Monday, June 25, 2007

My Wonderful Weekend with my New Doggy!

Can I make it through 5 more days of work? I'm really not sure. This week has the potential to either fly by or creep by. I have a class tomorrow all day and another class on Thursday during the last half of the day. That's why my week could fly by. My week could drag by b/c on Saturday I'm going to the beach! Yay! I need a vacation so badly. I may end up sleeping the entire vacation away!

Right now I'm contemplating taking off Friday, mainly b/c I have a lot of things that need to get done before we head to the beach...
  • I need to clean the upstairs of my parents house since I inhabit this area and b/c my aunts are coming in Friday night. I guess it would a nice thing for them to visit a clean house.
  • Also my car needs to be cleaned, desperately. There is stuff in my trunk that just needs to be thrown away. Also there are pots and pans that are trying to stay in my trunk until we move into the new apartment but they're going to need to suck it up and get out of the trunk so my suitcase can take their place. (I love that I'm referring to my inanimate pots and pans as if they're living beings)
  • Of course I need to pack...duh
  • Ozzy needs a flea/tick bath and he needs the preventative ointment applied. This should be tons of fun...especially since I have to leave the flea/tick shampoo on him for five minutes in order for it to take effect. Also the flea/tick preventative ointment can get yucky. But we're leaving Ozzy with friends who have a big fenced-in backyard so he needs all of this to stay healthy while we're away relaxing at the beach.
Speaking of weekend was filled with bonding with my new furry child...

He's getting so much better! I had to take him to the vet on Friday b/c he's been messing with his neutering incision. Well I also found out he has hookworms...awesome. So Ozzy has to take a lot of medicine right now and he's not happy about that, except he's a little happy that he gets peanut butter so often!

He's become a lot livelier! Yesterday I was in the kitchen and I thought he was running around the apartment looking for me, until I noticed a black blur. He was definitely having fun with the cats! I'm so glad they get along!

Also, we're down to only one or two accidents a day. He's starting to get used to all the scents and sounds at the apartment. He's also starting to understand that maybe mommy doesn't want to stand around in the hot sun while you sniff every blade of grass. Unfortch he still needs to sleep in his kennel at night and when we're not around. Like today, I feel for him, he has to be in his kennel until I get home from work...poor guy.

Also unfortch, I'm beginning to think that he ran away and was not in fact abandoned. I think he had been abused. Poor little guy sometimes jerks away when you go to pet him. He also freaks out quite often, usually frightened by his collar.

But in spite of all of the unfortunate things that are going on with Ozzy right now he is the perfect addition to our family. We went to PetSmart on Friday and he got a new collar and id tag. He also got a stuffed squirrel that he loves and sleeps with. He also has started trusting me enough to sleep with is head in my lap. The big snores that come out of his little body warms my heart :)



A Margarita said...

Ah, I love furry puppies! And unfurry ones. I think I just like puppies, even when they're they're dogs and not technically puppies.

Hmmm . . . Do you feel a cough coming? Perhaps on Friday morning?

Sally T said...

Remember to take lots of photographs while he is still a puppy. He will be changing daily and they only stay as pups for such a very short time. That's not to say they are not great when they are older but it's nice to have the photos to look back on to remind you how small and cute he was as a youngster. also, remember to post a few on your web site for us to enjoy :-)