Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm back!

And I was totally going to post about my beach trip but I of course, as per usual, took my camera and it sat in my room all week. I'm awesome. So I'm waiting for my sister to put her pics up on Flickr, so's that I can steal them! :)

So instead I will post about my new love...

I discovered this wonderful new musical/rock opera while watching this years Tony Awards. This new musical is based on the 1900's play that was banned from the stage for nearly 100 years due to it's content (rape, masturbation, abortion, homosexuality and suicide). All in all pretty daring for a 1900's German playwright. Since it is the most talked about show on Broadway at the moment, the wonderful people at the Tony's saved their performance for the last 5 minutes of the broadcast...about 3 minutes before they won the highly coveted Best New Musical Tony. (one of the 8 Tony's it won during that broadcast)

No I must admit for the other 2 hours and 55 minutes all I heard about this show is that it was the new RENT.

Now I know some of you don't know me that well and wouldn't think twice about this but most of you do know me and you should know by now that you do not relate anything, anything to RENT. RENT has always been and will always be my forever love. I bought the cd behind my parents back at age 13, after I had begged them for the better part of a year to buy it for me. I listened to it in secret for 2 years before my mother found it. My mother probably thinks I'm still too young to listen to it, but she did buy me second row seats for the traveling production during my sophomore year of college. is still the 2nd best present you've ever given me...the first, of course, being life. B/c let me tell there is no other feeling in the world like the one I got when during 'Seasons of Love' every single cast member made eye contact with me. It was wonderful. And very similar to the feeling I got every time I saw the preview for the movie, and the feeling I got throughout the entire movie when I went to see it opening night. That feeling? Goosebumps all over my body. I am a RENT junkie and nothing will ever change that.

So imagine my annoyance when all I heard was that this Spring Awakening was the new RENT.

And then I saw this:

I got the RENT feeling. I still get the RENT feeling when I see this clip. I FELL IN LOVE. Now please don't get me wrong, b/c I DO NOT agree with their comparison. This show is completely different and completely wonderful in it's own way. And I think it's kind of wrong to want to compare it. Why can't they both be wonderful in their own rights?

Well the next day my friend Kogan (who's coming for a visit tomorrow, yay!) asked me is I had watched the Tony's b/c she had seen this fantastic new musical and I just had to know about it. We have since spent the last 3 weeks finding YouTube clips and drooling over the play.

So for her birthday I got her the soundtrack. Since it happened to get here before she will, I have already opened it and put the music on my ipod. (Fiance was rather upset that I opened her birthday present, but rest assured we made a deal that if I got it before she got here that I was planning on doing this.)

My ipod has not left my side all day. These songs are wonderful. They are provocative, thought provoking, eerie, dainty, and beautiful all wrapped into one neat little story.

So now let me leave you with the Original Broadway cast performing my favorite song, Totally F***** at the Virgin Megastore the day the soundtrack came out. (please don't play this in front of your children or people who get offended by naughty words.)

I love people with camera phones, don't you?



A Margarita said...

Ooooo, I must go see it. I love Rent.

Some Catchy Chic said...

Rent is amazing, I concur! Though, Wicked is still my all-time favorite! When are you going to see this new play?