Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And so I've been really busy today, hence the 8 pm post. Not like it matters since Margarita is in Aruba (I think) and Catchy never seems to be online anymore. And since that's like half of my readers, I guess it doesn't really matter what time I post!

Wedding plans are going rather smoothly...I'm shocked.

We re-reserved our tuxes last night. We were able to get exactly what we had reserved before but cheaper! Yay! So exciting. Our tuxedo helper's name is, I swear, TammyJo...no space, I have her business card to prove it. Don't you just love the South? Anywho, she actually rang us up correctly. I.E at this tux shop, like the last, gives you a free tux for every 5 tuxes you rent. Instead of making us pay a deposit on Fiance's tux (the free one) she rings it up then rings in the coupon to make it free. So instead of paying $60 for a deposit on Fiance's tux and Best Man's tux we only had to pay the deposit for Best Man's tux. Sweet! (We're paying for the Best Man's tux for some odd reason, but whatever) Also, they promised us they wouldn't abandon their store...at least before our wedding...thank God!

We've also (cue trumpets) sent out our invitations! Yippee! We've received about a dozen replies, only three of which were no's! But the best part of it all, I mean aside from seeing friends and family that I haven't seen in ages, is that people now know about our registry...the registry that was set up in...hold on let me find the link (I think my registry was like my third post ever) Ah yes here it is...Check the date people...JANUARY 20th! Wow! But it gets better...people know about my registry and someone has purchased something already! I LOVE ONLINE REGISTRIES...it's so stalker-esque.

But I think the best thing that has happened wedding-wise in the past week is that we have a finished bridesmaid's dress! Kogan came in this weekend for her dress fitting/birthday. I have pictures but I think I may have left my camera case at the beach and it had the camera cord in it...yes I'm an idiot. So we have to wait until Kogan posts her pictures from this past weekend for you to see the beauty of my bridesmaid's dresses!


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A Margarita said...

Ahhhh, how exciting! Presents are good! Stemless wine glasses!

Yes, it was Aruba.