Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've decided to give up on posting my feelings about reality TV. No one seemed to care, except for maybe Balou b/c she loves Pirate Master just as much as I do. Last night was a really good episode, one of those where you want to go inside the screen and hit a contestant for being so ridiculously stupid. Those episodes are the best episodes.

However, I would like to stick to a TV theme post at least once a week. What better way to start than by homaging one of the best game shows ever made, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

This was a fantastic show, I hope everyone remembers it but if you don't you can click on the link above and it will take you to a site where you can watch about 5 episodes of this classic PBS gameshow.

Lets start with the obvious shall we? Rockapella rocks my socks. I watched an episode of this yesterday and I couldn't believe I remembered all of their shtick-y songs. I must find a video for you...

So dorky yet loveable.

WITWICS was the best game show b/c when I was a kid watching it I used to think it was really hard. They always asked you questions about geography. But after watching an episode yesterday I found that when I thought they gave you clues to the answer they were actually giving you the answer.

Also at the end when one kid is left they assign them a continent and they have to place these markers on each country as they're yelled out. I used to say that if I was on this show I would want to get South America b/c it only has like 13 countries. Instead of say Africa that has like 75 countries. I never realized that when the chief assigned you the continent she would point out different countries 'of note' within the continent. I never freaking realized that all you had to do was pay attention to what the chief was saying.

So I watched an incredibly educational game shows as a child but I didn't pay attention to any of the mechanics of the show...typical.

But my favorite part about this show was the prizes. The 2nd runner up got a Carmen Sandiego gift bag that included a shirt, a world atlas, a globe basketball and other fun/dorky prizes. The first runner up usually got a tape recorder. (for the record I never wanted to come in 2nd...It was either first or last for me, mainly b/c the second place prize usually sucked). But the winner got to pick anywhere they wanted to go in North America and they got an upgraded sleuth jacket.

I wanted to be on this show so badly.



A Margarita said...

I have Rockapella on my MP3 player! I used to play the computer video game. It was actually kind of hard. I never saw the game show, but I remember the craze that was WITWICS.

paulette said...

You can talk about reality tv anytime you like. I am ADDICTED! I know just what you mean about jumping through the tv and smacking someone...he probably STILL doesn't remember that he hung the key on the side of his shorts! Do you watch Big Brother?
As for Carmen...I didn't watch it, but have used it as a Geography teacher (computer game) and love what it taught kids (even if it was to pay attention to the chief).

Mim said...

Margarita-I think having Rockapella on your MP3 player qualifies as awesome.

Paulette-Thanks for visiting! No, I don't watch Big Brother. I like to start reality show watching with the first season and I had never even heard of Big Brother until it was in its 4th season.

ADW said...

I forgot about those awful Rockapella songs. But I did love Carmen Sandiego.

cr99ist03in said...

You were really young when that show came on so it doesn't surprise me that you didn't know to pay attention to the chief. I remember watching and being like: WHY can't you just put it on Argentina?! He just told you where it is! hahaha

Balou said...

I never watched this. I think this was way after my 'kid show' time.

You can post your reality show stuff just for me then! The heck with everyone else. =)