Thursday, April 12, 2007

When's Friday?

I'm super exhausted. I'm not sure why, all I did last night was watch America's Next Top Model (they sent the last "plus-sized" model home in case anyone cares to knows) and catch up on my 7th Heaven (My DVR chooses to record anything and everything!)(ok, ok, it's totally a guilty pleasure and I'm secretly hoping that they'll pull the stunt they did last year and do a huge series finale and then bring it back b/c no one is watching the network).

Granted it's been a slow week, and slow weeks inevitably make me tired b/c of straight up boredom. I have been searching blogs and came across Something Catchier and her sister's blog A Margarita. These girls are great and I spent the majority of my day reading their life stories. They make me want to live in Minnesota or NYC...but I think I'll stick to my balmy North Carolina. Seriously go check them out...they're amazing!

But back to my exhaustion. Why is it that Thursday's are the longest days of my week? I used to think Monday's sucked but ever since I started leaving early on Wednesdays and Fridays...Thursdays are complete HELL. Luckily next week I get to take Thursday and Friday off for a girl's (aka my mom and sister) road trip to Ohio. Should be fun but it's no vacation. I may come back even more exhausted and grumpier than watch out!

My current state of exhaustion and grumpiness reminds me of when I used to tell the kids at the kids camp I used worked at that when I was upset with their behavior I would get really quiet and if they didn't calm down that smoke would start to come out of my ears and if they still didn't calm down I would turn into pink polka dotted dragon and then they'd really be in trouble...



Coincidentally one day there was a brush fire (controlled by our grounds keeper) in the woods behind the gazebo where I taught. The smoke wafted towards us just as my class became unruly...oh boy did it scare them!

*(If you're really that slow, or you just don't know me well enough to get the joke, that's Mad Madame Mim from Disney's The Sword and the Stone when she turned herself into a pink polka dotted dragon to win the wizard's duel (she totally cheated) and if you still don't get why that's funny...I mean seriously, come on, my name is MIM!)


Some Catchy Chic said...

Haha, wow, I haven't been reminded of Mim in years! It's almost Friday, Hakuna Matata! And btw thanks for the shout out.

A Margarita said...

Ah! She beat me to it! I was going to say thanks for the shout-out.

How did I know not know Mim? I'm starting to think my Disney cartoon education is lacking.

Anyways, yeah I spent the better part of four years in North Carolina, and I used to complain about the weather (originally from Miami). Now, I wish I had had North Carolina's weather.