Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

Bah! My parents held a Seder last night (yes, I know I'm not jewish!) and it turned out really well. Some of us got kind of drunk...but that can happen when you have to drain your wine glass four times on a stomach that at the time was holding nothing more than a few matzah pieces, horseradish, parsley (yuck), a slice of an egg, and this stuff called haggigah which is the best part of a Seder.
I think the whole Seder thing is pretty cool. You get to learn some stuff about a different culture and a different time. You get to enjoy the company of Graham's finest (most of the people there were from our Police Department, makes you feel pretty safe!). All in all, it was a really fun night!
But now for this morning...I am so FREAKING hungover...I could hurl. It's just not fair that I'm at work today...I could so be sleeping off this red wine hangover. Alas.
What I am doing currently is hangin out at a prospective students fair! Woohoo! This is something I've been dreading all week b/c it's the only reason why I'm not still in bed on a much needed (and deserved) day off. BUT as per usual there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The fair has my favorite thing ever...A CRAFTS SERVICE BAR! MMM yummy bagels, vats of cream cheese and gloriously strong, hot coffee! I am in freaking heaven right now. I would live in a bagel if I could. Swim around in the cream cheese all day...think about would be decadent! Yes, I realize that may be the weirdest thing you've heard all day...but honestly I am that delirious!
Take Care, have a wonderful Easter! I know I will...I look forward to Ham and Easter Egg Hunts!

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cr99ist03in said...

Haha! Red wine is the devil! Hahaha! Feel better:)