Monday, April 16, 2007


Today is not going well :(

First thing's has been storming and the wind SUCKS. I hate having to grip onto the steering wheel for dear life.

Second...I have 8 million things to do today and my brain won't focus. I've had coffee, I've had a bagel but nothing is fueling the think tank.

Then I made a huge booboo. A while back there was a mandatory calendar service switch. We had to switch from something that worked wonderfully to something that quite frankly, stinks. Not only does this new service bite, but they didn't transport any of our scheduled events from the old service. So I had to go in and manually update every day. And of course I made a mistake...a big one. Regardless, I was on the phone trying to get it fixed and there was a big crash that literally shook the entire building. We opened a colleague's office and there was glass all over! A ginormous tree uprooted b/c of the storm and came crashing down on our building. I hope to update some pictures soon.

Needless to say, I'm freaking out...and I'm tired :(

UPDATE: A photographer from our local newspaper just came in to document the 'catastrophe' I'm going to be in the paper tomorrow y'all! :)


cr99ist03in said...

Holy craaaaaappp for trees in the office. Also, Oracle does highly suck.

Anonymous said...

Aye yi yuy. Scary. I will check out, thanks! Was anybody hurt?