Friday, May 4, 2007

Moving Day

So for the summer we are forced out of our offices due to our ceiling shedding. This ceiling probably hasn't been replaced in the however many decades our building has been around. This ceiling probably has mountains of asbestos and other allergens that will one day give us all cancer. Our ceiling sucks. But they're replacing it.

Since day one the staff in this department has sneezed. We have contagious sneezes. It will start with me go back and the the left to my boss, and then up and to the left to the other staff assistant. Then back to me. Vicious cycle. I'm looking forward to moving back in August and the chance to finally be sneeze free aside from the occasional cold.

So today we're packing up some personal items and figuring out which supplies we'll need over the summer. The good news about the move is that I'll be able to alternate days that I come into the office and can work from home. And with my wedding fastly approaching I'm sure I will love having workdays at home where I can call and finalize wedding details without feeling guilty or being overheard.

Although it is slightly daunting that this summer I will be moving both my professional life and personal life within weeks of each other. I will be stressed and tired but it will be worth it. Like I'm not stressed enough already with graduation

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