Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We got fiance's wedding ring last night. It's his very first piece of jewelry and it will probably be the only jewelry he will ever own. What really matters is that he looks really cute with it on. He says it feels strange.

What's really going to be strange is about 3 weeks before my wedding I have to send my engagement ring off to be coated. Because I have the crazy insurance I can have my ring coated with fresh white gold once a year. So I'm having it done 3 weeks before the wedding. But that means I have to go without my ring for 2 weeks. I feel weird without it when I shower how am I going to manage 2 weeks? I mean don't get me wrong, I enjoy the fact that I get this treatment but its my ring :(

So I was able to download some pictures of my bridesmaid's dresses.

This is my future sister in law getting fitted in her first dress. Mom always makes a mock up dress before she cuts the expensive fabric. She's a smart lady.

This is Kogan in an almost finished dress. All that was left at this point was her hem. And now that's done. Kogan is the proud recipient of the very first, all the way finished bridesmaid dress! Doesn't she look pretty?



ADW said...

What a beautiful color for a dress. Are the dresses all the same color, or are they different? Loves it!!!

Mim said...

They are all that color. I call it "Emerald City"

A Margarita said...

Ahhh, I love that color! It's very pretty.

Aww, but you'll get to wear the ring forever after that :)

Balou said...

I love that color. And your new profile pic is gorgeous! You have a beautiful smile.

P.S. Are you watching Pirate Master. I wanted to kick John in the face. Idiot!!