Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Is everyone busy? Is it that time of year? No one has commented on my posts recently, except for John (thanks John!). This makes me sad :(

Another thing that makes me sad...I have nothing wedding related to report on this Wedding Tuesday. Boo. I should probably get cracking on this whole wedding sitch, huh? I mean it's like 3 1/2 months away...that should light some sort of fire under my ass, right?

Eh, have a good day, y'all



A Margarita said...

Hi! I was going to comment! That was the sweetest comment you left on my last post. Thanks :)

I don't know if it's so much a strange gift as it is a tendency to daydream randomly while at work and consider the deep questions of The Universe ;)

No wedding news? The sadness . . .

John Bryson said...

It seems that I'm always busy, but I still post...hmmm what does that mean for everyone else, and I don't even spend that much time online.

Some Catchy Chic said...

It's okay, you will have some wedding news soon enough and I will be dying to hear it. I can't wait. Sorry I haven't commented in a few days, I have been in study hell.

Dayngr said...

You should start using technorati tags (for sure!) to draw people in.

Dayngr said...

You can get all the technorati info if you look @ my Dear Blogger series (See my side bar) dated November 28, 2006.

Let me know if you need any help!