Monday, July 16, 2007


I found the cord for my camera so I've been able to get all of my pictures onto a computer. It's about damn time.

I think that b/c I've had some interesting times with my animals lately, I would like to share with you their cuteness...even if some of them are evil kitties who enjoy locking me out of my house...brats.

Here is Ms. Harley Quinn. She enjoys getting into little nooks and crannies...

This adorable cat just happens to be the one who hissed in my face as if I were a burglar.

Then there's Pax. For those who know nothing of Pax, he is a 25 pound Maine Coon cat...Basically he looks like a mini bobcat. Maine Coon cats are rather expensive, but this one literally followed my parents home one day. Lucky us, we love Pax, he always makes us laugh. He also tried to kill me on a regular basis.

Pax enjoys boxes...
This was the box that held my very first wedding present. I count Pax as my second!

Pax, even though he is rather large can get himself into very comfortable positions. He has one (that has yet to be documented) that I refer to as his Yoga position, 'the beached whale'. He lies flat on his back with all four legs stretched out as far as they can go.

But my favorite Pax position to date is his Jabba the Hut:

Imagine coming home late at night and this is the very first thing you see. I love it.



cr99ist03in said...

Say in Jabba voice: Ash neesh Paxwell ohh ho ho ho ho!

Also that pic of Harley is too cute:)

A Margarita said...

Hehe, I like that Jabba the Hut pose.

Dad said...

Reminds me of this, Mim.

ADW said...

Oh my gosh, I have such a thing for really, really huge cats. I am not even a cat fan, but the fatties do something for me.

A Margarita said...

Oh, and totally cute pic of you, btw.