Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I was going to write about the Shenanigans card today but I accidentally left them at home and they have a big long explanation on the back so...sorry. I know that Blythe got definitions for the cards at Urban Dictionary, but I just went to find everything and there's a whole lot more there than I thought so, alas, I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.

So instead I guess I'll talk about the wedding... :)

So you know we went to get our rings as described here. Well the rings came in so we went to pick them up. I'm super excited about mine because I worry so much about my engagement ring, I can't wait to only wear it on special occasions and just wear my wedding ring full time.

Basically, in my opinion the setting for the diamond in my engagement ring is too tall and I constantly worry about snagging it on something and popping the diamond out...even though if that did happen I have insurance on it so I could get it replaced. Ok, ok I'm clumsy and fiance totally realizes this. Every possible thing he can insure for me, he does. He's such a smart guy.

But, back to the rings. I tried my wedding ring on. It looks beautiful, and it compliments my fingers (I have little kid hands). BUT I noticed something. And to be totally fair I noticed this about the in store ring as well. The ring has a row of baguettes and the middle diamond looked yellow. So I mentioned it. Good thing I did too. They looked at the ring under 'the scope' (no joke, she said 'scope' I guess adding 'micro' just wasted time) When she came back she told me there was a very good reasoned it appeared discolored...the diamond was broken.

Um okay...aren't diamonds like impossible to break? Evidently when they were sizing the ring it popped the diamond...so now I have to wait for them to make me a new one. This gets a big old resonating...BOOOOOOOO.

So we're excited because at our Tux rental place for every 4 tuxes we rent we get one free. Well since fiance had four groomsmen then his tux is automatically free. Well we totally realized that we have other people that will need tuxes too. Ringbearer, officiator, our fathers, etc. So it looks like we're going to get another free tux. How awesome is that? I love saving money.

So I think this weekend we're going to get some major stuff done. I want to get the bobbleheads ordered and maybe the matchbooks. I want to get a design set up for my invitation. I need to go over the guest list again. Yeah once it starts getting closer...the more I start to freak out.



A Margarita said...

I would have been irked too! Boo. I would wear that ring all the time! Flash it around and be like, "Yeah, my ring is fabulous and I'm marrying a sexy guy. Don't hate me." Kidding. Matchbooks? Wow, that never even occurred to me.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Ditto what Margarita said. She stole my idea. It's a good thing you noticed that yellowish diamond. Isn't it kind of weird that both the one you got and the in-store ring had a broken diamond?

Mim said...

YES, it makes me think that I should find a different ring.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's what i hear about the nintendo wii? Think I shuld give it a whirl before I set my sights on Xbox?