Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's Flower Time

So I'm doing the flowers for my wedding. Why pay exorbitant fees for a florist when you can just run down to Hobby Lobby and buy some silk flowers and do it yourself?

So mom and I have started a search for only the best in silk flowers. Unfortch we're having some problems. I have never understood why they add 'waterdrops' to flower petals. It looks like someone dripped a hot glue gun on it and thought...'ooh that looks cool'. Or why they make blue velvet roses...seriously are people that tacky? Oh yeah...yes they are. Just some irritants...sorry.

So originally I was planning on doing a magnolia arrangement for my bridesmaids but decided against it in favor of blush roses in a tight cluster. Haven't found those yet, but hopefully it will be pretty.

I originally wanted a ball of stephanotis for my bouquet but even fake stephanotis is expensive and only comes in tiny clusters. B/c stephanotis is good luck at weddings you will see it in my bouquet just not a whole lot of it.

So I've been changing my mind a lot, but have found these very pretty flowers. Plus now I'm also thinking about sunflowers. But I can't have any foliage b/c my bridesmaid dresses are a strange shade of yeah. What to do, what to do?

For now enjoy these pretty flowers:
The first are just pretty and go along with my accent color. But Daisies are hard to cluster so we probably won't use them.

The second would be foliage used for boutonnières and corsages. (the flowery part obviously)

The third is an idea for my bouquet but I'm not sure if I like it. But gardenia would look nice in a ball shaped bouquet like this:

Any ideas? I'm up for anything.



A Margarita said...

I like that ball thing-y. It looks pretty, and I like the third flower picture, but I think you didn't like that one.

Yeah, I hate those waterdrops on the flower petals. It's pointles and looks tacky.

I just thought of something random. Spraying the silk flowers with a flower scent! So as you walk down the aisle, you get a whiff.

I also like the blush roses idea. You can't go wrong with roses.

BekABoo said...

I love hobby lobby! I used the blue hydrangeas to make my centerpieces by pulling the little clusters off. With silks, you can do them way in advance too. I designed my bouquets with silks, but had them done naturally. If you really want a ball shaped bouquet, you should get a styrofoam ball (white, if you're using white flowers) and put the little sprigs into it. You can attach a handle ribbon with glue and a thumb tack type pin. Good luck with the wedding projects! I loved mine!