Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mood Ring

So I was tagged, like ages ago by my friend Perry on Myspace. One of those name 10 weird, random, yet interesting things about yourself. One where you have to tag other people to do the same thing. I don't agree with naming other people in this, since this is for my own amusement but if you want to leave one weird, random, yet interesting fact about yourself in my comments, I challenge you to do so.

Let me just say that I started writing this post on June 8th, 2007 and will update you (and post this) as soon I finish it. My problem is, I can't come up with 10 right off the top off my head at a time it is...

1) When I was 5 I thought that one of the walls in my bedroom was an audience. I think this may have been what fueled my theatre dreams. I used to play to this wall when I would go about my normal business. I would even turn around after I had bathed so as not to let the 'audience' see me naked 5 year old body...imaginary perverts.

2) Up until I was a senior in college I thought America had won every war we had been in. Yes, laugh, but I have two items with which to plead my ignorant case. 1) I was born in the 80's and 2) in High School the mandatory US History course never got past the Civil War. So sorry people but up until my senior year of college when I took US History 1865 to present (never got past the Vietnam war ps) I thought we had won everything! Sue me.

3) When I fall asleep I drift off lying on my right side, but just as I am about to conk out for the night I have to switch to my left.

4) The most common question I am asked about my nose ring is if snot flies out of it when I sneeze. (yeah, the answer is no)

5) I have dreams about Michael Meyers chasing me. If I see a Michael Meyers mask I freak out. Seriously, if you had dreams about someone with a spray painted William Shatner mask on, you'd freak out too.

6) Some of my best memories in college were during senior year when my friend Amelia and I would hang out in my room, play Monopoly and sing along to Wicked at the top of our lungs. We'd always try to be certain characters but we'd always get really excited and sing together regardless of who we were supposed to be that day. Usually I was Glinda and she was Elphaba, but we'd always try to out sing each other on 'Popular" and 'Defying Gravity'. For those who would like an awesome insight to all things Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West's name is Elphaba, made up by the author of Wicked (Gregory Maguire) by combining L. Frank Baum's initials and then pronouncing them phonetically...El-fa-ba...get it?

7) I have no 'dar' of any kind. No 'gaydar', no 'danger-dar', nothing. I once was in NYC with my aunts and made eye contact with a homeless person. My aunt saw and jerked me back into her protective clutches but it didn't stop the homeless woman from sticking a dead rat in our faces. "Wanna see my rat?" People make fun of me constantly for having no 'dar' but I honestly cannot help it, I was born this way people!

8) I smoke, yes I know, disgusting habit. But when I smoke, if I don't have someone to talk to, I can't smoke a whole cigarette. This to me means that I am not addicted to cigarettes...maybe. Also, if I know fiance isn't able to talk while I'm on a break, I'll call my friend Kogan. She hates it when I do this. Well maybe not hates, just dislikes that I always seem to call her when she can't talk. :) She does always answer the phone with: "You're smoking aren't you?"

(I'm still 2 away from finishing this post and I've been at it for almost 20 days) On that note...

9) A friend asked me today (June 26) if I was planning on auditioning for the next season of American Idol since they are once again holding auditions near where I live. My very first post describes how I feel about the past couple seasons of American Idol, but I still let my mind wonder...what if I made it?

10) My favorite president of all time is Nixon. I know a lot of people will find this strange. But Watergate has outshone the good that Nixon did. He was the one that finally got us out of the Vietnam War. And he established a friendship with China. Thank you Nixon. I shudder to think of what our world would be like if we weren't friends with the Chinese.

So there are my ten. And it only took my 20 says to complete this! Like I said, please feel free to leave something random about yourself in my comments. I look forward to reading them.

I will be on Vacay until Thursday of next week. I'll be sure to post some Beach Pics when I return!



cr99ist03in said...

I'll just blog mine because it sounds like fun. But here's something random: hehe

cr99ist03in said...

boo. After cmrpaul it should be /funny.jpg

Mim said...


A Margarita said...

hahahaha, I'm assuming that's your sis? That was funny :)

Mim said...

Not funny. Terrifying.

ADW said...

Oooohhh - American Idol. Everyone's dirty little pleasure to watch. I hope you try out and make it and win!!!!!!!

Kanoff said...

O Casamento do Sol

Dizem que em certo tempo desejou o Sol de se casar, e todas as gentes, agravadas disso, se foram queixar a Júpiter, dizendo: - Que no Estio trabalhosamente sofriam um Sol, que com seus raios os abrasava, donde inferiam e provavam, que se o Sol casasse e viesse a ter filhos, queimaria o mundo todo; porque um Sol faria Verão calmoso na Índia, outro em Grécia, outro na Noruega e terras setentrionais; pelo que sendo todas as três zonas tórridas, não teriam as gentes onde viver. Visto isto por Júpiter, mandou que não casasse.

(Esopo, Fábulas, vertidas do grego por Manuel Mendes)

Mim said...

I really want to know what that says! I hope someone can translate.

ADW said...

ha ha - I got it too - WTF???

Some Catchy Chic said...

From the comments I've just read, I think I'm going to wait until I get out of work to check out that site, haha.

Some Catchy Chic said...

And Defying Gravity is by FAR the best song on Wicked's soundtrack!

Balou said...

RE: #1 - When i was little i wouldn't let my mom dress me in front of the tv because i thought there were actual people inside that could see me, lol!

BekABoo said...'re a weirdo! Like us all, I suppose. re: #1 When I was little, if I was sleeping in just a top, I would have to have my butt covered with at least the sheet cause I was afraid robbers would break in and see me in my underwear. Guess I could have just worn shorts!
I've got another one for call your female 'husband' from 10th grade "maxi pad" ;)