Thursday, May 31, 2007

So I just have to say...I'm in a really good place right now.

I don't know why...I'm just chipper. So chipper in fact that I actually cleaned my room and my bathroom last night. I was in the mood.

Those kind of moods scare me. I've never been one to be...clean. I'm a slob, through and through. I find things easier when the place is messed as opposed to when its clean. And truth be told that's only b/c I am notorious for cleaning by throwing things in boxes, bags, any kind of container really and just stuffing it under my bed or in a closet. It's, as fiance would put it, how I roll.

But now I have to think about moving. I have to go through those bags, boxes, and various containers and I have to consciously decide what stays, goes, or gets thrown away. I'm terrible at this b/c I think everything will be needed in the future.

Case and point: yesterday I threw away a McDonald's Happy Meal toy. Sacrelig...I know. But it was one of those American Idol toys, a headpiece microphone. Pure junk. This thing was too small for my head and it also doesn't amplify my just plays some crappy techno tune. So it must be thrown out. And as the toy left my fingertips, before it hit the garbage, all I could think was...'maybe I'll have a little girl someday who would want to play with this. A little girl who would think this is really cool.' I thought this in the span of two seconds and literally fought the urge to pull it back out of the trash, drive to Wal-Mart, buy a storage bin and mark it "Things possible offspring might play with"

But who am I kidding? When I have children American Idol will be in it's 15th season and Happy Meal toy technology will be so awesome that their new headpiece microphones will actually project your voice instead of some crappy techno tune.

And all of this crossed my mind b/c I'm in a good mood...a mood that makes me clean.



BekABoo said...

Girl, I am the same way! Every time I move, I take advantage of the opportunity to throw stuff away. This move, I finally got rid of some clothes...including a skirt I've had since 6th grade! It doesn't fit and never will again! I do that "maybe someday..." crap too. My hubby hates the clutter, so he helps. Good luck!

John Bryson said...

hopefully american idol will be cancelled in 15 years.

Sally T said...

I'm a bit of a hoarder too and I hate it. I don't seem to be able to have a good clear out unless things get really bad or I'm given a good reason. Then I can get really stuck in and chuck loads of stuff away. Once done it makes me feel oh so good. But if during the clear out I get time to think then I start pulling things back out of the rubbish and saving them once again.

Dayngr said...

eMail me and I'll send you all the details regarding tagging your posts etc to bring in the visitors. (Feel free to delete this comment since it has nothing to do with the post)