Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So one of four bridesmaids is coming in this weekend for the first bridesmaid dress fitting. This bridesmaid just happens to be the youngest, skinniest, and fiance's little sister, Sissy.

I'm not sure if making her dress first will be easier or harder for my mom because Sissy is a size zero. (the first time we met I took her shopping at Old Navy and we headed straight to clearance. I'm thinking this chick is awesome, she's not taking advantage of my generosity. So we found a couple of things (I swear she's a better bargain shopper than me) and she said 'ok, let me hit up the kids section.' Let me hit up the kids section? I swear my head started doing the exorcist spin-thingey. But, yes, sadly Sissy can wear little kid clothes...that is how freaking skinny she is.) (also, so I can use more parenthesis, she signed up to give blood but said if she hit the weight minimum allowed to donate, then she would feel fat...yeah, the weight minimum is 110 pounds...gag me) But I digress, I love Sissy and do not fault her for her skinny genes...or the fact that she can get away with wearing skinny jeans. (ha)

So the pattern that we got for the bridesmaid's dresses comes in 6 handy dandy sizes...6,8,10,18,20, and 22. Are we seeing the problem here? Because I am not a seamstress my brain automatically thinks...oh this will be a piece of cake...just use less fabric. My mom on the other hand has got to be freaking out.

But I think it will all go ok. The dress itself is simple. All the bridesmaid's have the same dress. I think once mom gets the hang of it, it will all be a piece of cake. Plus once she's done with the hardest one the rest will be a breeze...right?




A Margarita said...

Hmmm, I don't think I was ever a size zero. Hehe, I skipped right over that size and into Juniors. Anyways, good luck to your mom! You should post a picture of the completed dress once it's done :)

Mim said...

Will do!

cr99ist03in said...

"so I can use more parentheses" lmao!