Monday, May 14, 2007

You Say Its Your Birthday

Ok, so my birthday was great...One of the best birthdays that I can remember. I apologize for my peppiness...I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY! I'm about to use the word 'awesome'** about 20've been warned.

It started out at Karaoke on Friday night. I was playing pool with fiance but not really paying attention, being the social butterfly that I am. He came up to tell me that it was my shot but that he had to tell me something first. He then proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to me because it had officially hit Midnight! (so sweet)

It was my turn to sing and I was going to sing "That's Amore" to make fiance giggle but then I found out that the owner of the bar really likes my singing...especially when I sing "Lady Marmalade" (I do all 4 voices). So I changed my song. Well it turns out that fiance and our friend Perry told Karaoke Lady that it was my birthday and they had everyone in the bar sing happy birthday to awesome. Then I finally got to sing and afterwards the owner bought me a birthday beer. Yay for free drinks.

When we finally left the bar another friend Blythe came over and we played games until 4am. So then I went home and got very little sleep (who sleeps on their birthday? sheesh) and woke up for pedicures with my sister who drove in from where she spend time with me on my birthday. Then the whole family took me to eat at O'Charley's where they didn't have what I wanted (evidently that special was limited) but I still got a very yummy steak.

So on to presents...yeah we all knew I was going there. I posted my wish list here. and am proud to say, I think my family read it. My sister is giving me her old Yoga Ball that she's never used and she also gave me Gene Wilder's far it is wonderful. I got new Crocs...YAY. They're Navy Blue and I refuse to take them off. A gift certificate for an hour massage that I'm going to shave down to two half hour sessions b/c I've never had a massage before and I may not being able to take a whole hour. I got really awesome pearl earrings. And while I didn't get a gift certificate to Old Navy I did get clothes that are awesome! I am so proud of the fam! Go Fam Go!

Fiance's birthday is next Sunday and we tend to get each other joint presents that we both enjoy. So we did it...we got a Wii....and it is freaking awesome but I will post more on that later!

So then fiance and I went back to his apartment. Played some Guitar Hero and some Scene It b/c we're dorks and it's what we like to do! Then Blythe came over bearing gifts! 12 pack of Yuengling and a bottle of Jim Beam Black. And the best present yet...Shenanigan's cards. (it would take a whole other post to explain those, so more on that later)

We then headed over to the bowling alley. This has become a tradition. Fiance and I went last year and ended up spending 6 hours there and a lot of money. But we were all hyped for midnight bowling. of the local high schools had their prom that evening and rented out the bowling alley so we had to vacate at 11...booooooooooooo! We still had fun though. We played four games...I actually won one of them! Our friend Pibber showed up also bearing gifts. He gave me a Yuengling Pint Glass (methinks my friends think I like my drinkey)

We wrapped up the evening with a little SNL. Molly Shannon was the host and it was one of the funniest episodes of the year.

The next day fiance and I went to see his mom for mother's day. She was working at the ballpark so we got to watch the game in box seats! It was a little windy and chilly but still fun. Especially since the umpire had the squeakiest, girly voice ever. He honestly sounded like Barry Gibb.

All in birthday ever! And in about an hour my co workers are taking me to lunch.

Thanks to everyone for making it a great day! (well a great couple of days...what can I say? My birthday is an event!)


**actual awesome count:5


cr99ist03in said...

Glad you had such a great time:)

Gregory said...

We can fill in the other "awesomes" later on when you are describing the Shenanigan cards. ;-)

John Bryson said...

I haven't gotten presents for my birthday since I was 14!

A Margarita said...

Awww! Yay! Sounds like a fabulous time! Wow, you really crammed a lot into one day. Hehe, I'd love to hear Lady Marmalade with the four voices.