Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oy, the wedding...

We are 2 months and 12 days away from my nuptials...woohoo!

My dad is crazily working away on the invitations, maybe we'll have them done this week. But of course I still need to get addresses from fiance's mother.

Speaking of which she came to visit this weekend. We're still working on my future sister-in-law's dress so they came in for a few hours on Saturday. My future M-I-L took a look at the guest list and wants to add at least twenty more people. Joy.

So my future S-I-L's dress is just not working. My mother had to futz with the pattern and add more fabric and a new seam and we think it might work now. I'll know in a couple of hours, I'll update you.

But here's the biggest problem that happened since my last wedding post:

We purposely went to lunch at a restaurant near our Tux shop b/c we needed to drop off the deposit for the Best Man's tux. After a perfectly nice lunch we walked over to pay them only to discover that the store had been cleaned out. THEY ABANDONED THE STORE. This is a chain store so we're pretty sure that they just weren't getting the kind of traffic they needed so they decided to close. But the worst part is that we ordered the tuxes and put down a deposit for fiance's on June 8th and the store was abandoned on June 9th.

Now, this is very curious for several reasons:

1) They were training a new employee...Vinny (cute kid)
2) People were coming in and picking up their tuxes for a wedding presumably the next day (the day the store was abandoned) Where exactly were they planning on having these people return said tuxes?
3) Why would you take people's money when you have to know you're closing the store the next day?

We chose this store b/c we didn't want to use the other local tux rental shop b/c when we went to their shop they didn't acknowledge us and b/c it's within 5 minutes of where we live. Since most of the groomsmen are from out of town we figured this would be the quickest way.

Well after some fuming, (this is pretty much the only detail of the wedding that fiance has a big part in (besides marrying me of course)) I did some calling around, starting with the corporate number. Silly me, their offices were closed until Monday. So I called one of the other stores in our State, that's right State, not vicinity, State. They were helpful in telling me the store was closed...you think? Then they told me that I needed to call the other store b/c our order had been switched to that location. (How in the world was I supposed to know that?)

So I called the other store and promptly canceled our rentals, b/c I'm not driving all over God's green earth to pick up and return tuxes. But I was not able to get my deposit back b/c I needed to call the corporate office (on Monday) and talk with them about that detail. So I did, first thing Monday morning. The very snotty associate informed me that I would have to deal with the store regarding this matter. To which I responded that's funny b/c the manager of the store told me to call you. So she conceded and had me fax my receipt over to her. I'm still waiting to hear how this will turn out. (Side note: I hate it when people hate that you actually know what you're talking about. That they make you jump through hoops b/c they screwed up. Like it's my fault. I just hate that people have to be snotty in general. I just hate it.)

So, it hasn't been a great wedding week. But it's all good. Everything could work itself out. Besides it would suck more if the wedding were next week, you know?



A Margarita said...

I totally feel you on the snotty peoplE; they're right up there with morons, in my book. Whew, it's good that it's all working out in a timely fashion but that's kind of annoying. I'd be vexed too.

cr99ist03in said...

Wedding ring fiasco much? ;)