Friday, June 15, 2007

New Line Up

Everyone who reads this blog should know by now that Tuesdays are wedding post days. I'll be keeping that format of course but would like to add a little more structure to my blog. So from here on out my blog schedule will be as follows:

Monday: Weekend Update
Tuesday: Wedding Day
Wednesday: Current Events
Thursday: Mood Ring (i.e., whatever I feel the need to write about)
Friday: Reality Check

As today is Friday we will be checking in with some of this week's highlights in the reality world.

Monday's reality schedule is kind of crappy at the moment. Besides the reruns of CelebReality on VH1 no other reality shows air. Boo.

Tuesday really begins our week of the crazy on TV. Starting with the current season of the Real World/Road Rules challenge, The Inferno 3, which airs on MTV at 10 pm.

This season once again pits the Good Guys against the Bad Asses. To me it's a lame concept because whenever there is $400,000 on the line everyone is a vicious, vindictive ass. Even though there is a team concept everyone is in it to win as much money as possible and to screw over as many people as possible. This week's 'team challenge' forced two of the skinniest girls into electric chairs where they were electrocuted when their teammates answered bogus trivia questions incorrectly. The original concept was to see which skinny chick would give up first but it ultimately came down to which team had the most correct answers. Again I say, Lame. This show (and its counterparts) continues to go downhill but I will continue to watch it b/c lets face it, I'm a reality junkie.

Continuing on Tuesday evenings with Kathy Griffin: Life on the D List, airing on Bravo from 10pm to 11pm.

This show never fails to amuse me. Kathy Griffin may be in your face but some of the things she comes up with are pure gold. For instance this week the teasers pointed towards the show being about Kathy's "date" with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. In actuality this bit kind of sunk and was only twenty minutes of the show. The rest of the show was genius. Kathy was doing a show in Michigan and sadly had only sold 40% of the seats for the show. So she proceeds to give tickets away for free to random people, including her waitress at brunch. But unfortunately her waitress had to work that night so instead of letting it go, Kathy convinces her boss to let one of Kathy's minions, Tom, stand in for her. Hilarity ensues when after the show Kathy goes to this restaurant to sit in Tom's section and give him the hardest time imaginable. If you haven't seen this show, please devote at least on hour next Tuesday night to give it a shot. If you don't find yourself giggling then, well, you have no sense of humor.

Wednesday evening one of my all time favorite reality shows had its season premier. Top Chef, airing from 10pm to 11pm on Bravo.

I swear Bravo is trying to create one uber reality show. They have clothing designers, chefs, hair stylists, and decorators all competing for top prize and the chance for no one to ever hear from them again. Seriously, name one of the winners from any of these shows and tell me what they're doing. And don't cheat, b/c I know all of the fan sites and will know if you knew b/c you're a genuine fan or if you saw my challenge and decided to do a search just to prove me wrong.

So Top Chef makes me hungry. Granted this week's episode made me the least hungry b/c they had to create a surf and turf entree out of strange proteins like eel and rattlesnake but the energy and creativity that these chefs put into their creations is amazing and always makes me wish I had some sort of talent so that I could one day be on a Bravo reality show. Fiance even said that once we get married we should start taking culinary classes. My jaw hit the ground when he said this. Once I reeled it back in, I jumped on board with that idea. Hit me up in a year and maybe you'll get a dinner party invite. I'll even have my super sweet stemless wine glasses by then so it will be ultra chic!

And finally the week ends with Thursday and the finest new reality show on TV at the moment...Pirate Master, CBS 8pm-9pm.

I cannot even begin to describe to you how ultra cheesy and fantastic this show is. It's premise is basically Survivor on a pirate ship. And I'm not a Survivor fan, but I could not pass up the opportunity to jump on the latest pirate bandwagon.

The producer's made up some bogus pirate and told the crew (all bedecked in pirate garb) that his treasure is split up and hidden in various places around this Caribbean vicinity. They have to find keys in snake pits, and alligator territory and even in skulls, that will unlock different treasure chests with varying amounts of gold doubloons...yes, doubloons that they then have to count out. They elect a captain from the winning team who then gets half the money. And each chest so far has contained between $35,000 and $45,000. And everyone knows going in to each challenge that whoever they elect captain will get half of what the team found. It is shocking and stupid but also really fun and piratey!

For the first two shows they had an incredibly greedy captain who took the money and ran...but he'd give everyone a couple hundred to keep his name good. Yeah, that just pissed people off. Well this week a new team won and elected a new captain...who not only split up all the money between his team, he also adopted a fake British accent while doing so. This new captain has accomplished what every captain from now on should...a loyal crew who will laugh at you behind your back. I'm not saying this is the best way this show should continue, since it could end up becoming pretty boring, fairly quick, but last night's episode was genius.

I know not all of you are die hard reality fans like me but all of the shows are enjoyable and oh so much fun to watch. I apologize for the length of this post but you need background above anything else, right? Next week's reality check will not be nearly as long...promise!


Catch up on all of these shows online.


cr99ist03in said...

"Little People, Big World" is on on Mondays. I heart the Roloffs...

Balou said...

Umm... I watch "RW/RR Challenge", Kathy Griffin (honestly the only show I don't mind watching in reruns over and over again; she is just THAT funny) and all her stand-up specials, AND I Tivo "Pirate Master" (loving Azmyth but what's with the stupid accent? Is he channeling Jack Sparrow??)

So yeah, I feel you!