Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Geez-My last Friday the Thirteenth didn't go so well. I'm hoping this one will be a little better.

Fun things happened yesterday...

I got my first wedding present! Yay! It's a fondue exciting! Maybe I should have fondue at our new apartment housewarming party. (In all honesty I don't think that we'll have a housewarming party, but it's fun to think that I may in the future have a party where we can have know b/c now I have a fondue set.) And later I found out I had another present. Pax had crawled into the box.

Also this weekend we're having an 85th birthday party for my Grandmother so my aunts are coming in today. yay! But it also meant I had to clean my house. I hate cleaning. I'm not good at it and it gives me a headache.

But here's the really fun part of my evening last night. After cleaning I needed to go to fiance's apartment to let Ozzy out. Ozzy of course was being crazy and after I found him snacking on cat poop, I put him back in his kennel for time out. This turned out to be a very good idea. SB one of my bridesmaid's called and I stepped out on the front porch for a cigarette. While outside I heard the cats messing with the door, then I heard a sound like the door opening. The cats have gotten out before, i wouldn't put it past them to have figured out how to turn the handle.

Anywho, I kept talking to SB. She's planning on coming in next weekend and wanted me to look at train tickets for her. (She doesn't have internet or a license.) So I went to go inside...except I couldn't...yes that's right folks...that sound like the door was opening was in fact my cats locking me out of the apartment. Wonderful. Fiance was just leaving work and there is a lot of construction going on right now, so it would be another 45 minutes before he'd be getting home.

Luckily I'm an expert at breaking in entering. Ok not really but I really wanted to get back inside. So I took out the screen and opened the window (I got skills). What I didn't realize is that either I have some pretty awesome attack/guard cats or they just don't recognize me when I'm trying to crawl in a window and over our love seat. I got hissed at. Like scary hissed at. So, since both of my cats still have all their claws, I decided to put the window back down and replace the screen. And wait until fiance got home.

I did not have a good Friday the 13th Eve.



Balou said...

LMAO!! OMG, I choked on my lunch when I got to the part where the cats locked you out. Damn it, they know who's in charge, don't they?

Mim said...

Yes they do, and evidently it's not me!

ADW said...

A ha ha ha... See, I thought this Friday the 13th was fairly unadventurous, but after reading several posts, I think it was just mine that went well.

BekABoo said...

lol...silly kittens!