Monday, May 21, 2007

Fear not...I have survived my surgery. I have no clue what the finished product looks like since they put some strange dissolvo bandage on my face but I'm hoping it won't be a Jack Napier moment.."give me the mirror!"

So yay, I am now only slightly disfigured. The doctor kept worrying me about the fact that there will be a scar. SERIOUSLY? For the one millionth time, I can freaking cover a scar!

Thanks to everyone who kept me in their thoughts and prayers.

Sorry for the shortness of this post but I've got a buttload of work to do since I took a day off for the surgery.


Tomorrow: Wedding Post...Guest List fiasco!


A Margarita said...

Glad you're alive! ;)

Sally T said...

Good to hear you are OK and it's all out of the way.