Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It is no secret...I started watching Dancing with the Stars because of Ian Ziering...but I stayed for Shandi Finnessey...Look she's so pretty!

Plus she's the eye candy on one of the best game shows ever, Lingo!

And a couple of weeks ago...maybe a month (I'm bad with time) Dan, Tara, Kim, and I were watching the Game Show Network and began watching a really strange show where the hostess, I swear to God, didn't breathe...once. Of course we continued to watch to see if she would pass out...and it wasn't until later that I discovered that the hostess was:

That's right! Yay for Shandi! Did you know (I bet you didn't) that Shandi entered the Miss Missouri pageant 3 times before taking the title? She then went on to win Miss USA in 2004 and she came in 1st runner up behind Miss Australia in the Miss Universe pageant. I actually watched that pageant and had no idea who Shandi was! For some reason, Shandi has always been there, I just haven't recognized her!
Which brings me to why the title of this post is *sniff*
No one (except GSN fanatics) knows who Shandi is. And because of this, she was the second person kicked of off this season's Dancing with the Stars. I mean COME ON! She is way better than Leeza Gibbons, Clyde Drexler, and Billy Ray Cyrus combined! We all know that Ian Ziering or Joey Fatone is actually going to win the season but seriously guys...didn't you want a little eye candy for a little while longer? They constantly outfitted Shandi in two piece dresses (why? b/c she has the damn body for it...and ps Leeza Gibbons, you don't...you also ruined Bon Jovi's Shot Through the Heart for me forever, I will never forgive you LG) These next pictures rest my case!*


And she ALWAYS has that smile on her face!

Also check out her pageant pose!

*I was going to post pictures of stupid Leeza Gibbons, but I just couldn't bring myself to.

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