Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1 month and 8 days to go! Man, where is time going?

The official count of guests so far is 64. We've only received about half of the reply cards. But no worries, my guests have until August 17th to return them. I hope they realize that if I receive any reply cards after this date, they will not be attending the reception. Wedding yes, reception no. I have to be a bridezilla and draw the line somewhere right?

Mom and I are sporadically making the bouquets and boutonnière's. (I promise you'll get to see them in all their loveliness after the wedding. I've been struggling on whether or not I should post pics and I finally decided on not.) Let's just say my bouquet is GORGEOUS. and very large. It consists of roses, stephonotis, and dahlias. The dahlias are what makes my bouquet ginormous.

But I can share one picture with you. I ordered my rehearsal dinner dress. I will officially match the table mats. (I like green, any kind of green. I know that my rehearsal dinner green is much brighter than my wedding green but lets remember that my rehearsal dinner is also a pig pickin'.)

I'm going to look pretty...I hope. If it doesn't look right on me, it will be returned.



ADW said...

Absolutely adorable dress. Gorgeous color.

Pig pickins I can do as long as the pig's head is gone. For some reason I can't stand to see a face on something I am eating.

A Margarita said...

Awww, it looks cute. I love Vicky's! I can't wait for pics!

cr99ist03in said...

I can attest that the bouquets look VERY pretty. And the rehearsal dinner dress is cute as well.

Balou said...

What a cute dress! Did you get it?