Monday, May 7, 2007


Is it just the thought of Mondays in general that make you more tired. I mean you guys already know how I feel about Thursdays. I totally love Wednesdays. I've never been sure why. Maybe it's the fact that by Wednesday the worst part of the week is over and the best is yet to come. Or it could be because people call Wednesday 'hump day' and that's always made me giggle. Who knows. All I know is that I was exhausted this morning.

Now, I'm good. I've made two pots of coffee and have had the majority of them. Graduation plans are wrapping up (Thank God) and things will start to get back to normal around here soon.

I'm fantastic in spirit though b/c this Saturday is my birthday! I've always been a birthday person. I start the countdown in like February and I love it when its the week before my birthday. I start dropping hints as to what I want in terms of presents. I also start planning the festivities. Last year fiance and I went bowling. We meant to play a couple of games and leave but we were having so much fun that before we knew it they had dimmed the lights for midnight bowling. All in all it turned in to a really fun day and we plan on doing this again.

In case anyone who reads this knows me personally (ie will see me on my birthday) here is a list of things I would like to receive for my day of birth:

~yoga ball (the one I stole from my too big for me. I need a medium)
~a gift certificate for a massage (I fell about a month ago and I seriously think I deeply bruised some tissue b/c it still hurts)
~new crocs (I love them and hope to one day own every color of every style (size 7))
~Old Navy Gift certificate (we all know I've lost weight and I'm not even sure what size I am now so while I'm always happy with something from Old Navy I'd like to pick it out myself)
~Jewelry to wear in my wedding (I'm thinking of wearing pearls b/c of the elegance of my dress, but I'm still uncertain. I'd like to wear the jewelry that fiance has bought for me but they're I need help in this department)
~Last but certainly no least: money (everyone loves to get green bills on their birthday)

So yeah, if you feel the need, please feel free to purchase anything from this list! :)


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