Tuesday, June 12, 2007

According to the tracker on my Myspace page, my wedding is 2 months and 19 days away. WOW!

Things are beginning to move along. Here's a list of the things which are in progress:

1) Invitations. I have the wording for the five things that will be included in all of my invitation. (invitation, rehearsal dinner invitation, reception card, reply card, and accommodations card. Not to mention the two different registry cards that Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond provided me, which need my registry number written on them (project!)) So yes, I have the wording and now I need the card stock. Lucky for me, a quarter mile from my office is a paper supply store. I will be heading there after work to do some browsing.

2) DJ list. Fiance and I know the songs we'd like to first dance to and walk into our reception to. We have all of the traditional 'game' songs like the 'Cha Cha slide' and the 'Electric slide'. We also have a long list of Rat Pack songs. And that's about it. Any song suggestions would be greatly appreciated so that I can get this DJ list finished and catch up with the DJ in about 2 weeks. Hopefully 2 months is plenty of time to find all of the strange request songs. Fiance and I believe that if we can find it on limewire, then our DJ should be able to track it down.

3) Bridesmaid dresses. My future sister in law is returning this Saturday so that my mom can finalize her dress. I'm uber excited about these dresses. I have a picture of what the mock up dress looks like but my stupid computer won't recognize my camera, yet again. ( By the way, I'm so glad my mom does mock up dresses, b/c otherwise I would never have figured out that even on a size zero, an empire waist makes you look pregnant. So no empire waists for my bridesmaids!)

4) Tux rentals. Now I just need to get in contact with the groomsmen so that they can send in their deposits.

That's about it for now. But hopefully soon I'll have more to report!



cr99ist03in said...

May I request "Gonna Make You Sweat" by C&C Music Factory? That would be hi-lar-i-ous!

A Margarita said...

Ah, sounds like everything's on track!

I'll think of songs and get back to you with ideas. I've had that Vanessa Williams song stuck in my head all day. It's sad, I forget the name of it, but it's pretty. Hmm, you probably don't want sad songs.

I'm sure your bridesmaids are very grateful that you're considering how the dresses will look on them :)

BekABoo said...

Friends in Low Places
That song was the most fun number at my reception. Everyone ended up arms around shoulders, swaying, singing along. I will never forget it. But, I guess it depends on your crowd...stuff they know and like too, ya know. Check with your DJ too. Ours had a list of styles of music and we had to rate each of them with how much of it we wanted played. Actually many of the songs I specifically requested he didn't get to, accommodating guest requests. So if you can't come up with "enough" specific songs, I'm sure the DJ and your guests can fill in the gaps. Happy planning ;)