;)